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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The CryBaby Match 3: New Fighters! New Clothes! Special Guest Star! Shock Ending! Total Insanity!

(This post does contain spoilers, so if you want to go in fresh you should go directly to Hit The Mat (part one, part two, full version.)

Both parts are on sale (here and here) and a combine version is now available. Part one is $16.99 for 16 minutes, part two is $7.99 for 7 minutes, and the combine version is $23.99 for 23 minutes (thanks again to Auntie V for doing such a great job on the wardrobe):

Download the trailer here.

Randy Moore and Akira Lane consider themselves serious wrestlers; so when the announcer explains the rules of the match, they refuse to adhere to them-- at least, until Akira dismisses Randy as coasting along on her looks. Now it's on, and each fighter is determined to see her opponent spanked and diapered! Bratty Akira gains the upper hand initially, but her refusal to take Randy seriously proves her undoing, and she's spanked into submission.

But Akira isn't ready to go into diapers just yet-- She attacks Randy when her back is turned, knocking her to the mat. Dazed, Randy is defenseless as Akira brings a chair into the ring and spanks her OTK, turning her butt red! Giggling maniacally, Akira strips Randy, massages some baby-oil into her spanked bottom, then quickly powders and diapers her, before she dresses Randy in a cute new outfit. A pacifier is popped into her mouth, and poor Randy is left to endure Akira's taunts and laughter.
But just when things are looking bleakest for Randy, she get's some help from an unexpected source:
The Masked Mauler isn't impressed with Akira's poor sportsmanship. He takes the protesting Akira over his knee and spanks her bare bottom! "Diapers for you!" he proclaims, swatting her already reddened rump. Randy even comes over and gets in a few swats of her own before Akira is dumped to the mat. Randy strips Akira, oils her butt, and powders her before taping the protesting Akira into diapers. Akira pouts and cries, but Randy just laughs and dresses her like a big baby!
"Can I take this shit off now?" Randy asks, eager to escape her  embarrassing diaper punishment. But the Masked Mauler decrees that no true winner would have wound up in diapers, and both Randy and Akira are incredulous to learn that they must fight their next match dressed like Adult Baby!

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