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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haunted House Part Two: A Fine Mess

(Still trying to get part three up on or before Halloween. Let me know what you think!)

For the next week, Jenny stayed out of the upstairs. She didn’t talk to David about it, she tried not to let on that anything was wrong, but she knew she was being moody and withdrawn. She hadn’t heard any more voices, but sometimes at night she heard strange noises, and on one occasion she was sure she heard far-off laughter.
     It was eating away at her. She was constantly on edge, jumping at shadows. She even found herself snapping at David, then getting angry at herself for taking it out on him. It had become an obsession… she knew she had to confront the situation.
     That morning, Jenny waited until David left for work. She finished her coffee, steeling her courage. We’ll see how all this looks in the light of day, she told herself, not quite as confidently as she would have liked.
     She crept slowly up the stairs, her ears wide open, hyper-aware of each and every little sound. She cautiously twisted the knob and pushed the library door open.
     It was empty, of course. Jenny smiled, relieved, feeling stupid again, although she hoped it would be for the last time. She flopped down in the chair, her tension suddenly vanished, and started to laugh.
     “What’s so funny?”
     Jenny jumped up with a scream, nearly tripping and falling on her face. Molly was standing behind the chair, smiling brightly in a frilly blue and white party dress. A pair of white tights covered her legs, ruffled across the seat of her bulging diapers. A pair of shiny patent leather Mary-Jane shoes topped off the outfit, making her look gloriously infantile.
     “Molly! You scared me!”
     “Sowwy,” she lisped cutely, grinning mischievously. “I thought you wanted to play…”
     Jenny opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything. “Come on,” Molly said, skipping over to the bookshelf, her diaper crinkling under her dress the entire way. She slipped her hand beneath the shelf and clicked the mechanism again. “How’d it go the other night?” she asked suggestively, pulling the bookcase open.
      “W-w-what do you mean?”
     “With your husband! I know he took you in the bathroom and put you in the shower!” She went inside… Jenny didn’t want to follow, but she did, trailing Molly down the hall toward the nursery. “Did he peel your soggy bottoms off? And get you all soapy in the shower? And then back to bed for a little…”
     “No!” Jenny said, suddenly embarrassed. “I just—we just went back to bed!” In the spare room, as a matter of fact; Jenny had sobbed herself to sleep while David tried, unsuccessfully, to console her.
     “Oh. Too bad…” Molly opened the door and went into the nursery. Jenny followed behind her, nervously. She wanted to turn back, but it was too late… she was compelled foreword by a force beyond her will.
     “What are we doing, Molly?” Jenny asked, failing to quell the tremble in her voice.
     “I just wanted to show you something,” Molly said casually, playing with one long pig-tail. “Do you want to play? I’ve got lots of toys!”
     She ran over to the massive toy box in the corner and flung it open, tossing every variety of stuffed animal imaginable over her shoulder and to the nursery floor. “C’mon!” she beamed to Jenny, sinking to her knees and taking a stuffed bunny roughly into her hands, “play with me!”
     Jenny slowly came over. She had so many questions, but she was stunned into speechless by the strangeness of the situation. She joined Molly on the floor and took a stuffed turtle from the floor. She joined into Molly’s game, halfheartedly at first, then more enthusiastically. Soon they were smiling and giggling like little girls.
     Jenny was beginning to get into playing… it was actually very relaxing. She was pushing the turtle across the floor toward a stuffed lion when she heard Molly fart loudly, a bubbling rumble barely muffled by her diaper. “Molly!” she uttered, shocked. She tried to suppress a smile, disappointed in herself for being amused. “Excuse yourself!”
     Instead, Molly lifted up one thickly diapered butt-cheek and passed gas again. “Ah! ‘Scuse me…” she said dreamily. Jenny realized she was straining.
     “Molly…” she said, not sure how to end the sentence.
     In response, Molly turned her back to Jenny and went into a squat. Jenny knew what was about to happen, but she found herself frozen to the spot, compelled to watch by some horrible, train-wreck fascination. Molly hiked her dress up over the waistband of the diaper, giving Jenny a good view of her padded, ruffled rump. “What are you doing?” Jenny asked.
     There was a grunt, and Molly farted, loud and wet in the quiet of the nursery. Jenny’s mouth dropped; she watched as Molly continued to grunt, her diapers slowly ballooning out behind her. “Oh Molly,” she whispered, her eyes glued to the expanding seat of Molly’s diapers. She knew she should be disgusted, but all she really felt was a kind of morbid fascination. Molly grunted—an explosive, splattering sound emerged from the seat of her diapers, which sagged and began to darken under a sustained, poopy avalanche. Molly was murmuring her herself excitedly and Jenny thought she detected her rubbing herself through her diaper. Then she realized that her own hand was down the front of her jeans. “I wonder what it would feel like?” she mused, playing with her clit. She imagined the heavy, mucky warmness filling her jeans, and was stunned by how aroused it made her feel.
    At last Molly was finished… she sank to her hands and knees with a sigh. Her thickly-diapered butt was stuck up in the air behind her, and even through the ruffled, semi-translucent seat of the tights Jenny could clearly make out the gigantic, lumpy mess and the corresponding dark stain. A strong hissing noise emerged, and Jenny realized that Molly was wetting herself. With one hand down the front of her jeans, Jenny reached out with the other to lightly touch the tent in the seat of Molly’s pampers, running her hand lightly across the seat of her tights, gently probing the lumps and bulges with her fingers. She crinkled her nose and she pressed her palm up against the warm, lumpy mass, pressing it ever so slightly into Molly’s soft skin. “Molly… what did you do?” she whispered hoarsely.
     “Did a poopy in my pants,” she said lazily, wriggling her bulging backside in the air behind her. Reaching between her legs, she began massaging her clit more openly through the bulging crotch of her diapers and plastic pants.
     “I can see that you bad girl!” Jenny scolded half jokingly. Still playing with herself, she used her free hand to lightly smack the seat of Molly’s diapers a few times, squishing the mess within. Molly groaned and wiggled her pampered tush appreciatively.
     “Ah! Ooo! Ow! Oh! That feels good,” she giggled wriggling her rump gleefully.
     A poopy aroma had begun to emerge, light but noticeable. Jenny pinched her nose close. “Eww! Molly, you stink,” she said simply, still playing with herself.
     Molly rose to her knees, then lowered herself gingerly to a sitting position on the floor, the load squishing underneath her. “Mmmm… Molly’s got a mud-pie in her pants,” she murmured to herself, squirming her rump around in the muddy mess in her diaper.
     “Molly!” the same booming male voice from the other day came from somewhere down the hall.
     “It’s daddy,” Molly said sleepily, squishing and shifting her bottom around in her messy diaper, “hide!”
     Jenny bolted, hiding behind the crib before Charles entered, chewing her lip as he came in and loomed over Molly who was, for her part, bouncing up and down on her butt in her messy diaper. “Young lady,” he intoned seriously “is there anything you want to tell me?”
     “No daddy,” she said as innocently as she could while masturbating in a dirty diaper.
     “Come on; stand up,” he said, taking her by the arm and guiding her reluctantly to her feet. She stood before him, red faced and out of breath, shifting from foot to foot under his gaze. Jenny watched and diddled herself, staring at the saggy, stained seat of Molly’s pampers.
     He turned her around—Molly stared at Jenny with a peculiar smile on her lips. Daddy reached out and tugged the waistband of her tights and diaper back so he could check inside. “Yikes! Just as I thought! Get that messy tushy up on the changing table, you naughty little girl!” he faux scolded, lifting her up to the table’s padded surface and setting her down on her rump with a squish. Molly smiled excitedly, her eyes twinkling—she squirmed her bottom around in the mushy mess once more.
     “Lie back, let’s get you changed,” Charles commanded softly, helping her onto her back. He tugged down her tights and set them aside. Jenny jumped at the sound of the tapes being torn open. She watched him peal down the front panel, revealing one heavily loaded diaper. “Phew!” Daddy said, fanning his face playfully. “What a big, smelly mess! Why couldn’t you just use the potty?”
     “I couldn’t make it, daddy! Sowwy…” she said cutely.
     Jenny watched with increasing arousal as Charles took the diaper and used it to wipe some of the mess of Molly’s bottom before discarding it in the diaper-pail. “Hold still you bad girl,” he scolded gently, using a wipe to clean the rest of the mess off Molly’s squirming little hiney. Jenny saw the plump, rounded tushy slowly reappear from beneath the mucky brown smear. Soon her derrière was clean and shiny.
     He dusted her with powder and gave her a pat-down that left her murmuring. Jenny masturbated furiously as he lifted her by her ankles again to slide a new diaper under her butt. He pulled it up and fastened it tightly around her waist. A pair of plastic pants were pulled up over her legs and adjusted snugly at the legs and waist. “Let’s go, you little stinker,” he said, taking her into his arms and carrying her toward the door on his hip, “It’s time for lunch, and then I think you could use a nap.”
     Molly just nodded and sighed and settled into his arms, naked but for her big diaper. She peered over Daddy’s shoulder and shared a conspiratorial smile with Jenny.
     Jenny’s orgasm nearly melted her into a puddle on the nursery floor.

     She opened her eyes.
     Where was she? The library, she realized… back in the library. The bookcase, if it ever had been open was shut tightly once again. Had it all been some kinky daydream? How… or why… would she ever fantasize such a thing?
     The bookcase. The door. It was the only way she could prove whether or not she was losing her mind. Jenny took half a step toward the bookcase—and then instantly froze in her place. Something was very wrong. There was a sticky mushiness in the seat of the pants, all greasy and gooey between her buns, like she’d sat in something…
     “No,” she said, firmly to herself, dispelling her first thought even as it came to her. But she remembered her first encounter with Molly… how it had ended with both of them in wet undergarments…
     Slowly, reluctantly, she reached behind herself to feel the seat of her jeans…
    “No!” she cried, squeezing and prodding the bulge in the seat of her pants with disbelief. Her load felt at least as big as Molly’s had looked, and perhaps a little bigger. She stammered in disbelief, even as the smell began to emerge, stronger with every second. She’d shit her pants! For the first time in her adult life, Jenny had messed her pants like a two year old!
    “What’s happening to me?” she said quietly in a quivering voice, fighting back sobs. The time for crying would come later—the important thing now was to get to the bathroom and get cleaned up before David—
     The door swung open and David entered. “Is everything ok in here, honey? I thought I heard…”
     He sniffed the air suspiciously, then looked at her in shock. Jenny couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. “Jenny?” he said, still not quite believing that his beautiful young bride could have shit her pants.
     “Oh honey,” she said, tears springing to her eyes, “I had an accident!”


  1. I love it. I wonder what David is thinking about all this. Two accidents and moody? He has to think something is up! I cannot wait to see where this goes.

  2. Interesting! I have an idea of what's going on, but I'm looking forward to seeing for sure. Great job!

    1. I think you're going to like it!

      I'm about halfway through your Halloween story right now... really enjoying it so far, can't wait to finish!