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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Raptor Wedgie: Back In Action

Happy belated returns to our old friend Raptor Wedgie-- Check out his new DA gallery here. RW's been having some problems with jerks trying to get his art banned, so if you like his stuff be sure to let him know.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kate "Jordan" Price: Adult Baby (But Not "In That Way")

A nice find from Daniel: During a discussion with reporters about her recently released a line of baby clothes, glamor model Kate "Jordan" Price talked about how she'd like to wear a romper suit for adults (but draws the line at being an "Adult Baby" when it's suggested by a reporter.)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embarrased At The Store By Their Mommies

Not actually related to diapers or anything, but I think fans of public embarrassment will like this clip. Just imagine it was adult diapers they were talking about (I love the expression on the second girl's face at the end):

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Couple Of Quick Finds For The Media Project

(Hit The Mat contacted me recently to ask if anyone would be interested in a boxing clip along the lines of the Crybaby wrestling matches I commissioned. It's not really my thing (more of a wrestling guy), but how would the rest of you feel about it? I've put up a poll... let us know what you think. If you have any comments/suggestions, let me know in the comments section or via e-mail.)

A couple of quick finds:
First up, a contribution from our old friend Blake, Webmaster at the wonderful ABDL blog 2BeeAorable. From Dancing with the Stars, Marie Osmond performs dressed like a little girl:

Perhaps inevitably, the judges called her performance "disturbing..." a sentiment echoed in media pieces like this one.

Next we have a contribution from an Anonymous reader:

Obviously, the 80's sitcom The Golden Girls isn't exactly the place most of us would go for our ABDL entertainment. However, in this episode, (And Ma Makes Three) "slutty" Blanch describes a sexy dream inspired by the movie Three Men and a Baby, and her description of the dream is very ABDL-ish. (Starts at 15:27)

If you've seen something you think our viewers would enjoy let me know in the comments or via e-mail.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Messy In The Morning

(All pics from PlasticNappy.com)
"Good morning sweetheart! Did you have a good night's sleep? Are you ready for another busy day with mommy?"
"Lay still while mommy checks your didy, honey... You must be a very wet and messy little girl by now!"
"That's right darling, lay your little head in mommy's lap while I check your big girl diaper."
"Oh yes... just as mommy suspected! You're soaked, dear."
"Now let's check that little tushy.. you must be very messy... Uh oh... you haven't made mommy a present yet!"
"Lets get those diapers off, Babykins... you know what's coming next!"
"Naughty girl... you know mommy expects you to make her a big, poopy present when you go sleepy-byes! Mommy's going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget!"
"There there, little one-- mommy's sorry she had to spank your bare bottom. A bit of powder will help ease that stinging tushy before I diaper it again."
"And what comes next? That's right-- some of mommy's special baby formula!"
"Yes, I think a little prune juice, some castor oil, and a few of mommy's own special ingredients should get things 'moving' very rapidly, if you know what mommy means..."
"Now, now... Don't you fight mommy! If you don't want the bottle you can go back across my lap for another spanking and a nice, big suppository up that little tushy of yours."
"That's my girl-- drink it all down... soon you're going to have a very messy diaper."
 "Oops! Sounds like someone's a little gassy! Well, you can poot and toot as much as you need to, darling... Mommy doesn't mind."
 "Oh! Mommy can hear that little tummy of yours grumbling and gurgling away... I know a little girl who's going to have a very stinky bottom this afternoon! But don't you worry, sweetheart... you make as big a poopy mess in your britches as you need-- mommy will be right here to change you into a nice, clean diaper when you're finished!"

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Desperation Clip From Brazil

JT sent in a nice clip for fans of laxative desperation scenes. From the Brazilian comedy Chiquititas, a group of kids slip a laxative to a domineering adult.

Chiquititas Laxative Prank by babesindiapers

The scene was first reported on Wetset, where one user provided a limited translation:

Man: Are you alright? Any problem with your leg
Woman: Look at me, do you think I´m alright? I need to go the bathroom right now, where´s the key?

Girl: she will not come back so soon, she must be so ashamed of doing poo-poo in her panties...

Boy: She changed her clothes (laughter.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Love & Rockets Redux

Some of you may remember this pic from the well know indie comic Love And Rockets and the post that went along with it:

Recently, a reader contacted me to update the info in that post, and it turns out that this panel is just the tip of the iceberg:

It's from the Wigwam Bam storyline (volume 1 issues 38 and 39). The older woman is Nan Tucker, a popular comedienne, who pays Crystal (a prostitute) to live as her little girl. The girl in the background is Hopey, the protagonist of the story, who is staying with Nan after befriending Jewel, her daughter (who disapproves of her mother's relationship with Crystal). Hopey and Crystal become friends, and Hopey seems fascinated  with her new friend and her lifestyle, and spies on Crystal and Nan "playing".

Later, Nan is revealed to be at the center of a network of older female TV stars and their hired little girls, and at one point there's even a big party featuring several "adult children." Hopey is very accepting of all of this, even saying it looks fun, and at one point gives oral sex to one of the "little girls." The story seems overall very understanding of age play lifestyles, although it takes a heavy turn toward the dark side near the end.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Work From Elven Dreamer

One for the bondage fans out there: a new pin-up from my Little Miss Smarty Pants collaborator Elven Dreamer. 
Have a great weekend everyone.