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Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Have You Got Under There?

Of course, not all Babes enjoy looking the part. There are many diapered women who don't view themselves as helpless little babies who need someone to look after them, but capable, modern women who just happen to enjoy wearing diapers, thank you very much. And if they happen to want you to change them, it's not because it's what they need, but because it's what they desire...

"Good thing I'm outside," Alice thought, filling her diaper with a messy squish. "I'd hate for anyone to find out I wear diapers!"
"Sshh! I've got a secret!"
"Think anyone will notice?"
"Does this outfit make my butt look big?"
"I don't know about this..."
"Uh-oh! I think I might need a change..."
"I hope these'll fit..."

Lynn Leona Diapered by Clare Fonda
Debbie 2
Eva Hanging Out In Diapers
Flower Dressed To Go Out (Clips4Sale)
Riley Evans The Diapered Call Girl
Lucy's Diaper Fetish Exposed


  1. Nice pictures and felt the captions made them even better.

  2. girls wearing diapers under normal clothes is so much sexier than adult babies I reckon. The idea of a powerful, sexy, outgoing, sucessful woman being forced (or for pleasure) into diapers...

  3. Nice pictures... The second one from the top with the "Shh, she's got a secret" caption is a photo of my girlfriend, Adriana Evans. Some of the pictures posted are models who might not really be into this stuff, but Adriana is a hardcore DL.

    1. Oops... sorry, thought that was from Diapergirl in Public! If you guys would rather I took that pic down just let me know.

  4. nice photos, girls whom willing to do that wear in public diaper are wonderful and the best ones.