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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In Which We Learn The Differance Between A Real Naughty Girl And One Who's Just Pretending

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Two spanking scenes for you today, a new one for a recent film and a cleaned-up version of an old classic, one featuring a genuinely naughty girl, the other starring one who just likes to pretend.

First up: the classic, public OTK spanking from the 1940 comedy Public Deb No. 1. From the IMDB:

When a waiter (George Murphy) gives a society girl (Brenda Joyce) a public spanking for attending a Communist rally, her soup-tycoon uncle makes the waiter a vice-president of his company.

 This is a new version of the clip, posted by a user at Chross' message board:

Interestingly, it seems to be a slightly different cut to the clip in Chross' database, as the newspaper at the end is different. I included the following scene as it featured more spanking discussion.

There are actually several other spanking references in the film. Prior to the scene itself another character (Elsa Maxwell, playing herself) suggests Brenda Joyce could benefit from a trip to the woodshed.

Then there's a brief clip of a radio announcer stating that "the sixth time in this week that a young man somewhere in America has spanked his sweetheart", apparently inspired by the media coverage of Joyce's spanking.

Later, at Joyce's birthday party dancing with the character who spanked her, Elsa Maxwell remarks "better watch out, in a few minutes it's your birthday, he'll be spanking you again!", to which George Murphy replies "Confidentially, she can hardly wait!"
 Actress Kerry Washington is best known for her starring role in the TV series Scandal. Recently, she starred in the film Peeples. Again, via Chross:

Basic Premise: Kerry's boyfriend has surprised her and shown up at a family gathering. She hasn't told the family about him because of her uptight dad. After a few scenes of hijinks, she tries to make it up to her boyfriend by dressing up in a schoolgirl outfit and admitting she's been "bad." So he picks her up, giving us a brief upskirt of her boyshirt panties before putting her across his knee. He spanks her with the ruler while she giggles in delight. Several slaps are shown on screen, while the father hears the commotion and peeks into the window. David Allan Grier, playing the part of the father Vergil Peeples is aghast as he watches his daughter spanked in the window.

Bonus: During the commentary, there are some interesting discussion notes.
--One of the creators noted that the movie had a harsher spanking scene, but they had to tone it down for the rating. It's possible there is some footage out there of Kerry getting it over her panties, as the scene was setting up that way.

--Everyone delighted at the scene, saying the word "spanking" over and over with various comments. After seeing how Kerry got into it, one of the actresses teased her about being a freak. Kerry said "Grace Peeples is the freak."

Contrary to her protests, this is the same Kerry Washington that insisted on taking a real whipping with the prop whip in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.

With an upskirt, a pouty schoolgirl, arguably the top black actress today, several smacks and the traditional OTK position, this is as good as "fun" spankings get, save for her getting the ruler over the skirt.

p33p from spnktv1 on Vimeo.