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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Music Camp Revenge And More

At one time or another, I'm sure we've all read a story about an authority figure stripped of their power by their subordinates-- it's the stuff fetish literature is built on. Now Dick has sent us in this real life story of a Camp Counselor forced to dress like a baby for a fashion show by her charges:

...It seems there's this summer camp for young musicians. They have a tradition of taking a day where the campers get to dress up the counselors as they please, and on one occasion, an unfortunate counselor found herself in diapers.
Details here:
Let's  see-- mean camp counselor plus bratty kids multiplied by adult diapers, factor in fashion show, then subtract her dignity...
 Hmmm... this one practically writes itself...
We've mentioned R. Crumb's character Big Baby here before. Now Dick has provided us with a look at some Big Baby merchandise that never was:
I found this image of Robert Crumb's Big Baby in a book called Odds & Ends, which features previously uncollected material by Crumb. The picture is from a cancelled project to license Crumb's characters for use on ceramic cups. Try to imagine it - sipping coffee from your official Big Baby mug.
 But what would you put in the mug? Fortunately, Dick has a suggestion for all you naughty big baby girls who like a little something extra in their ba-bas...
 This is an ad by artist Kyle Bridgett for an establishment in Windsor, Ontario, called Milk Coffee Bar. It ran in the August 2006 issue of a local magazine called Upfront.
Some of you may recall our previous mention of the British Series Tenko, about female POWs during World War II. Dick has compiled the clips here and sent them in. Warning: as you can probably tell, this is not a sexy, fun clip. This is perhaps the darkest video in our collection, so proceed with the appropriate level of caution.

Let's close with something a little more fun. Dick explains:
This clip is from a 2009 episode of an Israeli reality show called Megudalim (it seems to be something like a local copy of Big Brother). It's a mixed group, though the girls look pretty good in certain shots. 

That's it for now. Have a good week everyone!

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