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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Future Diapers, Extreme Diapers, And A Contest That's Full Of Crap (Plus Special Guest Star Echo Johnson)

More fodder for the Media Project:

First up, thanks to both Dick and Ben for this sighting from the dearly departed animated series Futurama, from the August 14 2013 episode "Game of Tones." The entire cast, including regulars Lela and Amy, are seen wearing "dream pants" (which are actually adult diapers):

View the full episode here (relevant bits are at 12:30 and 16:00)

Thanks to Zack B. for this quick find from Funny or Die: in this parody commercial for Teen Dipes, a brief shot of two diapered girls can be seen at :38:

Next up: another contribution from Dick:

In 1999, a magzaine called Vice contained an article entitled "Oh Shit!: Who's Number One at Holding Number Two?" The idea was to provide four contestants (two guys, two girls) with laxatives and see who could "hold out" the longest. Naturally, everyone was provided with diapers, and I've included shots of the ladies (I think the girl in the t-shirt is epecially cute in her diaper).
 Check out the whole article here.

Lastly: JT sent us in these super sexy pics of former Playmate Echo Johnson (Miss January 1993)-- diapered, pig-tailed, and looking adorable as she plays with her teddy bear:
Sadly methinks these are just a pair of decent fakes, but I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong (maybe Ms. Johnson has done some ABDL modeling I'm not aware of, feel free to contact me with corrections).


  1. Futurama has got ways of making me cry :'(

  2. the Vice magazine article promised a lot more than it actually delivered I thought.... Shame really