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Friday, October 4, 2013

Paddled Patooties And Diapered Derrieres

Naughty girl! You may still be in diapers, but you and I both know you're far too old for this type of behavior! If it's attention you want, it's attention you'll get young lady! I'll pull your soggy little diaper down and give you all the attention you need-- right on your bare little bottom!

"Quit your whining! I told you what would happen if you wet the bed again young woman!"

"Let's get this diaper off and get to work!"

Kara Prepare Yourself (archived at SpankedCallGirls.com)
Still diapered and spanked at 23-- how embarrassing!


Over Mommy's lap she dangled, nude and jiggling, her bottom growing red. She sobbed and squealed, knowing she had only the comfort of a soft, fluffy diaper to look foreword to.

"Don't be silly! Come in and sit down-- my darling step-daughter and I are just getting to the bottom of her attitude problem!"

"Stop squirming!" she ordered, hauling the diaper down her already reddened backside. Across her lap her victim squirmed and whimpered, but she showed no mercy, baring the girl's bottom to continue the spanking with a smirk. She'd waited a long time for this moment-- now she intended to savor it.


  1. I love that first picture. I keep meaning to use it in a caption set one of these days, but I haven't found the right one yet. One day... The rest of the pictures are pretty fun, too.

    1. It does cry out for embellishment, doesn't it?

  2. Nearly always enjoy your captions set and very much enjoyed this one. Thank you