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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Media Project Grab Bag

I've had a ton of Media Project updates recently which I'll be braking up into a couple of bite-sized posts.

First up: Thanks to the Anonymous reader who tracked down this great clip from the Rad Girls. Sort of a female version of Jackass, in this clip we see one of the girls dressed like a giant baby in public and being cared for by one of her female co-stars and a male crew-member. She's carried around in a large sling, spoon fed baby food,  crawls on the ground, and even has her diaper changed in public!

Funny enough, this is the second time the Rad Girls have appeared on this page. At first I thought this was the previously mentioned clip, but upon closer inspection, I think this is actually a different Big Baby clip. The original remains elusive, so keep your eyes pealed.

Here we have a pair of clips from Michael, the first from a European comedy show (featuring a man and a woman in a playpen starting at :51) the second a rather embarrassing story of urinary incontinence on vacation from You Tube:

Remember a little while ago when we posted pics and a story about Avant Rock act Of Montreal and how they had a gaggle of diapered girls dancing during one of their shows? Our awesome correspondent Dick managed to track down some amateur footage of the show, including a few brief flashes of the diapered lovelies in action:

Here's another trip down memory lane: Remember when we posted those Depends commercials starring well know soap opera actress Lisa Rinna? Many of you expressed disappointment that we didn't actually get to see Ms. Rinna in the diaper. Well, Dick has tracked down an equivalent ad from Australia featuring television personality Alex Wileman, where she actually strips out of her dress to model her depends for the camera. Dick was kind enough to provide both the TV clip and the accompanying print ad.

Let's close this out with something from our Buried Treasure department. An Anonymous reader writes:

In the mid-1990s, the ABC news program 20/20 ran a story on the plight of workers at a Nabisco plant in Oxnard, California. The female employees claimed that they weren't being given adequate bathroom breaks and had to resort to wearing diapers to work. The news report didn't actually show the women in diapers, but I seem to remember them discussing their humiliation at having to wear diapers and showing some of the diapers they wore.

The reader also sent in this LA Times article about the women. If anyone can track this down and send it it it would be greatly appreciated. 

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  1. That NBC spot was a major contributor to the growth of my fetish.I'd LOVE to see it again