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Monday, November 25, 2013

Bathroom Breaks

The 20/20 clip mentioned in our last post hasn't been recovered yet. However, Dick managed to turn up some interesting info on diapers and the right to take bathroom breaks on the job:

Stories about employees forced to wear diapers because of strict company policies about rest room breaks have been circulating for years. Unfortunately, I have not found any video or photos featuring any of the people directly involved. However, I have seen a couple of accounts online featuring interesting illustrations.

This story about a manufacturing concern in Honduras is illustrated with a stock photo of a woman putting on a diaper:
This story about a supermarket in Argentina has a nice little drawing showing a supervisor observing an employee to make sure she is correctly attired:
An entire book was published on the subject (Void Where Prohibited: Rest Breaks and the Right to Urinate on Company Time, by Marc Linder and Ingrid Nygaard), but I have not had an opportunity to examine a copy for useful pictures. 
...An episode of an American Spanish-language court show called Caso Cerrado (airdate October 23, 2013). It seems that four women sued their employer because his strict restroom policy forced them to wear diapers on the job. At one point in the proceedings, the women briefly remove their skirts to reveal that they are wearing diapers. I guess they were trying to make a point. I believe the judge ruled in their favor. One note of caution: the show carries a disclaimer stating that some cases are dramatized. I can't be absolutely certain whether these were actors or the actual people involved.  

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