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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Governess Reigns-- The Stunning Conclusion To The Epic Saga

(Update: At the request of his secondary billing company, The Cameraman has been forced to remove Governess Rules from the site due to (no, seriously) marijuana references. You can read about the entire situation on The Camraman's blog. The clip has been pulled from GSG and put up on Clips4sale complete and uncut (part one is here, part two is coming soon.) Governess Returns and Governess Reigns are not affected and are still available on GSG. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, folks.)
 Some trilogies end with the death of an Empire...
...Others come to their conclusion with a bloody showdown...
...Or a ride into the sunset...
 ...But nothing you've ever seen before could prepare you for the third and final installment of the epic Governess Trilogy, now being serialized on Girl Spanks Girl.com:
The Governess Reigns!

Download the trailer here.

Veronica Ricci and Kymberly Jane return as two bratty sisters who just can't stay out of trouble. With their parents finally coming home from their trip, it seems like the sisters' little girl training at the hands of Governess Syren Demer is coming to an end. But when tattletale Veronica gets poor Kym in big trouble, Kym is given a hard bare bottom spanking. Kicking and sobbing, her pleas of innocence fall on deaf ears. But Ms. Demer isn't finished yet-- she orders Kym to strip and get on the bed on her tummy, and Kym is humiliated as Syren and Veronica oil and powder her bottom before putting her in diapers (Bambino Bellissimos, for those who are interested) and dressing her like a baby! (Big thanks once again to Auntie V for doing a great job on the wardrobe.)
But Veronica has another mean trick up her sleeve: she sneaks into the room during Kym's nap and takes pictures of her, scheming to humiliate her sister further by putting them up on the internet! Her plan backfires in a big way, however, when the Governess catchers her red handed. Now it's Veronica's turn to take a hard spanking on her bare bottom!
Red bottomed and humbled, Veronica is hauled up on the bed, oiled, powdered, diapered, and dressed like a baby! Spanked, embarrassed, and utterly regressed, at least with their parents coming home in the morning their ordeal is almost at an end...
... Or is it?
Everyone really gave it their all and made this one, in my opinion, the best of the series; Syren is absolutely fantastic as the Governess, balancing stern discipline with sweet tickling and baby talk during the diapering scenes. The amazingly cute Kymberly (AKA Kay Richards) is frequently hilarious, particularly when she gets into Adult Baby mode, and Veronica is at her bratty best as her naughty sister, devious and manipulative, who takes some very hard spankings.
The complete scene is over 40 minutes long, and combines with the previous entries (see previews of those here and here)  to form a feature length (approximately 90 minutes) spanking and age regression epic! It's probably the closest most of us will ever get to seeing a Funraiser drawing brought to life. You can get access to this clip and over 4000 more F/F spanking videos, updated every day, for $24.95 USD a month, or a one time payment of $54.95 for 90 days access, at Girl Spanks Girl.