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Monday, September 30, 2013


Just saw this message from Miss Missa over at the AR Story Archive:

Dear friends,

I wanted to pop in to tell you that I have been having problems with men asking to pirate my videos lately. I used to make so many diaper videos and Age Regression videos but I have slowed down some because re-sales have slowed, sometimes I release a diaper video and sell as few as 3 (at 60% profit), sometimes it is worse and I sell none!

I have a theory that the reason for the slow re-sales have to do with the popularity of a couple of pro-piracy websites within the Age Regression and Diaper fetish genres. I have hired very capable counsel to help fight piracy, but it is such a headache, so incredibly stressful to me that I have stopped making videos in genres that are heavily "shared" pirated.

I wish I could convince these guys to not share my videos so I can make this genre that I love to make so much. I wish I could show them the hard work involved, the time, the risk that I take, as a woman from a conservative family, making videos that show me messing diapers and babbling like a baby. I can not convince them, no matter how many times I have tried. They always have some excuse for pirating that they believe is valid, like: "I'm too poor," I don't know if this video will suit my specific fetish," I don't know if you create good work, your work is too expensive, the economy is bad," and the list is endless. I do want to thank the good people of this board for understanding. I know that you guys have taken an anti-piracy stance, and YOU are the reason that I have so many Age Regression videos and diaper videos in the first place. I have always appreciated your support more than you can know, and appreciate how you "protect" me.

Before my "fiasco," with men publicly asking for my Age Regression videos, I took on two custom _script_s in diaper and Age Regression. I know the re-sale value is going to be next to nothing lately, so many pirate that even good, honest men do not buy anymore. I took on the _script_s because the commission money is 'very appreciated,' in the slow month of September. I am not sure if I will make videos within your genre moving forward. I have been so distressed about piracy lately, I have even contemplated bowing out of the industry all together.

If you have any of my videos please do not share them for whatever reason. I appreciate your continued support and protection of me, my future family, and my current business.

Much love.
Melissa "Missa"

Too bad. Personally, I liked some of her stuff.

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