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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Long Overdue Updates From Our Mailbag

It's been a while since I posted any reader contributions, so let's try and clear out the mailbag a little:

First, an update from Dick on our cute little crib girl from a little while ago:
 I found some info on "crib girl." I don't know the magazine or date yet, but I can identify her. She's Palva Itano (also known as Palva Tanno and Palva Stano), an actress who appeared in several nudie films in the early 1960s (one of her films, "Dr. Sex" is up on Youtube). I believe the enclosed shots may be from the same photo shoot.
Damn! I thought she was wearing a diaper in those crib shots...

Michael sent in some great Halloween pics (I'm going to get all the Halloween stuff organized in one place soon, I swear...)

C.S. Fox sent in this clip, somewhat off topic but still very funny. From the '50's game show What's My Line?, where the panel tries to guess the occupation of a randomly selected person by asking questions... in this case, the manager of a diaper service, leading to some funny moments.

And finally: With Christmas just around the corner, many of you are probably wondering what to get that special Adult Baby girl in your life. Well, Jason might just have the answer for you:  Adult Baby Barbie!

See you next time!

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  1. I'd buy one, C'mon Mattel you've got every other type of Barbie out there.
    Put out an AB Barbie already with Onesies, a dummy, a changing table and other accessories already.