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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

I know, I know, I post this one every year...
Happy New Year everyone! Let's kick the new year off right with some reader contributed New Years Babies.

A couple from Michael:

Dick also sent in a few things for the occasion, starting with this pic that Michael also sent me a copy of:
This is a photo of actress Karen Jensen, distributed by Universal Pictures for publication in magazines and newspapers, with the title "Curvesome Karen Heralds New Year." I have not yet verified that the photo was actually published.
This a Baby New Year by cartoonist Rick Enright.
The Coney Island Polar Bear Club is known for their New Year's Day ocean swims, and once in a while somebody wears a diaper for the occasion.    
From here:

 This shot is part of a photo posted on the New York Post website in 2012, with the caption "Coney Island Polar Bear dip: Coney Island Polar Bear Club swimmers prepare to take a freezing dip in the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island on New Year's Day." It appears to be the same person as in the previous entry.

I don't know how many people are really interested in identifying the women we see diapered in movies, photos, etc. I always like to put a name to the face (or body, as the case may be). Well, the Baby New Year on the cover of Spy magazine was actually a model named Jennifer Russell, with Jenny McCarthy's face superimposed. I haven't been able to find out much about her, because I don't know what she looks like! 
That's all for now folks. Check out more great new years stuff here.

Here's hoping you all have a dandy, diapered 2014!


  1. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Just wanted to check to see if you got my email.