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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Speaking Of Halloween...

I'd intended to initiate a new Halloween section a la the Media and New Year's projects (both of which are overdue for an update, by the way...) but I just ran out of time to do anything very significant. So here's something I just threw together on the fly. If you have any more female ABDL content relating to Halloween, send it to me and I'll get it up ASAP.

Of course it's probably too late to get a new costume for this Halloween... But it's never too early to start planning for next year. Luckily, Yandy.com has you covered with this sexy (but maddeningly diaper-less) Cry-Baby costume:

 The Adult Baby costume includes a blue and white romper with attached "Cry Baby" bib, button details, cut out front and back, bear print puff sleeves, pink satin bow front and oversized pink satin back bow, small pacifier, and head piece.

Or perhaps you'd prefer something a little more traditional? Escapade.co.uk has what you're looking for:

Baby Doll Costume - Pink
Go back, way back to a time when life was simple with this hilarious baby fancy dress costume. This is a great costume for a Stag party or for a fun night outand no one is going to forget you in this any time soon.This is a great fun female fancy dress costume.

Or maybe you'd prefer one of these little numbers:

  Hilarious light pink baby costume for women available in adult sizes. It will make you look fantastic! A ridiculously funny costume that will transform you  into a baby in rompers. Costume includes a jumpsuit with a matching hat and bib.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haunted House Part Three: BFFs

(And now for the thrilling conclusion!)
Part One
Part Two

They hadn’t spoken about “the incident” in two weeks. In fact they hadn’t spoken about much of anything. Jenny hated the rift that had opened between her and David since that day in the library. She could barely even bring herself to look at him anymore.
     And the noises from upstairs were getting more and more prominent… she could hear them up there now almost all the time now, moving around and laughing and talking in low voices. If David could hear them, he gave no sign.
     She realized she was losing it… she was hardly sleeping; her waking hours were spent jumping at shadows. She was sure Molly was following her… sometimes she heard noises behind her, or caught movement out of the corner of her eye, and a whiff of scent of baby-powder in the air. What’s more, she was having “accidents” with alarming frequency—she only had moments to make it to the toilet now after she felt the urge. Even when she did, she was embarrassed to discover she was leaving spots and skid marks in her underwear no matter how hard she wiped. Worst of all, this shame and embarrassment was fueling some perverse arousal in her—she was horny as hell all the time now, constantly sneaking off to the bathroom to masturbate (she was still too humiliated to initiate sex with David) as she fantasized about her recent experiences.
     She was terrified of another confrontation with Molly, but if there was another alternative, she couldn’t see it—unless it was having herself committed. Steeling herself with a stiff drink, she crept up the stairs toward the library. She wasn’t afraid this time… somehow she knew that after this it would be over, for Better or worse.
     She opened the door, went right over to the bookshelf. It took some looking and some feeling around on her part, but she was finally able to locate the switch. The shelf clicked open. Jenny sucked in her breath, trying to quell the nervous butterflies in her stomach. At least she knew she wasn’t crazy now.
     She pulled the door open with a long creak. In the distance, she could hear someone softly singing.
     She tip-toed down the hall, the singing growing louder; a slit of light poured out from the crack at the bottom of the door—the lights were on. Her heart thundered in her ears as she reached out toward the knob, hesitating only for a second before she turned it and pushed the door open.
     The scents of oil and powder sent her mind hurtling back to her embarrassing accidents. The colors seemed more vivid now, everything seemed more real. There was no mistaking this for a dream now… the knowledge brought her no relief.
     Molly sat in her playpen, gently singing a lullaby to one of her dolls. She didn’t turn or acknowledge Jenny in any way… if she knew she was there, she gave no sign. Jenny opened her mouth, then realized she didn’t know what to say.
     When Molly finished her song, she clutched her dolly to her bosom and kissed her hair. “Back again?”
     A chill crawled up Jenny’s spine. Molly stood her long legs bare all the way up to the leg-bands of her crinkly plastic pants. Beneath it, the puffy white diaper was barely visible through the semi-transparent material. “I was wondering when you were going to come back.” She smiled at Jenny, and there was something in that smile that made Jenny tremble. “I knew you couldn’t hide in the bathroom and play with yourself forever,” she said with a smirk.
     She stepped out of the playpen and made her way over to Jenny. Her clothes were more infantile than ever, all pink and lace and covered in ruffles. Yet Molly herself had never seen more confident… or grown-up.
     Jenny, on the other hand, felt like a little girl in front of her teasing sibling, like she’d been caught playing dress up, and now big sister was here to remind her of her real status. Molly approached her slowly, oozing sexuality… she stood in front of Jenny and inspected her head to toe, a condescending smirk on her face. Jenny just stood there, frozen, trying to contain her quivering. Molly walked around her. Jenny gasped as Molly delivered a playful but solid open handed swat to the seat of Jenny’s jeans, making her cry out.
     “Still no diaper? I can’t believe that husband of yours—doesn’t he ever take a hint? He should know what you need by now. Or maybe I should say,” she began with a chuckle, “what you want?”
     And now Jenny wanted to run… she wanted to turn and bolt out of the nursery, out of the library, down the hall, down the stairs, and out the front door, never to look back. But it was too late… she was rooted to the spot, unable even to call for help as Molly reached out and started to unbutton her shirt.
     “Molly... please… don’t…” she whined, unable to do anything but squirm in place as Molly finished undoing her shirt and pealed it off, revealing her bare torso. Jenny shivered, her skin breaking out in goose pimples, her nipples popping to attention. Ignoring her protests, Molly reached out and started to unbutton her pants. “Molly, stop!”
     “Hush!” Molly commanded, delivering another swat to Jenny’s bottom. She squealed in embarrassment and bit her lip, standing by and shaking, as her pants and panties were pulled down to her ankles. “Step-out,” Molly commanded. Jenny complied, and there she stood, totally naked. “So pretty,” Molly said softly, trailing a finger lightly across her bare stomach. “I can’t wait to play with you,” she murmured, leaning in to kiss her softly on the lips.
     “Let’s get that bare bottom up on the changing table,” she said, taking her by the hand and leading her there, her diaper crinkling all the way. Jenny followed, padding along naked and shivering behind her. “Jump up, sweetie,” Molly instructed firmly. Jenny stood there for a long moment—she didn’t want to comply, but Molly’s steely gaze and predatory smile froze her protests in her throat. She pulled herself up onto its padded surface and leaned back slowly. Molly beamed delightedly. “Isn’t this nice?” she said, stroking Jenny’s body gently with soft, warm fingers. “This is what you wanted, right?”
     Panic suddenly welled up in her. “Molly, please stop! I can’t go through with this!”
     “It’s too late now,” Molly said, that damn smile never leaving her face. “You’ve come too far,” She took a pacifier from a nearby drawer and shoved it into her mouth, cutting off her protests. “Lift your hips,” she commanded, producing a comically thick disposable diaper from under the table. Encourage by a pair of stern pats to her thigh, Jenny reluctantly lifted her pelvis. She lowered her bottom a bolt of nervous lightning jolting through her as her rump hit the back-panel of the diaper. She groaned, nearly bursting into tears as the front was pulled up between her legs and taped tightly around her waist.
     “Aren’t you so pretty?” Molly cooed. She bent down and pressed her hot, wet lips to Jenny’s bare midriff and blew a loud raspberry. Jenny involuntarily shrieked with laughter, squealing and squirming.
     “Stop it!” she cried through her laughter. But Molly was ruthless…. She dug her fingernails in and tickled without mercy, pausing only to blow more raspberries on her tummy.
     “Are you gonna be a good girl?” Molly asked mischievously, raking her nails lightly over Jenny’s ribs.
     “Yes!” Jenny cried desperately.
     “And do everything Molly says?”
    “Yes! Please!”
    “OK,” Molly said reluctantly, abruptly stopping. For a moment, everything was very still… Jenny struggled to catch her breath, her chest heaving as Molly gently stroked her hair and whispered soothingly.
     “Stand up,” Molly eventually said. Exhausted, Jenny heaved to herself off the table and onto her unsteady legs. The diaper was huge, forcing her thighs apart; Molly led her over to the closet and dresser, and Jenny was forced to trail behind her, waddling like a toddler. “Stand still while I dress you,” Molly admonished sternly, not quite able to quell her naughty smile, “or I might have to spank you!”
     Jenny wasn’t sure if she was serious or not, but she stood as still as she could, watching as Jenny took out a pair of rubber-lined satin panties adorned with lace, hearts, and 3 rows of ruffles across the seat. The panties were drawn up her legs and into place over her diaper, sealing her in tightly. She went into the closet, selecting a short dress that was as pink and frilly as a baby-girl’s birthday cake. As the dress was pulled over her head and fastened into place, Jenny had the overwhelming sensation of being a giant Barbie doll, her clothing—her entire identity—in the hands of a bratty little girl.
     “You look so cute,” Molly said, smoothing the dress out against Jenny’s body. She went to the dresser and took a pair of ribbons. She gathered her hair up into a pair of bunches, and soon, Jenny’s long blonde hair was in pigtails… just like Molly.
     “Look at you,” said Molly, dragging Jenny by the hand to the mirror. Jenny was afraid to look, but her eyes were drawn to the mirror like magnets. “We look like twins!”
     It was true—she was the spitting image of the big baby-woman beside her. Her large bulky diaper was clearly visible beneath the hem of her baby-doll gown. Jenny trembled, tears forming in her eyes—how had she lost everything in such a short space of time?
     “Shhh…” Molly soothed, seeing that her protégé was starting to cry. “Everything is going to be alright… you just have to trust me…”
     She helped Jenny across the room to the crib and helped her inside with a pat on her diapered bottom before climbing inside herself. She pulled the bars up, and they locked into place with a click. Molly turned and flashed Jenny a hungry smile… Jenny had the impression of falling into a cage with a tiger. She crawled across the mattress toward her; Jenny inched her way into the corner, trapped. Molly came in close, kissed her lips softly. “Poor baby,” she crooned with just a hint of amusement. “There there… Big sister knows what you need.”
     She reached behind a pillow and produced a bottle roughly the size of a one liter coke container. Inside, a reddish-purple fluid that looked like grape juice. “Come here,” she said gently, coaxing Jenny’s head into her lap. The pacifier was popped out and nipple of the bottle was slipped between her waiting lips. She began slurping away, surprised to discover that it wasn’t grape juice… It was different… strange, but sort of familiar… her mind drifted back to childhood. Jenny was embarrassed to use the toilet at school, so her mother used to keep her regular with big glasses of prune juice…
     She started and twitched sharply, But Molly placed a hand on her tummy and began rubbing. Instantly, the fight drained out of her, and Jenny slumped back into a kind of stupor, lazily slurping down the juice. “That’s right, honey,” Molly said softly, rubbing her stomach “drink it all down for Molly.”
     Jenny sucked and sucked—it seemed to go on for hours. She could feel her belly filling, fuller and fuller every second, first uncomfortable, then a little painful. She looked up, realizing she still had half the bottle left… where was she going to find room for it all?
     Without warning, her bladder erupted with a noisy hiss, dousing her diaper with a loud pitter-pattering. She wanted to be embarrassed, but the relief was so great she nearly cried out. Her stomach felt much less bloated… she thought she might even have room to finish the bottle now.
     But by the time she was nearly done, Jenny had developed a whole new problem… Her bowels had gurgled to life in a big way. She sweated and tried to ride it out, but the urge just continued to grow, more and more intense with every drop she sucked down. She longed to stop drinking, even for a moment, but she was dismayed to find that the juice was now flowing into her mouth totally beyond her control… her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk’s and she struggled to keep up with the flow, a small rivulet of juice trickling down her chin.
     The bottle emptied with a hiss. Molly popped it  out of Jenny’s mouth, and she lay there, dazed, head in Molly’s lap, her tummy gurgling urgently. A large, gassy cramp was inching its way down toward her colon.
     She felt herself scooped up, felt her body pressed against Molly’s in a firm embrace, head on her shoulder. She felt her back being patted and rubbed firmly. She was drowsy, disoriented, her stomach was rumbling, and what she really wanted was a nap. What was Molly doing?
     She answered her own question by burping loudly. “That’s my good girl,” Molly chuckled. Jenny opened her mouth to protest, but only humiliated herself by burping again. Molly continued to pound her back… her stomach cramped, her bowels gurgled, the pressure increased. Jenny’s cheeks turned red as she farted involuntarily, a noisy rumble in the confines of the crib, only slightly muffled by her diaper.
     “Uh-oh!” Molly said, helping Jenny recline in the crib. “Are you about to make me a present?”
     To Jenny’s ears, it was the understatement of the century… Her stomach was so bloated, the cramps so intense she felt like she was about to give birth. She lay on her side, arms wrapped around her waist, her well-padded rump sticking out behind her, vividly aware of the squishy damp cloth between her legs. Molly cuddled in close behind her, putting her arm around her protectively. She crooned sweetly in Jenny’s ear as she wept, frightened, disoriented, and uncomfortable. She groaned and bit her pacifier, another cramp squeezing her bowels, increasing the pressure. She knew it was a losing battle, knew that making a mess was inevitable; but still she held on, clenching her butt-cheeks as tightly as they would go and groaning from the strain.
     “It’s OK, darling,” Molly said, “soon you can just curl up in your warm diapers and have a nice, long nap in this comfy crib? Won’t that be nice? But first you just have to relax, honey. Relax and just—let go…”
     “Uhh!” Jenny grunted, the internal pressure finally overwhelming her. She lost control of her bowels with a sizable fart, loading the seat of her diaper with a geyser of warm mush. She was embarrassed, doubly so when she heard Molly giggle behind her, but she didn’t have time for it. The explosion she’d just experienced in her diaper was only a small portion of what she had inside of her, and it had brought no relief, instead only making her struggle manageable again. For the time being anyway; the pressure was building again, with nightmarish speed and intensity.
     “That’s it!” Molly said encouragingly, now pressing her hand against Jenny’s stomach and gently massaging. “Just make a nice big mud-pie in your pants and it’ll all be over,” she assured.
     Jenny’s bowels cramped… She grunted and strained against it, crossing her ankles and tightening her lower extremities. It made absolutely no difference… she exploded into her diaper, filling it up with a big mushy mess.
     “C’mon honey—just let go,” Molly whispered, massaging Jenny’s stomach firmly.
     She felt the cramps rising again. She started to resist again, but realized ruefully that there was little point… She’d already loaded her diaper with an enormous, explosive dump—there was nothing she could do about it now. Might as well be comfortable, she thought bitterly.
     She bore down, grunting—she erupted into her diaper, a mushy, gassy torrent packing her diapers full. Jenny groaned, relieved. She lay perfectly motionless, but was still vividly aware of the huge, gooey pile in the seat of her diaper, all slimy between her butt-cheeks, and clinging wetly to her rump. She was overwhelmed by the moment and started to cry.
     “Hey, hey, shhh,” Molly soothed, kissing the back of her neck. “The hard part’s over. Now just relax, and go to sleep.”
     Jenny tried to follow her advice. She squeezed her eyes closed and tried to drown out reality until sleep overcame her.

     She woke with a start, momentarily disoriented; how much had been real and how much a dream? She rolled onto her back. Instantly, the enormous mess in her diaper squished against her audibly, making her gasp as it spurted up between her buns and coated her backside. She was still in the diaper, still in the dress, and she’d been sleeping in the crib. She pulled herself up to her knees and clung to the bars, a little frightened now.
      Where was Molly? Jenny scanned the room and couldn’t see her. She stood up in the crib, planning to climb out, but she quickly realized she was too high off the ground… she didn’t think she could maneuver it, especially in her bulky, loaded diaper. She began looking for a latch or release on the front of the crib, but couldn’t find it. She started to tremble—with her diaper all heavy and sagging, and now trapped in this crib, Jenny felt totally helpless. She started sniffling, tears trickling down her cheeks at the unfairness of it all. She tried to control herself, but soon she was sobbing uncontrollably, which only contributed to her overwhelming sense of helplessness.
     Jenny was still crying when she heard something—someone had just opened the bookcase! She tried to stifle her sobbing, straining to listen. Someone was definitely coming down the hall. Jenny panicked. She had to get away; but how? She absurdly crawled around on the mattress, looking for a way out, her ruffled, diapered bottom bulging behind her.
     “Jenny? Are you OK?”
     Oh God, she thought, it’s David! There was no way she could talk her way out of this!
     He entered, immediately looking to the crib. Jenny burst into fresh tears, trying and failing to find the words to explain herself.
     “What’s all this fussing?” he asked gently. “Did you have a bad dream?”
     He came over to the crib and bent down to kiss the top of her head. She stared at him, confused—why hadn’t he said anything about the nursery? Or what she was wearing?
     “How’s that diaper doing?” He asked, reaching down to pat her padded butt. “Wow! That’s a pretty full pamper!”
     Jenny had stopped her crying now, confused. What was going on? How much did he know?
     “Let’s get you changed, sweetheart,” he said, unlatching the bars and sliding them down. He lifted her from the crib with ease and carried her over to the changing table like she weighed nothing. Jenny cuddled against him, desperately seeking comfort. He gently laid her down on the changing table (Jenny crinkled her nose as the mess squished beneath her once again.)
     David didn’t waste any time pulling down her ruffled panties and discarding them. The smell was obvious now that there was no longer those layers of rubber and satin over-top of them. Jenny blushed and felt faint. The room was spinning, and she’d lost her sense of direction. It was impossible to determine what was real.
     He loosened the diaper and dropped the front panel. “Phew!” he chuckled, reaching for the wipes. “I think we’ve got our work cut out for us honey!”
     Jenny blushed and looked away. And it was then that she saw them.
     Or at least, she thought she did… it was only a brief glimmer, maybe a trick of the light, but she was almost sure she saw Molly, sitting on Charles lap in the rocking chair in the corner. Watching them with her pretty eyes twinkling. Watching with just a hit of a knowing smile on her lips.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Miss Smarty Pants: On Sale Now!

Hey guys,

It's been a long time in the works, but Elven Dreamer and I have just finished our first feature-length comic:

Lina is a scientist working with her boyfriend Alex on a top secret intelligence enhancer. When she impulsively tests the compound on herself, Lina finds her cognitive abilities growing in leaps and bounds. But when she starts having "accidents" without warning, Lina discovers that the formula may have carried with it some unforeseen side effects... can she discover a cure or will she wind up the world's smartest Adult Baby?

Featuring mental regression, wet and messy diapers, and Adult Baby paraphernalia, the cost is $5 for 10 full color pages plus cover, sketches, and a full color pin-up in PDF format. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haunted House Part Two: A Fine Mess

(Still trying to get part three up on or before Halloween. Let me know what you think!)

For the next week, Jenny stayed out of the upstairs. She didn’t talk to David about it, she tried not to let on that anything was wrong, but she knew she was being moody and withdrawn. She hadn’t heard any more voices, but sometimes at night she heard strange noises, and on one occasion she was sure she heard far-off laughter.
     It was eating away at her. She was constantly on edge, jumping at shadows. She even found herself snapping at David, then getting angry at herself for taking it out on him. It had become an obsession… she knew she had to confront the situation.
     That morning, Jenny waited until David left for work. She finished her coffee, steeling her courage. We’ll see how all this looks in the light of day, she told herself, not quite as confidently as she would have liked.
     She crept slowly up the stairs, her ears wide open, hyper-aware of each and every little sound. She cautiously twisted the knob and pushed the library door open.
     It was empty, of course. Jenny smiled, relieved, feeling stupid again, although she hoped it would be for the last time. She flopped down in the chair, her tension suddenly vanished, and started to laugh.
     “What’s so funny?”
     Jenny jumped up with a scream, nearly tripping and falling on her face. Molly was standing behind the chair, smiling brightly in a frilly blue and white party dress. A pair of white tights covered her legs, ruffled across the seat of her bulging diapers. A pair of shiny patent leather Mary-Jane shoes topped off the outfit, making her look gloriously infantile.
     “Molly! You scared me!”
     “Sowwy,” she lisped cutely, grinning mischievously. “I thought you wanted to play…”
     Jenny opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything. “Come on,” Molly said, skipping over to the bookshelf, her diaper crinkling under her dress the entire way. She slipped her hand beneath the shelf and clicked the mechanism again. “How’d it go the other night?” she asked suggestively, pulling the bookcase open.
      “W-w-what do you mean?”
     “With your husband! I know he took you in the bathroom and put you in the shower!” She went inside… Jenny didn’t want to follow, but she did, trailing Molly down the hall toward the nursery. “Did he peel your soggy bottoms off? And get you all soapy in the shower? And then back to bed for a little…”
     “No!” Jenny said, suddenly embarrassed. “I just—we just went back to bed!” In the spare room, as a matter of fact; Jenny had sobbed herself to sleep while David tried, unsuccessfully, to console her.
     “Oh. Too bad…” Molly opened the door and went into the nursery. Jenny followed behind her, nervously. She wanted to turn back, but it was too late… she was compelled foreword by a force beyond her will.
     “What are we doing, Molly?” Jenny asked, failing to quell the tremble in her voice.
     “I just wanted to show you something,” Molly said casually, playing with one long pig-tail. “Do you want to play? I’ve got lots of toys!”
     She ran over to the massive toy box in the corner and flung it open, tossing every variety of stuffed animal imaginable over her shoulder and to the nursery floor. “C’mon!” she beamed to Jenny, sinking to her knees and taking a stuffed bunny roughly into her hands, “play with me!”
     Jenny slowly came over. She had so many questions, but she was stunned into speechless by the strangeness of the situation. She joined Molly on the floor and took a stuffed turtle from the floor. She joined into Molly’s game, halfheartedly at first, then more enthusiastically. Soon they were smiling and giggling like little girls.
     Jenny was beginning to get into playing… it was actually very relaxing. She was pushing the turtle across the floor toward a stuffed lion when she heard Molly fart loudly, a bubbling rumble barely muffled by her diaper. “Molly!” she uttered, shocked. She tried to suppress a smile, disappointed in herself for being amused. “Excuse yourself!”
     Instead, Molly lifted up one thickly diapered butt-cheek and passed gas again. “Ah! ‘Scuse me…” she said dreamily. Jenny realized she was straining.
     “Molly…” she said, not sure how to end the sentence.
     In response, Molly turned her back to Jenny and went into a squat. Jenny knew what was about to happen, but she found herself frozen to the spot, compelled to watch by some horrible, train-wreck fascination. Molly hiked her dress up over the waistband of the diaper, giving Jenny a good view of her padded, ruffled rump. “What are you doing?” Jenny asked.
     There was a grunt, and Molly farted, loud and wet in the quiet of the nursery. Jenny’s mouth dropped; she watched as Molly continued to grunt, her diapers slowly ballooning out behind her. “Oh Molly,” she whispered, her eyes glued to the expanding seat of Molly’s diapers. She knew she should be disgusted, but all she really felt was a kind of morbid fascination. Molly grunted—an explosive, splattering sound emerged from the seat of her diapers, which sagged and began to darken under a sustained, poopy avalanche. Molly was murmuring her herself excitedly and Jenny thought she detected her rubbing herself through her diaper. Then she realized that her own hand was down the front of her jeans. “I wonder what it would feel like?” she mused, playing with her clit. She imagined the heavy, mucky warmness filling her jeans, and was stunned by how aroused it made her feel.
    At last Molly was finished… she sank to her hands and knees with a sigh. Her thickly-diapered butt was stuck up in the air behind her, and even through the ruffled, semi-translucent seat of the tights Jenny could clearly make out the gigantic, lumpy mess and the corresponding dark stain. A strong hissing noise emerged, and Jenny realized that Molly was wetting herself. With one hand down the front of her jeans, Jenny reached out with the other to lightly touch the tent in the seat of Molly’s pampers, running her hand lightly across the seat of her tights, gently probing the lumps and bulges with her fingers. She crinkled her nose and she pressed her palm up against the warm, lumpy mass, pressing it ever so slightly into Molly’s soft skin. “Molly… what did you do?” she whispered hoarsely.
     “Did a poopy in my pants,” she said lazily, wriggling her bulging backside in the air behind her. Reaching between her legs, she began massaging her clit more openly through the bulging crotch of her diapers and plastic pants.
     “I can see that you bad girl!” Jenny scolded half jokingly. Still playing with herself, she used her free hand to lightly smack the seat of Molly’s diapers a few times, squishing the mess within. Molly groaned and wiggled her pampered tush appreciatively.
     “Ah! Ooo! Ow! Oh! That feels good,” she giggled wriggling her rump gleefully.
     A poopy aroma had begun to emerge, light but noticeable. Jenny pinched her nose close. “Eww! Molly, you stink,” she said simply, still playing with herself.
     Molly rose to her knees, then lowered herself gingerly to a sitting position on the floor, the load squishing underneath her. “Mmmm… Molly’s got a mud-pie in her pants,” she murmured to herself, squirming her rump around in the muddy mess in her diaper.
     “Molly!” the same booming male voice from the other day came from somewhere down the hall.
     “It’s daddy,” Molly said sleepily, squishing and shifting her bottom around in her messy diaper, “hide!”
     Jenny bolted, hiding behind the crib before Charles entered, chewing her lip as he came in and loomed over Molly who was, for her part, bouncing up and down on her butt in her messy diaper. “Young lady,” he intoned seriously “is there anything you want to tell me?”
     “No daddy,” she said as innocently as she could while masturbating in a dirty diaper.
     “Come on; stand up,” he said, taking her by the arm and guiding her reluctantly to her feet. She stood before him, red faced and out of breath, shifting from foot to foot under his gaze. Jenny watched and diddled herself, staring at the saggy, stained seat of Molly’s pampers.
     He turned her around—Molly stared at Jenny with a peculiar smile on her lips. Daddy reached out and tugged the waistband of her tights and diaper back so he could check inside. “Yikes! Just as I thought! Get that messy tushy up on the changing table, you naughty little girl!” he faux scolded, lifting her up to the table’s padded surface and setting her down on her rump with a squish. Molly smiled excitedly, her eyes twinkling—she squirmed her bottom around in the mushy mess once more.
     “Lie back, let’s get you changed,” Charles commanded softly, helping her onto her back. He tugged down her tights and set them aside. Jenny jumped at the sound of the tapes being torn open. She watched him peal down the front panel, revealing one heavily loaded diaper. “Phew!” Daddy said, fanning his face playfully. “What a big, smelly mess! Why couldn’t you just use the potty?”
     “I couldn’t make it, daddy! Sowwy…” she said cutely.
     Jenny watched with increasing arousal as Charles took the diaper and used it to wipe some of the mess of Molly’s bottom before discarding it in the diaper-pail. “Hold still you bad girl,” he scolded gently, using a wipe to clean the rest of the mess off Molly’s squirming little hiney. Jenny saw the plump, rounded tushy slowly reappear from beneath the mucky brown smear. Soon her derrière was clean and shiny.
     He dusted her with powder and gave her a pat-down that left her murmuring. Jenny masturbated furiously as he lifted her by her ankles again to slide a new diaper under her butt. He pulled it up and fastened it tightly around her waist. A pair of plastic pants were pulled up over her legs and adjusted snugly at the legs and waist. “Let’s go, you little stinker,” he said, taking her into his arms and carrying her toward the door on his hip, “It’s time for lunch, and then I think you could use a nap.”
     Molly just nodded and sighed and settled into his arms, naked but for her big diaper. She peered over Daddy’s shoulder and shared a conspiratorial smile with Jenny.
     Jenny’s orgasm nearly melted her into a puddle on the nursery floor.

     She opened her eyes.
     Where was she? The library, she realized… back in the library. The bookcase, if it ever had been open was shut tightly once again. Had it all been some kinky daydream? How… or why… would she ever fantasize such a thing?
     The bookcase. The door. It was the only way she could prove whether or not she was losing her mind. Jenny took half a step toward the bookcase—and then instantly froze in her place. Something was very wrong. There was a sticky mushiness in the seat of the pants, all greasy and gooey between her buns, like she’d sat in something…
     “No,” she said, firmly to herself, dispelling her first thought even as it came to her. But she remembered her first encounter with Molly… how it had ended with both of them in wet undergarments…
     Slowly, reluctantly, she reached behind herself to feel the seat of her jeans…
    “No!” she cried, squeezing and prodding the bulge in the seat of her pants with disbelief. Her load felt at least as big as Molly’s had looked, and perhaps a little bigger. She stammered in disbelief, even as the smell began to emerge, stronger with every second. She’d shit her pants! For the first time in her adult life, Jenny had messed her pants like a two year old!
    “What’s happening to me?” she said quietly in a quivering voice, fighting back sobs. The time for crying would come later—the important thing now was to get to the bathroom and get cleaned up before David—
     The door swung open and David entered. “Is everything ok in here, honey? I thought I heard…”
     He sniffed the air suspiciously, then looked at her in shock. Jenny couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. “Jenny?” he said, still not quite believing that his beautiful young bride could have shit her pants.
     “Oh honey,” she said, tears springing to her eyes, “I had an accident!”

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Haunted House Part One: Wet Dreams

(Hey guys,
Here's a short, Halloween themed palate cleanser before The Humble Games starts up again. I think there's going to be two more parts after this, which I'd like to have up before the 31. Let me know if you like it.)

“Wake up.”
     Jenny awoke with a start. She’d been sleeping deeply, dreaming about something, but she knew she’d heard it— a voice, somewhere in the dark.
      Yawning, she turned over in the unlit room. She couldn’t see the clock, but she figured it was early—likely before five. She turned over to see her husband David beside her—sound asleep. She turned onto her back, blinking, fighting to stay awake. Had she really heard it, or was it her imagination? She sighed, annoyed with herself—you’re a grown woman, she scolded, how can you be afraid of the dark?
     She sighed and steadied her breathing, trying to lull herself back to sleep. She’d almost succeeded when she heard something—a long low creaking, somewhere down the hall.
     It was silly, she knew. They’d only just moved in, and she was aware that a new house would have new noises… but there was something compelling her to investigate.
     She rose from the bed and crossed the room quickly, moving out into the hall. The darkness was thick and heavy, and her mind was clouded in drowsiness. Part of her was wondering if this was even happening or if she was still dreaming.
     She wandered down the hall, checking the doors as she went, stifling a yawn. This is getting worryingly obsessive-compulsive, she thought to herself, ascending the back staircase without slowing.
     The darkness of the upstairs hallway was absolute darkness—she tiptoed through the shadows, every door was closed tightly.
     Jenny was almost ready to give up and return to bed when she heard it—a tiny, childish giggle in the blackness at the end of the hall; faint, but clear, tinkling softly in the night. She froze, her heart throbbing in her throat. She shifted on her feet, straining to listen. Perhaps she’d only imagined it.
     It came again, louder this time, more distinct, and definitely coming from somewhere down the hall. Jenny felt stupid for stiffening—it sounded like a little girl.
     Part of her said she should go down stairs; go and wake her husband and seek his help. But she was drawn forward… compelled by something inside her to press forward in the dark toward the end of the hall.
     Jenny crept softly into the darkness, down the hall toward the strange noises. She heard it again, louder this time, a soft musical giggle, and then the voice, louder this time, clearer than before:
     “Come and play with me….”
     The last door at the end of the hall was the library (less impressive than it sounded—it was really more of a den lined with bookshelves.) Reluctantly, she reached out and took hold of the knob, the metal slick in her sweaty hand. She twisted it, hesitating only for a second before throwing the door open, revealing…
     An empty darkness.
     She stepped inside, relief flooding through her already. I knew I imagined it, she thought, allowing herself a smile at how silly she’d acted. She crept through the room, checking around just to be sure she’d been hearing things. She grinned… Paranoid, she scolded herself silently.
     Behind her, the door swung shut as though magnetized, the slam like a gunshot in the small room. She whirled around. How had that happened? There were no windows in the room, no breeze anywhere in the upstairs… so how had it shut on its own?”
     Jenny jumped and emitted a scream she’d managed to bite off in the middle. She spun her eyes wide, her jaw open. And Jenny saw her standing there, almost right on top of her.
    The woman was quite pretty, her hair long and blonde, her eyes round and bright. Jenny estimated the woman to be about her age, but it was difficult to determine, because she was dressed like a giant baby. Jenny’s cold fear had turned into confusion—though she’d banded her hair in pigtails and obscured her generous curves beneath a flowing pink baby-doll dress (and, Jenny realized, a large pink diaper), there was absolutely no mistaking the buxom beauty in front of her as anything other than a grown woman inexplicably dressed like an infant. Jenny struggled, trying to find something to say. “Um…” she stammered lamely, stumbling over a million questions boiling in her head all at once.
     “My name’s Molly,” she said brightly, “What’s yours?”
     “Jenny…” she responded tentatively, still taken aback.
     “Jenny… That’s a pretty name!” said Molly excitedly. “I’m so glad you moved in… I just know we’re going to be great friends!”
     She wrapped her arms around Jenny and gave her a big hug. The baffled Jenny was slow to reciprocate, wrapping her arms around the diapered woman. Her large breasts and puffy, crinkly diaper pressed tightly against Jenny’s body, and Molly felt soft and warm in her arms.
     “Um…. Molly? Where… how did you get here?”
     “I live here!” she explained brightly. “My husband and I do. We’ve lived here for a long time.”
     “Uh… Molly, my husband and I… that is… I mean, we just moved in…”
     “Oh, I know! But it’s OK… We don’t mind sharing.” She reached out and touched Jenny’s long blonde locks. “You’re hair is so pretty! Hey… do you want to see something really cool?”
    Jenny opened her mouth, but couldn’t find the words. Molly dashed over to the book-case. She reached out, and for a moment Jenny thought she was going to retrieve a book. Instead, she slipped her hand beneath one of the shelves. Jenny heard a soft click—instantly, a section of the bookcase popped away from the wall a little. Molly pulled it open, revealing a dark passage. Gesturing for Jenny to follow, she disappeared inside.
     I must be losing my mind, she thought, following the crinkle of Molly’s puffy pink pampers inside.
     She followed Molly through the darkened hall, the smell of baby-powder trailing behind her. Jenny had a lightheaded feeling… she wondered, once again, if she was dreaming.
     Molly looked back with an impish smile before she pushed open a door at the end of the hall and stepped through. “Come on!” she said excitedly, taking Jenny by the hand and pulling her inside behind her.
     Although in retrospect Jenny realized she shouldn’t have been surprised, in the moment she couldn’t possibly have been more shocked. It was a nursery. She was standing in the middle of a giant nursery. Molly’s giant nursery to be precise—an exact duplicate of a spoiled little girl’s room, blown up for use by an oversized baby-woman. “Um…”
     “Pretty cool, right?” Molly said, crossing the room and climbing atop a rocking horse that was almost as big as a real one. “Daddy—that is, my husband, Charles? He built it for my birthday one year.” She began to rock back and forth gently. “What do you think?”
     “Uh… it’s… nice,” Jenny said lamely, surveying her surroundings with bemusement. The exactness of the recreation of the nursery combine with the size was surreal… Jenny felt faint.
     “Thanks! I knew you’d like it! I just know we’re going to have so much fun!”
     “Where did you even get all this stuff?”
     “Oh, here and there…” She climbed down off the horse. “Let’s have some fun!”
     “O-ok,” said Jenny, now convinced this was all a crazy dream she’d soon awake from. “What do you want to do?”
     But Molly didn’t answer her. At first Jenny thought she mustn’t have heard her. Then she realized the Molly didn’t seem to be paying attention… she had a odd, far off look on her face.
     A strange hissing emerged, a steady pitter-patter following close behind. Jenny looked down, realizing Molly was wetting her diaper. She took a step back, horrified. But Molly just grinned. “Ahhh, feels so good…”
     Jenny could only stare, open mouthed. How could this fully grown and quite beautiful woman have just intentionally pissed into a diaper like a naughty four year old who refused to be potty trained?
     “Mmmm,” Molly sighed, “Did a big wee-wee,” she said matter-of-factly, reaching down and pressing the sodden cloth up against her crotch.
     Jenny stared disbelievingly. “I can’t believe you just…”
     “Molly?” a masculine voice rose from somewhere in the house—a voice that certainly didn’t belong to David.
     “It’s Daddy!” Molly gasped. Taking Jenny by the hand, she led her to the closet door and opened it. “Hide here!” she said excitedly, pushing her inside. “And don’t make a peep! If daddy catches you, we’ll both get punished!”
     “Punished?” Jenny asked uncertainly as Molly closed the closet door behind her.
     “Shh! Keep quiet!” Molly insisted, shutting the door behind her. Jenny peered out through the slats in the door.
     She heard footsteps… faintly at first, growing louder, closer each second. They entered the library, then started down the hall. “Molly? Are you down here?” the voice said. Jenny felt her heart crawl into her throat again.
     He came into the room, dressed in a suit and tie like the father from a ‘50’s sit-com. He was unbelievably handsome, but that wasn’t what caught her eye. He must’ve been 8 feet tall at least, towering over Molly… well, like an adult towered over a toddler. “Here you are, young lady,” he said kindly, reaching down to tickle her under her chin and make her giggle. “Who were you talking to?”
     “Nobody, daddy,” Molly lisped sweetly, just a hint of a mischievous smile at her lips. “I was just playing.”
     He gave her a look, but let it pass. “And how’s that diaper doing?” he asked, reaching down and sticking his fingers into the waistband of her plastic pants. Molly looked guilty and chewed a finger as he tisked. “Just as I thought! Soaked! Oh Molly,” he said with a weary grin, “can’t you keep your pants dry for five minutes?
     “Get that soggy bottom over here, young lady,” he said, taking her hand and leading her over to the changing table. Jenny pressed against the closet door and strained for a better look through the slats. She held her breath as Molly was lifted onto the changing table.
     Charles tugged the plastic pants down Molly’s legs and off her feet. The pins were removed from the cotton and set aside. The front panel was pealed down revealing her neatly groomed privates. “Look at this wet diaper,” he mused, taking a wet cloth and cleaning her pussy. She moaned appreciatively and shifted, spreading her legs to allow access. In the closet, Jenny’s stomach fluttered. She was shocked to discover she was getting aroused.
     On the table, Molly groaned in ecstasy as one of Daddy’s hands encircled her ankles and lifted her legs high into the air to expose her rump. She savored the helpless as he used the cloth to clean her tushy, murmuring sensuously. In the closet, Jenny shoved her hand down the front of her panties and started playing with herself.
     “There we are,” Charles said, discarding the wipe, “nice and fresh…”
     In the closet, Jenny watched as he bent down and kissed Molly’s glistening sex, making the sexy Adult Baby moan and gurgle on the table, watched as Molly squirmed and moaned
     On the changing table, Molly came to an earsplitting orgasm, and for a moment, Jenny was afraid she would tumble off the table. But she steadied herself with an ecstatic groan and flopped onto her back, grinning and heaving to catch her breath. She turned her head, looking Jenny right in the eye. There was a moment of panic… was she about to reveal her presence to her husband?
     She gave Jenny a grinning wink.
     In the closet, Jenny exploded into climax moments before the world went black…

     “Jenny? Wake up!”
     Jenny startled awake, fighting her covers. How did she get back in bed? Had it all been a dream?
     “Sweetie, are you OK?” David’s voice was concerned.
     “Uh, yeah… I was dreaming…” she said sleepily. “What time is it…?”
     He hesitated. “Honey, you have to get up… we’ve got to get you in the shower.”
      “Why?” she realized her pussy was still moist—soaking wet in fact.
     “Sweetie,” said David evenly, switching on the light to reveal a large, dark circle of wetness around Jenny, “you wet the bed!”