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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Humble Games Day Two

(All of day two together at last!)
Day One

     Destiny awoke to the feeling of warm sunlight filtered across the side of her face. She groaned and squirmed on her tummy, trying to work through her momentary confusion. Where was she, and why was she sleeping on her stomach? She shifted a bit, feeling something soft and fluffy beneath her pelvis. A light breeze filtered in through the open window and she sighed, its cool caress heavenly against her bare rump…
     Wait a sec, she thought warily; bare rump?
     She checked over her shoulder slowly, both knowing and dreading what she was about to see.
     Destiny groaned when she saw her naked butt stuck up in the air behind her, propped up by the silky soft pillow beneath her.  Each cheek was still glowing brightly, and suddenly every little detail of her spanking the previous day returned to her. She flushed with embarrassment when she remembered what the Master had done to her, then shuddered when she realized she’d gotten off light compared to some of the other contestants. Shivering, she wondered what today would bring. Forcing herself to rise, she took a cool shower (with her sore, throbbing derriere, she knew that hot baths would be out of the question for at least another couple of days). Sighing, she shut off the water, dried off, and dressed for breakfast.
     While the pain had dulled somewhat overnight, Destiny still squirmed slightly in her seat as she picked at her breakfast sullenly, her bottom not throbbing like it had before, but still quite sore. Other evidence had lingered, too - Destiny's first choice of outfit for the day had involved another pair of shorts, to show off her legs, but when she'd looked at herself in the mirror, she'd been quite unhappy to note that they were short enough that a little pink was peeking out from beneath the cuffs. The last thing she wanted was the remind the viewers at home of what had happened to her the day before, so, reluctantly, she'd switched to a pair of jeans, though not before trying a few other pairs of shorts and some skirts, only to find that none of them were quite long enough to fully protect her little secret.
     Like the mansion, the food was lavish, and Destiny was sure it must have tasted good, but she couldn't bring herself to eat more than a few bites, and even that was a struggle. Looking around the table, she saw two of the other contestants in diapers, thick, bulging white things that turned her stomach every time she looked at them, if only because they seemed a pretty clear indicator of just what this Master sicko was into. After all, it hadn't even been a full day, and he'd already reduced nearly half of them to diapers, and made all but one of them poop their pants. Destiny whimpered and wriggled a little more as she remembered that ordeal, the horrible feeling of losing control, her body give way and begin to fill her panties. She could still almost feel it: her shorts sagging, the warm, heavy weight in the seat of her panties, her heart pounding as she fought to stop the disgusting, seemingly never-ending tide. And all on national TV—not to mention the internet!
     She shook her head with a shiver. There was no way she was going to do that again! She'd considered trying to run away in the night, but she had a feeling that wouldn't end well. And, she had to remind herself, maybe it wasn't all bad. If she managed to see beyond the diaper and the ridiculous baby clothes and the lisp, she found herself almost jealous of Margaret. Right now, if she got offered any roles, she was sure they would be for teenagers. That wasn't horrible, she supposed, but she'd already done that, for four years. She wanted something more than that, and with a figure like that, she was sure she could get it. That is, if she managed to escape this show without her reputation getting too tarnished.
     The backyard, of course, was quite nice, like the rest of this place, with plenty of lawn chairs and lounges, but Destiny chose to stay standing, retreating to the shade of one of the large trees as she watched the other women. If she was going to make it through this thing, she was going to need an ally. That was the way these things were played, she was pretty sure. But who did she want on her side?
     Lucy was far too innocent and cloyingly sweet to be of much use. Brittany didn't seem to have much going for her, either, plus she was already in diapers. Margaret was, too. She might be looking for some way to get revenge on the Master for what he'd done to her, but Destiny wasn't sure if that would be helpful—in fact, it seemed like it would probably wind up getting both of them in trouble. That left only Alice, who had won the first game... But she scared Destiny a little, or at least intimidated her. Destiny was pretty sure Alice was the oldest one there, and therefore the least likely to be impressed by her status as a star, former or otherwise. And she not only had a real job, she was the boss. She was, surely, used to being in charge, and Destiny did not take orders well.
     A loud, rumbling fart emanated from Brittany's side of the yard, her face went white. Her stomach churned uncomfortably, her bowels gurgling to life inside her. The awful fullness in her colon appeared suddenly, becoming uncontrollable almost as quickly as it appeared. "Oh my god" she squealed girlishly, her face panicked. The other girls look directly at her commotion, some with pity, some with looks of disgust, and Brittany was vividly aware of every eye as she leapt to her feet, her diaper crinkling noisily under her shorts.
     She scurried to the corner of the yard, where she faced the wall, head bowed, struggling to maintain control. She felt the last bit of her continence ebbing away from her. She sobbed, another fart escaping despite her best effort. She barely felt it as a big smelly mess fills her diaper, no different than those snotty kids she had to change every day at work. Completely lost, she grunted and strained to push the rest of last night’s dinner into her pants. The others contestants watched with queasy expressions she knew had nothing to do with the noises or smell of her accident—after all, it could easily be them in her position (and they could still end up joining her). Her hands clutched up against her mouth, she began to whine. "Ew Ew Ewww!" She turned around stomping her feet and flailing her hands, prancing around ridiculously as she continued filling her pants. "I'm so messy!" she cried in defeated desperation. The other contestants stare.
     Crinkling her nose with distaste, Destiny watched Brittany helplessly pass gas and fill her diaper. Mentally, she'd already marked Brittany off her list of potential allies, but this only confirmed her choice. Destiny was an only child, and had never had to babysit, or be around children young enough to do this sort of thing. Even if she had, she was sure she'd find someone around her own age doing it to be disgusting. She wouldn't want to spend time around Brittany, knowing that, at any moment, it could happen again. That was just so gross!
     Still hopping around ridiculously, Brittany squealed and cried like a baby having a tantrum. She knew she was only spreading the load in her pants around and making it even harder to clean up, but she couldn’t help it—the warm, muddy mush in her diaper was so awful and stinky and squishy she could hardly bare it! She had to get out of these diapers! “MASTER!” she cried. “MASTER! PLEASE!”
     The patio door slid open, and finally he emerged. Smug as always, he basked in the hatred and fear that emanated in his direction from every angle. “What seems to be the trouble, Brittany dear?”
     She shuffled her feet and looked down at her shoes, a blush spreading across her pretty face. Even though he was enjoying it—even though he was the one responsible for her entire predicament—it was still very embarrassing to have to confess to him. She felt for all the world like a naughty two-year old, confessing to her daddy that she’d made a mass in her diapers. “I… I need to be changed.”
     “Oh,” he said knowingly, “has baby made a messy diaper?”
     “Yes,” she confirmed stiffly.
     “And how does it feel, Brittany?” he jeered, “to be on the other end of a dirty bum?”
     “Awful!” she squealed, unable to refrain from hopping in place for emphasis.
     “And baby wants daddy to change her stinky, poopy diaper?”
     “Yes!” she hissed.
     “Yes what, darling?” he smiled sadistically, crossing his arms. “How do we ask nicely?”
     She took a deep breath and forced herself to hold as still as possible, trying not to squish the awful load in her pants any further. “Please daddy!”
     “Please what?”
     Her nostrils flared as she suppressed her anger. “Please daddy—please change my diaper! It’s so awful and stinky…”
     “Hmmm… maybe later,” he said casually, turning back toward the house, “Right now I’m late for a massage.”
     “WHAT?!” she cried, disbelieving, “but you promised…”
     “I said,” he began firmly, “that you would need to get someone else to change your diapers. I said nothing about being at your beck and call, Brittany.”
     “But what am I supposed to do?!” she wailed, beginning to cry.
     He looked over his shoulder. “Perhaps one of our other contestants will have pity on you.” And he disappeared inside, shutting the door behind him.
     For a long moment, she could only stand gaping at the door. Frantically, she turned her attention to the others, who were watching with nervous distaste. Brittany stammered and gasped for a moment… None would meet her gaze. “Help me!” she cried desperately, jumping frantically in place once more. She ran toward the nearest contestant, now crying and blubbering desperately. "Please!" she begged, sticking out her rump toward them, the mess shifting with every bounce.
     Alice raised an eyebrow archly over the business section of the newspaper, a wry smile tugging at her lips. It seemed her very public embarrassment the night before hadn’t phased her too badly... if anything, she seemed to be enjoying Brittany’s discomfort and humiliation almost as much as the Master. “You MUST be joking, darling,” she smirked, turning disdainfully back to the news paper. “Do you honestly think I’d ever lower myself to changing a diaper… let alone such a big, stinky one?”
     Desperately, Brittany turned her attention to Margret, who had sulked and pouted all the way through breakfast. She been woken that morning by a pair of outrageously sexy maids, taken to the bathroom to relieve herself (on a potty, she recalled with a shiver of humiliation), she’d endured an extremely sexy bath, brought maddeningly close to the brink of orgasm several times, only to be teasingly denied at the last moment. An unbelievably humiliating full body powdering ensued, followed by another big thirsty diaper. Finally, she’d been dressed in a too-tight t-shirt that amply revealed her huge new breasts and adorably round stomach. With a blush on her face and a crinkling diaper beneath her, she’d been lead down to breakfast, which she’d been spoon-fed in a massive high-chair! It would have been humiliating enough for her, even if every excruciating second hadn’t been broadcast to the entire country. “Don’t look at me,” she told Brittany sullenly, shifting her dainty bottom in the hot, uncomfortable diapers.
     Brittany turned to Destiny now. The idea of changing a big adult sized diaper turned Destiny's stomach, and as each girl turned Brittany down, and she got ever closer, Destiny only felt more sick. She'd never changed a diaper in her life, and she wasn't about to start with one that size! She barely even let Brittany approach her before squeaking out a desperate, "Eww, God, no! I won't do it! Go away!" 
     She had intended to be a little more subtle about it, but as she'd seen the girl waddling toward her, she simply couldn't take it. Just the smell wafting toward her nearly made her gag. She couldn't even bring herself to apologize for her abruptness. It was just too much. 
     Lucy avoided Brittany’s gaze, hoping desperately someone else would take pity on her, and help her out. As each person rejected Brittany, Lucy couldn't help but feel guilty for feeling so selfish. Of course no one else here would. They were all too disgusted, and who could blame them. Finally Brittany came to Lucy. Lucy looked at Brittany, pleading to not be burdened with the task, but Brittany never left.
     Finally, with a brief nod, Lucy held her hand out to the poor girl, nodding to show she accepted the task. "Do you have any... supplies?" Lucy grimaced slightly as the words left her lips. No turning back now.

     Nodding stiffly, Brittany handed over her purse. Lucy checked inside, finding it full of diapers, wipes, and an extra-large bottle of powder.
     With a sigh of resignation, Lucy Gently lowered Brittany to the ground. She looked up at the remaining contestants, hoping someone would at least be willing to lend her a hand. They all averted their gaze, and she knew this was a solo mission. Slowly, Lucy undid the tapes of the diaper, retching at the smell that came out, and turned her head away from the mess. 'Come on Lucy, you can do this' She thought to herself. It's just like babysitting, only... bigger.
     Sliding the diaper away, she threw the vile smelling product into a trash receptacle, wiping down Brittany’s derriere. Closing her eyes, and then opening one cautiously, Lucy set to work cleaning up Brittany’s squirming bottom, silently working through the mess. "Please don't spread it around as much if I have to do this again. Please." Finally disposing of the used wipes, Lucy slid a clean diaper underneath the poor girl, rubbing in some lotion to her rounded butt cheeks. Finally, she gave Brittany a liberal helping of powder. "This should at least stop any nasty rashes." Lucy smiled at Brittany, trying to keep calm. Maybe this is the start of a friendship, Lucy thought to herself as she raised the front of the diaper up and secured the tapes in place. That's what people do on these shows, isn't it? Make allies. Lucy wasn't sure. Reality TV was never of interest to her, and it was all just a confusing mess to her. Standing up, Lucy gave her hand to Brittany, lifting her up. "All clean and tidy." Lucy smiled, as she rushed off to a bathroom to thoroughly wash her hands.
     “Thanks,” Brittany said quietly. She could hardly even look Lucy in the eye.
     Destiny watched the beginning of the change with a sort of morbid curiosity, but quickly had to turn away from the sight of it. She hated to think of herself in Brittany's position, but if it happened, it might be nice to have Lucy on her side to do this sort of thing. Then again, she had a feeling the girl would do it anyway. She couldn't imagine how anyone could be such a pushover and actually achieve anything. Maybe there was more to her than met the eye.
     Destiny jumped a little as she turned, seeing Alice behind her. "Umm... Yes?" She felt like a little kid in front of the woman, sure that her piercing eyes could see just how intimidated she was in her presence, despite how much she tried to hide it. 
     “I wanted to talk to you.”
     “Oh. OK,” Destiny replied uneasily.
     “I think you and I both know we’re the only ones around here with even half a chance at winning this thing.”

     Alice snorted. “Destiny, darling: take a look at these losers,” she said, gesturing toward the others dismissively.
     She did, noting once again the way Brittany and Maggie’s bulging diapers made their rumps stick out behind them comically. She had to admit—Maggie did look pretty ridiculous trying (and failing) to pull the hem of her dress below the seat of her diapers. And then there was Lucy—what chance did a girl like that have in a game like this?
     “Good point—but isn’t this about votes?”
     “Don’t be thick, darling,” said Alice, “do you honestly think those morons out there in zombie-land are going to vote for a pair of diaper wearing imbeciles—one of whom actually shits herself, by the way—and a little goody-two-shoes when there are two drop-dead sexy babes like us around? Get serious,” she laughed, “you know we’re got the final two sewn up.”
     “You really think so?” Destiny wasn’t entirely convinced.
     “Sex sells, honey. All we have to do is stand next to those dwebs looking good-- the nit-wits at home can’t resist a winner. Any you can’t help but look like a winner next to the nursery brigade over there.”
     Destiny looked over at them, uncertain. Though they did look absurd in their huge diapers, both Brittany and Maggie still looked pretty sexy (maybe more than ever in Maggie’s case, she thought bitterly, once again studying her new curves). On the other hand, maybe Alice was onto something—would people really vote for a reality TV contestant who pooped her pants uncontrollably?
     “I’m not proposing we break any rules or anything,” Alice said quickly, sensing Destiny’s hesitation. “Just that we—watch out for each other.”
     “But what about the Master?” Just saying his name made Destiny nervous—she kept expecting him to appear out of nowhere.
     Alice snorted. “Don’t be a fool, darling. We’re women—he just a man.” She smirked. “I’ve wrapped better men than him around my little finger. You watch—I’ll have that pompous, flaccid sleaze eating out of my hand by the time the day is over.”
     Destiny could feel a smile forming on her lips at the insult. She was sure Alice was just as scared of the Master as she was, but she had guts. Maybe this alliance would be a good thing after all, Destiny thought.

     “Is that so?”
      Destiny gasped as the Master suddenly appeared from nowhere, heart leaping into her throat, and a little pee dripping into her panties at the shock. She was glad now she'd refrained from laughing, or, even worse, actually saying anything to support Alice's insult, as she was sure that would have landed her in hot water right alongside the other woman. Instead, as the Master spoke to Alice, she started to back away, not wanting any part in this. Part of her wondered if he could tell what she'd just done, if he was taking pleasure in the idea that she'd just wet her pants, even just a little, at the sight of him, like a naughty little girl whose daddy had just come home and was afraid she was about to get punished again.

     “Well?” he said expectantly. “Go on. I’d like to hear the whole thing.”
     “Well, uh…” Alice stammered, her confidence wavering. She hadn’t felt intimidated by a man since she was 16—but now, standing here in front of him, thinking of what he’d already done to some of the other players, she felt fear budding inside of her.
     “I’m surprised at you, Alice—I thought you were smarter than that. Almost like you were daring me to punish you—were you feeling left out?”
     Alice could only stammer and squirm under his gaze. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been on the losing end of a confrontation like this—she was always armed, always had a clever quip or cutting remark. But now she found herself melting under his cool gaze and damn smug smile—she realized her hands were trembling and her knees were shaking.
     “I think some kind of punishment is called for here—don’t you?” He said mildly. “I think,” he said, watching with delight as Alice reddened, “you’ve earned yourself a hard spanking, young lady.
     "And where do you think you're going?" The Master asked, turning toward Destiny. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t summon an answer. She’d been trying to slink away, and now she’d been caught! She was cowed somewhat by Alice, but much more by the Master after what had happened the day before. Having the two of them there, staring at her, was almost too much for her to take. "For even considering going along with this foolishness, YOU are going to spank her," he said.
     “NO!” Alice cried, disbelieving. She yelped as he casually swatted her rump.
     “Hush!” he commanded.
     "Me?" Destiny squeaked. "No, I can't! I've never spanked anyone, I..."
     "You're going to," he interrupted her, "or you'll get one yourself."
     Destiny whimpered, her hands automatically moving to her still sore backside. She looked over at Alice nervously, then back at the Master. Alice would understand that she had no choice in this, wouldn't she? Obviously this wasn't her idea, but it was her choice. With Alice by her side, she had a good feeling she could make it through this game. But she couldn't take another spanking. The pain had started to fade, but it was nowhere near gone.

     "Well?" the Master asked expectantly.
     "Fine," Destiny sighed. Alice looked at her, obviously trying to figure out what she had chosen. She wanted to apologize beforehand, but she didn't want to risk doing something that would make the Master change his mind and have both of them spanked. "Come here," she said gruffly, grabbing the woman's arm and dragging her to the nearest chair. Alice was taller than her, but she seemed to be expecting Destiny to 'take one for the team' and the surprise of this action kept her from fighting back until Destiny had gotten to the chair and pulled the woman over her lap.
     “NO!” Alice barked once more, tumbling across Destiny’s lap. To have her prim and proper bottom spanked in the first place was an outrage. To have it delivered by a silly, vapid TV star, one whom she’d planned to use to win the prize and then discard—who was actually younger than her!—was simply unacceptable! “Stop! You don’t have permission!”
     "I'm sorry," she whispered, though she wasn't sure if Alice heard it over her own protests. She gave Alice's backside a nervous swat before glancing up at the Master, who was watching, disapprovingly. Alice was squirming and cursing in her lap - in a way, it made her feel powerful, having her there, but at the same time, she felt overwhelmed and not quite sure of what she was doing. 
     She gave another spank, a little harder, which only made Alice struggle more. It didn't seem like enough for the Master, either. Alice's thrashing elbow hit her in the chest, knocking the wind out of her for a moment, enough time for Alice to start to get to her feet. Desperate, sure that was going to lead to her getting a spanking of her own, and increasingly annoyed at the woman, she grabbed her, pulling her back down over her lap and landing a hard smack across her bottom.
     “YYEEOOWW!” Alice complained, “that hurt you little bitch!”
     Her hand stung from the impact, and she had a feeling Alice's rump was doing the same, as that had stopped her struggles dead as she realized Destiny might really go through with this. Finally, the Master seemed satisfied, though one spank was clearly not going to be enough. Beneath her, her own butt ached, reminding her of what she was going to be doing to her potential ally, but also of what she had to avoid for herself.
     She brought her hand down again, giving the woman another hard thwack, then another. Getting caught up in the moment, she found herself pushing down the back of Alice's pants and revealing a tiny black thong. “Wow! That doesn’t seem very professional,” she laughed, delivering a stinging swat to Alice’s pinkened backside.
     “OW! Oh, you little!—I’m going to kill you! I’ll—“
     “Yeah yeah,” Destiny smirked, starting to enjoy herself. I can see why the Master would enjoy this, she thought absently, delivering another swat before tugging down Alice’s tiny thong mischievously, leaving her bottom bare, red, and ready for her to keep working. She kept waiting for the Master to seem satisfied, to tell her it was enough. Her legs were starting to fall asleep from the weight across them, and her hands were starting to feel a little numb, too. 
     Alice kicked and squirmed and struggled, but it was no use. Her confidence had completely evaporated, now replaced by a sense of helpless dread and powerlessness… her ass was red and sore, and tears were leaking from her eyes.
     Finally, Destiny couldn't take it anymore and stopped. She pushed Alice off of her lap and glared up at the Master. "Are you happy now?" she asked, her tone starting out defiant, then growing somewhat meeker as she realized that, if he wasn't, she would probably be going over someone's knee herself.
     Alice sprang up, face red—tears trickled down her face and her make-up was smeared. More than that, her ass was glowing bright red. She rubbed it frantically, turning to the master and Destiny, she hissed:
     “I’ll get you! I’ll get you both!”
     The master smiled and snapped his fingers—her clothes vanished with the speed of a Benny Hill sketch. She shrieked and covered her breasts and pussy, leaving her bright red butt exposed to the cool air of the back yard. Worse, everyone was laughing at her—even those two pathetic diaper girls! She cringed when she thought of the viewers—no doubt they were having a good laugh at her plight as well!
     She took off running for the house, her bare, jiggling bum blazing bright red in the noon sun. “I’ll get you! I’ll get all of you!”
     Brittany watched her run past, unable to stop herself from giving Alice a brisk swat on her bare butt as she passed.
     “YEOW! Oh you BITCH!” she spat, and explosion of laughter following her toward the house. Alice took her hands from her breasts only to open the patio door and then leap inside. “You’ll pay for this!” she bellowed back at them. “All of you!”
     And with that, she slammed the door behind her, muffling, but not completely silencing the derisive laughter that followed her.

     In the bathroom, Lucy had just finished washing her hands—thank god that’s over, she thought to herself. Just thinking about changing Brittany’s awful, dirty diaper was enough to make her retch. She hoped she wouldn’t have to do that again anytime soon.
     Turning off the light and shutting the door behind her, she became aware of some sort of commotion in the back yard—screaming, yelling, and the chilling sound of derisive laughter. She wondered what she’d missed.
     “You’ll pay for this! All of you!” she heard someone bellow, followed by the door slamming. Lucy was shocked to see Alice running toward her at top speed, bare naked! The cool, confident, and composed business woman, so sneering and dismissive just minutes earlier, was blushing bright red, and her makeup was smeared—had she been crying? Lucy started to wonder what could have happened, how Alice could have gone from stunning business woman to disheveled streaker in so short a time—the thought made her nervous.
     “Are you OK?” she blurted, as Alice approached.
     “Outta the way, twerp!” she barked, and pushed past Lucy with such force she nearly knocked her down.
     “HEY!” Lucy cried, steadying herself against a wall. “I was only trying to help!”
     “Screw you!” Alice yelled, running past without stopping. It was then that Lucy saw her bright red bottom glowing behind her, and suddenly it all clicked into place—little miss professional had gotten herself spanked!
     “I’ll get you!” Alice decreed, a little ridiculously with her bare butt shining bright red behind her like a pair of tail lights. “I’ll get you all!”
     Lucy was never one to glory in another person's misery —but even she had to allow herself a slight smile as she watched Alice retreat into the house, her red, spanked tushy jiggling behind her, vowing revenge on everything and everyone as she went, finally disappearing with a slam of the bedroom door. .

Alice spent the rest of the morning in her room, sulking.
          After her tantrum had died down, she’d taken a painkiller, then, with a groan, eased herself down to the cool bedspread and stretched out on her stomach, her roasted rump stuck up in the air behind her, and settled into a pout. As bad as the spanking was, it was the sheer indignity that was making her blood boil. The physical pain would soon fade— nursing her wounded pride back to full health would be a significantly longer process. She swore to herself then and there that she would seek revenge on all of them—Margret and Brittany for laughing, and that obnoxious Lucy just because her little-miss-innocent act was starting to get on her nerves. She reserved her full ire for Destiny, and especially The Master—One way or another, she vowed, pouting and rubbing lotion into her sore, spanked bottom, she was going to get even with them!
     In Destiny’s case, it was just a matter of biding her time; these type of competitions were always giving contestants the chance to push each other under the bus; the trick would be keeping her eyes open to make sure Destiny didn’t get the opportunity first—if she didn’t perceive Alice as a potential threat now, after what she did, she must be completely stupid.
     The Master, however, would require some finesse… there was little she could do to him on his home turf (more to the point, there seemed to be few things he COULDN’T do to her). But out there, in the real world, it was a different story. Once I’m out of this house and away from that creep’s reach, she promised herself, I’m gonna put the squeeze on him with everything I’ve got!
     She smiled coldly at the thought—picturing the Master destitute, kicked out of his twisted, earthly paradise and into the cold, cruel world seemed to sooth her red, burning butt-cheeks.
     It was after noon when the phone on the bedside table began to ring. Alice snatched it from its cradle.
     “WHAT?!” she snapped. Whatever stupid activity they had planned for the contestants, Alice had decided they would be doing it without here. She needed time to sooth her roasted rump—after all, as the most popular contestant, she owed it to her fans to only allow them to see her at her very best.
     “The competitors are gathering in the garden for the Easter egg hunt, ma’am,” the voice on the other end said brightly.
     Easter egg hunt? “Sick bastard…” she whispered under her breath before assuming her sternest tone of voice. “I’m afraid you’ll have to inform the >snort< ‘Master’ that I won’t be joining his silly little games this afternoon: My delicate tushy is still far too tender to…”
     A literal blink of an eye—that was all it took. One moment she was on the phone in her room… she took a moment to blink, and suddenly, here she was in the garden with the other contestants, that smirking, sleazy bastard grinning at her.
     “…Even consider participating…” she continued, trailing off when she realized she wasn’t talking on the phone anymore. The son of a bitch had teleported her down here. Trying to shake off the disorientation, she glared at everyone as they stared at her, smirking vaguely.
     “Well?” she demanded hotly, “what are you all staring at?”
     There came a handful of giggles. The breeze on her skin was quite chilly… with a slow, dawning realization, she reluctantly looked down at herself to confirm what she’d suspected: The bastard had materialized her without clothes—she’d been standing there, naked, her recently spanked bottom, still tingling and burning, shining bright red in the afternoon sun!
     “Oh my God!” she shrieked, rushing to cover herself with her hands once more. “You… you FUCKER!” she finally managed, ears burning when she heard the other players giggling at her.
     “You’re the one who was lounging around without any clothes on,” the Master said simply. “Next time I tell you to get down here for a meeting you better get your butt in gear.”
     Alice clamped her mouth shut, not wanting to give him another chance to punish her—she’d bide her time a little, then give this asshole a taste of his own medicine once she was back where she belonged.
     “As I was saying,” he continued, “I’ve hidden three chocolate eggs somewhere in the house. One egg grants a wish, the other two—well, let’s just say they come with slightly less desirable ‘prizes,’” he chuckled. “The hunt will go on until all three eggs have been found and consumed. Any questions?”
     They scowled at him, drawing a jolly chuckle in response.
     “Wonderful! Let’s make sure you look the part…”
     He raised his right arm and snapped—suddenly, each girl found themselves in an adorable parody of a little girl’s fancy dress—the kind of thing a three year old would wear to Easter dinner with her grandparents! The dresses were adorable smocks in soft pinks, blues and yellows, with high, puffy hemlines that amply revealed the seats of their translucent white tights. Margret and Brittany’s diapers bulged out from beneath obscenely… there was absolutely no way they’d be able to conceal they’re pampered conditions in these dresses! Destiny, Alice, and Lucy found themselves in cute, white cotton underpants, each bearing tiny rows of darling hearts, ducks, or ladybugs all over them.
     Lastly, on their heads each wore a sweet, frilly little bonnet, the kind little girls wore to protect them from the sun! Studying herself and the other competitors, Alice almost would have preferred staying naked.
     Destiny looked down at herself in surprise as she suddenly found herself dressed like a six year old, at most. It was humiliating, no doubt about it, but she had to admit she was glad not to be Brittany or Margaret, with their diapers peeking out from beneath their frilly skirts. She was pretty sure that was the only way this could be worse. It was just so ridiculous - five grown women, dressed like children, being forced to run around on an Easter egg hunt... But that didn't mean she wasn't going to do it. She had no real choice, but even if she did, that wish was still out there. At the very least, it would get her out of here, maybe while making her famous at the same time.
      She happened to catch Alice's eye, then quickly turned away. The woman was clearly not happy with her. Couldn't Alice see she hadn't had any choice?! If she should be mad at anyone, it should be the Master! Destiny almost started to get mad at Alice for how unfair she was being, but she supposed she couldn't really blame her too much. She wanted to try to explain - and maybe even apologize if she had to, even though she didn't think she'd done anything wrong - so she started to follow the woman. 
     “On your marks,” the Master said with a smile. “Get set… Go!”
     The women fanned out (Margret and Brittany at a slow waddle). Lucy noticed Brittany sort of lingering around her. Because she wants a friend, Lucy wondered, or because she wants to be nearby in case of another diaper change? She couldn’t be sure, but it was awkward with her just following her around, so she waved the girl over. “C’mon,” she said encouragingly, “let’s find those eggs!”
     Smiling brightly, Brittany waddled over to her, and they went off to search the grounds together.

     Maggie, toddled around the garden as quickly as her diaper would allow, her dress and her new hair bouncing with every step she took. She tried not to think how infantile she looked—how thoroughly she’d been regressed from a capable, modern woman to a helpless little girl… a joke in the eyes of society! She was desperate to win the wish… to escape her humiliating condition. She tried to imagine how good it would feel to get back into a pair of cotton briefs and a pantsuit again. She became slightly fearful when she realized she’d forgotten what it felt like to wear them after just a single night in diapers.
     Deciding that the backyard was too busy, she decided to take a chance and search around the side of the house. She waddled over as quickly as her diapers would allow, muttering under her breath. The grounds were huge-- it was probably going to take them all day to find just one stupid egg!
     Something caught her eye—there, near a large rock on the other side of the path, she caught sight of something glinting in the sun. She made her way over, unable to believe her luck—she’d found one of them! She looked at it warily—one wish and three prizes, and judging by the Master’s description, the other two “prizes” probably weren’t anything you’d actually want. It was a risky gamble—but what choice did she have? Summoning her courage, she unwrapped the foil and ate the egg, savoring the rich, creamy milk chocolate.
     “Well well,” the Master’s voice came from behind her, “it looks like we’ve got a winner!”
     “I won?!” Margret nearly burst into tears of joy. “Does this mean I can get back to normal?”
     “Not exactly,” he said, and Margret felt her blood run cold when he smiled. “I’m afraid you didn’t find the wish… but I do have something that I think you’re going to enjoy…”
     With a snap of his fingers, the world shifted and blurred for a moment, and Maggie was overcome by the sensation that she was falling. And then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped, and she found herself standing in a medical office. She was still dizzy from the trip, and she leaned against the examining table to steady herself.
     The door swung open—Maggie’s heart skipped a beat when the most drop-dead gorgeous nurse she’d ever seen entered the room. With her ample bosom revealed by a plunging neckline, she strutted over on six inch heels like a professional model. She was, Maggie quickly realized, the epitome of the sexy nurse fantasy—her tight, skimpy dress barely came down below her crotch, and a white hat with a bright red cross on the front was perched immaculately on top of her flowing, golden locks. She was a sexist daydream come to life…
     …And Maggie couldn’t stop herself from staring. She knew it was the perfect example of objectification… presenting a woman as a sexual toy instead of a real person working an important job, but she simply couldn’t help herself—every glimpse of The Nurse’s long legs or smooth cleavage was making her heart beat a little faster… and her pussy a little more moist.
     “Awww… aren’t you a little cutie!” the nurse gushed, reaching down to pinch Maggie’s cheek. “I’m Nurse Mandy… what’s your name, honey?”
     “M-m-Margret,” she finally managed shyly, trying vainly to tug the hem of her dress down below the seat of her bulging diapers, suddenly self conscious. Being seen like this in front of an ultra-sexy woman like Nurse Mandy made Maggie boil with embarrassment. How could she ever seduce such a beautiful woman while she was dressed like this?
     “That’s a pretty name! Now Maggie—your Daddy has brought you here today for a check-up. I know it can be a little intimidating, but I want you to relax… Nurse Mandy knows exactly what she’s doing.”
     Margret’s flash of anger at having the master referred to as her “daddy” was quickly replaced by a nervous apprehension—what, exactly, did the outrageously sexy Nurse Mandy have in store for her?
     The master turned and walked to the door. “Be good for the nurse, precious,” he said, “she only has your best interest at heart.”
     And with that, he was gone, leaving Maggie alone with Nurse Mandy (and millions of viewers at home, she reminded herself grimly).
     The Nurse strolled over slowly and seductively. “How’re you feeling, sweetie?” she asked, her voice lilting and sweet in Margret’s ears, each word a sugary promise of paradise. Nurse Mandy strolled across the floor slowly, her hips swaying with each step. Maggie gulped, nervous and embarrassed and terribly, tremendously aroused.
     Nurse Mandy stood in front of her—she was naturally quite tall, and in her heels she towered over the petite Margret, who found herself trembling, overcome by a powerful combination of fear and arousal. “Don’t be nervous, sweetie,” she smiled—Maggie felt her diaper growing damp.
     “You look a little flush, honey,” Mandy said sweetly. “Do you have a fever?”
      She reached out and placed a cool, smooth hand against Maggie’s forehead. Her knees trembled beneath her, and as the nurse bent down to place her cool palm against Maggie’s forehead, revealing her ample cleavage in her skimpy white uniform, Maggie began to involuntarily wet her diapers, the cotton between her thighs growing warm, wet, and heavy.
     “Oh sweetheart!” Nurse Mandy declared, “You’re so warm!” Trailing her finger down Maggie’s cheek and beneath her chin, Mandy tilted her head back to look into her eyes. “We’re going to have to take your temperature…”
     “O-o-OK,” she said softly. She felt so helpless before this Amazonian beauty… like a little girl desperate to please her.
     “Let’s get these clothes off,” the Nurse declared firmly. With nimble, slender fingers, she began undoing buttons and sliding zippers down. Part of Maggie was crying out that this was all wrong, that she had to stop this… but all she could do was stand by trembling, until the nurse had her stripped down to her massively bulky diapers, which Maggie absurdly tried to hide with her hands. “Are you trying to hide your little diapee from me?” she asked with a chuckle, making Maggie turn crimson with embarrassment. “You don’t have to hide that from Nursey,” Mandy said sweetly, firmly pushing her hands away. Margret tried to think of an argument, but could only stand by stammering as Mandy deftly stripped het of her diaper, leaving her nude. “Oh dear! I can see we had a little accident!” Mandy said, her mock surprise making Maggie squirm.
     “Hop up on the table, babykins,” Nurse Mandy said, helping the naked and quivering Maggie up onto its padded surface. Margret stretched out nervously, bottoms up, her silky skin peppered with goose bumps—she breathed deeply, trying to steady her palpitating heart.
     There was an ominous snapping behind her. Maggie peeked over her shoulder, nearly fainting when she saw Nurse Mandy brandishing a large thermometer between latex wrapped fingers…

“W-W-What are you going to do?” Margret asked nervously, though she already knew the answer, even before Mandy reached below the table to grab an extra large bottle of baby oil.
     “Well, sweetie, when big babies are sick, their Nurseys need to take their temperatures,” she explained slowly, as though talking to a child. She popped the top off the bottle and began slowly pouring the warm oil across Maggie’s vulnerable, upturned backside, making the nude girl shiver. “And the best way to do that,” Mandy purred, spreading Maggie’s muscular buns and squirting a warm torrent of oil between them, “is in their cute little tushies!”
     Slipping her fingers between her butt-cheeks, Mandy began massaging the oil into Maggie’s crack, paying special attention to the tight crinkle of her anus. Maggie cringed, trying desperately to cry out for her to stop, but her mounting arousal prevented anything other than a low moan from escaping. She squirmed, pulse racing, her clit rubbing against the table below her—she squeezed her thighs together, praying Mandy wouldn’t notice how wet she was getting.
     “Oh, does somebody wike dat?” Mandy cooed, slipping the tip of her finger into Maggie’s cute little asshole. A surge of arousal hit her like a lightning bolt, drawing an involuntary squeal from her. “Oh yes,” Mandy said with a chuckle, “I think someone is definitely enjoying her checkup!” She pushed the finger in deeper, until it was half-way in. Maggie gurgled ecstatically, and Mandy grinned, stroking her hair gently as she allowed the patient to squirm and writhe on the end of her finger for a few moments, before pushing it in the rest of the way. Maggie’s eyes crossed—her pussy throbbed beneath her, positively soaked. Her humiliation fueled her excitement, which in turn stoked the fires of her embarrassment—an unending cycle of shame and arousal, getting stronger with each loop.
     Mandy took a moment to work her digit in and out, pulling it back until it had nearly withdrawn entirely, then sliding it back in again, slowly. Maggie groaned and shivered in response, so horny it was driving her mad.
     She nearly burst into tears when the nurse withdrew her finger. Mandy chuckled, reaching out to pat her bottom tenderly. “Don’t worry, baby,” she whispered, picking up the thermometer and shaking it vigorously, “I’ve got something else I think you’re going to like. Although,” she said, bringing the cool tip to her anus, “I should warn you—it is probably going to be a tad chilly.”
     Slowly, Mandy drove the thermometer home, pushing it deep inside her. Maggie squealed once more, the thermometer slipping slowly, teasingly into her greased anus. “Just relax, baby,” Mandy whispered gently, adding a twist of the cool glass tube. “Relax—doesn’t that feel good? Nursey knows what she’s doing.”
     With the thermometer in place, Mandy began slowly twirling it, first in one direction, then the other, making Maggie shiver and squirm. With the other hand, the naughty nurse reached beneath Maggie and began playing with her pussy.
     “OOOHHH!” Margret gave a liquid groan, sticking her shapely rump up in the air and wagging it behind her. Chuckling, Nurse Mandy reached out and gave a series of gentle swats to one plump cheek, then the other.
     Margret groaned and writhed and humped the table beneath her obscenely, her blistering arousal overtaking her. Though she realized she was making a spectacle of herself (both for the sexy nurse and the viewers at home) she just couldn’t stop herself from reaching down and thrusting her fingers between her legs to rub and stroke her clit.
     “You naughty girl!” The nurse chided her. Withdrawing her hand from between the girls legs (over vocal protests from Maggie) and laid a firm slap on her tushy. Maggie cried out and worked her fingers below her more urgently. The twisting  of the thermometer was driving her mad—Mandy gave her upturned rump another firm spank, making it quiver. An icy/hot, prickling sting began to settle across her derriere, fueling her desire—Maggie worked her fingers and ground her hips, Nurse Mandy twirling the thermometer and settling into a slow but steady spanking.
     On the table, Maggie shook and writhed, the sensations building inside her, pushing her further and further toward the edge until…
     Her world exploded into white-hot orgasm—Margret’s entire body tensed so hard it shook.
     Tugging the thermometer from her hiney in one quick motion, Mandy examined the numbers.
     “Hmmm… 99.5 degrees… that’s just a little bit high,” she declared, patting Maggie’s vulnerable rump casually. “Looks like we’re going to have to cool you down.
     “You just lay there and relax, honey-bunny,” Mandy said sweetly. Maggie sucked in a deep, shaky breath and tried to steady herself. The afterglow of her orgasm was starting to ebb away, and the humiliation was setting in again. On top of having her temperature taken rectally like a baby, she’d been seen by the whole world masturbating as it happened—while a gorgeous nurse spanked her!  Would she ever be able to live down the shame?
     Maggie was so busy wallowing in her own misery, she didn’t even pay attention to what Nurse Mandy was up to behind her beyond vague shifting and rustling noises followed by the sound of water rushing from the tap.
     “OK, precious,” Nurse Mandy intoned, patting Maggie’s rump affectionately, “this might feel a little strange, but Nursy wants you to just relax and go along with it.”
     Maggie peeked back over her shoulder. She nearly fainted when she saw the massively bulging enema bag hanging from an IV pole behind her. To her right, Nurse Mandy was holding the thick, black nozzle in one hand and greasing it with KY with the other.
     “Oh no,” she croaked, near tears. “Please don’t…”
     “Baby, you hush!” Mandy chided, delivering a brisk spank to her bare bottom. “Baby needs this to make her all better,” she giggled sweetly, reaching out to part Maggie’s cheeks with her left hand. Maggie gulped, curling her toes into little fists as the nozzle got closer and closer.
      “Relax, honey,” Mandy repeated softly, waiting for the patient to let out a shaky breath before she pushed the nozzle home.
     Maggie’s mouth dropped open, but she was unable to emit  anything other than a series of squeaks and mews. From behind her there was a click, and she gasped, her adorable pink mouth forming into a shocked ‘O’ as the water began rushing into her.
     “It’s OK, baby; it’s for your own good,” Mandy cooed seductively behind her, patting her bottom soothingly.
     Maggie squealed and groaned and kicked her feet against the padded table. She was mortified to discover she was getting horny once more. Her reputation and dignity already in tatters, this time she had fewer qualms about reaching down to pleasure herself. She gurgled and moaned and rubbed her clit, sticking her ass up in the air behind her and twitching her rump excitedly, the enema hose twitching behind her like a tail. The nozzle twisting and waggling in her asshole provided even more stimulation, driving her arousal to greater and greater heights. Meanwhile, the water was rushing inside her, filling her with a wonderfully warm feeling. For a moment, Margret entertained an absurd vision of herself being blown up like a human water-balloon.
     “Good girl!” Mandy praised her, simultaneously stroking her hair tenderly and rubbing and patting her bottom. “See, babykins? It’s not so bad.” She bent down and kissed Margret’s cheek. Maggie moaned and gurgled, Mandy’s breath all hot and moist in her ear. The hair on the back of her neck stood up, and all her modesty and misgivings were washed away in a sea of pleasure.
     “All done!” Nurse Mandy said sweetly, popping the nozzle from her anus. She set the bag, hose and nozzle aside, then returned to the table. Maggie wasn’t even trying to hide her desperate attempt to get off again—she was feverishly pleasuring herself and humping the table beneath her. Mandy grinned and patted her backside.
     “Turn over, babykins,” she instructed. Margret complied with a groan, heaving herself onto her back. She looked down at herself, saw her belly all full and swollen, and could only stare in disbelief. The pressure inside her colon was now becoming apparent, and her pussy, still hot and moist was crying out for attention. Nurse Mandy approached from the side and knelt down close.
     “Shhh,” she hushed soothingly, leaning in close to kiss her face. Maggie squeezed her eyes shut and tried to relax, but the enema was burbling warmly inside her—she tightened her pucker as hard as she could.
     The Nurse trailed her fingers down between Maggie’s breasts, coming to rest on her distended belly, which she stroked and patted gently. “That’s it, sweetheart. Hold it for Nursey.”
     “I really gotta go,” Maggie whined, tightening her butt-cheeks and squirming on her back.
     “Shhhh,” Mandy whispered, kissing her sweetly on the mouth. “It’ll be alright. You can go potty soon; there’s just one thing we need to take care of first.” She smiled and kissed the squirming Margret, her hand trailing downward even further, until she was stroking the girl’s clit.
     It was the final straw; the combination of the internal pressure and Nurse Mandy’s teasing manipulations pushed her over the edge—Maggie’s world exploded into orgasm once more. he shook and sighed and squeezed her buns as tightly as they’d go.
     “Good girl,” Mandy sighed in Margret’s ear. “Are you ready for the potty?”
     “Yes!” she whined. “Please, Nursey!”
     “OK sweetie,” Mandy said, helping her off the table, “just hang on—you’re almost there.”
     Nurse Mandy helped Margret across the cold tiles. Maggie baby stepped as quickly as she could, clenching her butt-cheeks tightly as she tip-toed behind the nurse. She could already imagine slamming her butt down on the toilet, releasing the water which had been pumped into her, and relieving herself of the sharp cramps puncturing her belly.
     “Here we go Maggie,” Nurse Mandy said with a small giggle. Maggie looked up, confused—they hadn’t even left the examining room yet, where was she supposed to—
     And then she saw it—the same huge pink potty that the unfortunate Alice had been forced to use for her explosive bowel movement the night before. “No!” She cried, suddenly struggling against the nurse. “Not that! Please! Take me to the toilet!”
     “Toilet?” Nurse Mandy repeated with a derisive laugh. “You’re much too small for that sweetie! You need to sit on the potty where Nursey can supervise! Now come along,” she said, delivering a sharp swat to Maggie’s clenched tushy, “let’s go baby. If you make a mess, Nursey will be very upset and have to spank your bare bottom!”
      Margret tried to resist, desperate to maintain a shred of dignity—but she’d reached the limit of her constitution. She needed relief now!
     Spurred on by another playful spank from Mandy, Margret pranced across the floor as quickly as she could while squeezing her buns with all her might. Slamming her rump down on the pink plastic potty with an ecstatic sigh, the water splashing out of her immediately—the  long gush giving way to a mortifying fart, followed by a thick, lumpy thundering out of her and splattering noisily into the bowl below.
     There was a brief moment of quiet, and she thought for a second that she might be done. But another cramp emerged, her colon filled, and Maggie turned bright red as she began to blast another watery gush. “That’s it baby,” Nurse Mandy whispered. She reached down and began massaging her stomach gently, pressing and rubbing her distended abdomen.
     Maggie blasted another mushy, gassy torrent into the bowl, reddening as Nurse Mandy praised her. “That’s a good girl!” Mandy said, “you make a nice big present for Nursey!”
     Maggie obliged her with a sizable fart, another sloppy mess exploding into the potty beneath her. Mandy continued to massage her tummy, but her hand kept getting lower and lower, until she was playing with Maggie’s pussy once more.
     Maggie groaned—another major load came thundering out of her. “That’s it!” Mandy cooed brightly, kissing her temple. “That’s a good girl! Make a big mess for Nurse Mandy!” She rubbed faster and faster—Margret groaned passionately and bucked against the nurse’s fingers, opening herself and letting the mess E-X-P-L-O-D-E out of her freely, and soon Maggie had her third orgasm of the afternoon; seated on an oversized potty, farting out a huge, noisy dump.
     Eventually, she sputtered to a finish—with a shaky groan, she leaned forward, trying not to breathe through her nose as a hideous stench had descended over the room like a shroud, and huddled over, shivering.
     “OK, sweet-cheeks,” Mandy said with a smile, “let’s get you into a fresh diaper.
     Maggie began to sob softly, but allowed Mandy to help her from the potty with no resistance. With a box of nearby baby-wipes, Mandy wiped her bottom with practiced care, and Margret could only stand by and blush. Taking her by the hand, Mandy led her out of the examining room and into a darkened room where a simple cot awaited her. Helping her up onto the bed, Mandy quickly popped a soother into Maggie’s mouth before sliding a thick diaper under her squirming bum. Powder came next, and Maggie sighed and tried to enjoy the sensation of having it rubbed and patted into her bottom.
     The diaper was pulled up snugly between her legs and taped tightly around her waist.
     Maggie sucked her pacifier and sobbed quietly—how had she lost control of her life so quickly?!
     Nurse Mandy bent down and kissed her forehead. “Awww… Poor baby…” she kissed Maggie’s forehead and stroked her hair. “The Master says you can have the rest of the afternoon to relax…” she smirked. “And he wants me to do whatever it takes to make you comfortable…”
      She kissed Maggie full on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth. She trailed her hand down Maggie’s stomach and into the front of her diaper…

Still in a sulky mood after her spanking, Alice retreated indoors away from the rest of the crowd, searching half-heartedly for an egg. Her tushy was still steaming from her spanking-- she fumed at the indignity of it. As the CEO of a huge, multi-national corporation she deserved better treatment than this—and she certainly had better things to do with her precious time! All thoughts of winning or losing had been set aside—she was focused completely on getting the hell out of here, before something really bad happened to her!
     She wandered through the palatial home, opening cabinets and closets, listlessly searching for one of the eggs, thinking. Even if she did find one, there was only a one in three chance that it was a wish—and she gathered from the Master’s tone that the other “prizes” weren’t going to be anything anybody actually wanted.
     Worse, Destiny seemed to be following her, trying to catch her eye, but Alice wasn’t going for it—not only was Destiny a walking, talking reminder of her earlier humiliation, Alice blamed her for her roasted rump as much as the Master. They were supposed to be partners! Grimacing as she felt the seat of her rough, cotton panties rubbing roughly up against her throbbing bottom, Alice vowed anew that she’d make Destiny pay for selling her out.
     And the, to her own complete surprise, she stumbled upon the egg, hidden, almost in plain sight, on the mantle above the fireplace, just behind a picture of the Master of his arm around George W. Bush. She took it out and held it in her hands. Wrapped neatly in brown foil, it sat perfectly in the palm of her hands. She eyed it warily, thinking; the odds were one in three against her, and good things rarely came in brown wrapping—especially in this place!
     There was a small noise behind her, and Alice was suddenly aware that Destiny was coming toward her. A scheme began to form… smirking to herself, Alice replaced the egg on the mantle, this time in plain sight, before retreating into the next room, smirking to herself—one good turn deserves another, bitch, she thought with a nasty chuckle.

     Destiny tried to remain inconspicuous as she trailed Alice through the house. It was just so ridiculous - five grown women, dressed like children, being forced to run around on an Easter egg hunt... But that didn't mean she wasn't going to do it. She had no real choice, but even if she did, that wish was still out there. At the very least, it would get her out of here, maybe while making her famous at the same time. It was humiliating, no doubt about it, but she had to admit she was glad not to be Brittany or Margaret, with their diapers peeking out from beneath their frilly skirts. She was pretty sure that was the only way this could be worse.
     She happened to catch Alice's eye, then quickly turned away. The woman was clearly not happy with her. Couldn't Alice see she hadn't had any choice?! If she should be mad at anyone, it should be the Master! Destiny almost started to get mad at Alice for how unfair she was being, but she supposed she couldn't really blame her too much. She wanted to try to explain - and maybe even apologize if she had to, even though she didn't think she'd done anything wrong - so she started to follow the woman. 
     And that was how she found the egg. It was hidden, but only slightly. Destiny’s eyes widened as she grabbed it, holding it in her hand. This was it! It had been so easy... That thought made her pause. If she'd been able to find it so easily, why hadn't Alice noticed it? Had she left it there on purpose? Maybe it was her way of showing Destiny that there were no hard feelings. Maybe she was just pretending there were, to trick the other contestants, so they wouldn't know the two were allies!
     Briefly, Destiny considered catching up to Alice and finding a way to inconspicuously slip the egg to Alice, to show her that she understood. But the more she stared at it, the more sure she was that this was the one that was going to grant the eater a wish. That would make it an even better gesture for her fellow teammate... But it would also mean giving the wish up for herself. She didn't want to do that. Besides, Alice had left it for her, hadn't she? She must have wanted her to have it. Or maybe she hadn't even noticed it at all, in which case Destiny had found it fair and square.
     Almost giddy, she unwrapped the brown foil and popped the chocolate egg into her mouth. She looked around for the Master as she chewed, wondering if he'd give her the wish right away, or if they'd have to wait for the other two to be found.
     The chocolate was delicious… not the crap you bought in the supermarket, but real milk chocolate, silky and thick. Destiny savored it on her tongue and let it trickle down her throat.
     She'd barely even swallowed it before she felt a massive cramp in her stomach; at the same time, she felt her underwear growing strangely tight. She furrowed her brow in confusion, wiggling a little. It felt like something was in there, something warm and thick, and still growing... There was a loud burst of flatulence, making her roll her eyes and look around for Brittany, sure she was pooping her diaper yet again, the disgusting girl.
     Then, in a horrifying moment of clarity, Destiny realized it was coming from herself. “No,” she whispered, confirming her fears with a wriggle of her rump, feeling nauseas at the thick, goopy sensation plastering the seat of her panties. "No!" she wailed. "Not again!" She was pooping her pants on TV for the second day in a row! This time, there had been no warning, no hope of stopping it, no chance to do anything but stand there, terrified and disgusted, and let it happen. She grunted, her body forcing her into a squat as it continued to work, wave after wave of mushy mess pushing out into her poor panties. When she looked down, she could see them, drooping down heavily, stained brown. They were ruined, there was no doubt about that.
     And she was still going. Her stomach cramped, forcing a grunt out of her—she looked away, feeling the filth start to squeeze its way out of her underwear and into her tights, staining her inner thighs brown as she desperately, and without thinking, pushed them together, trying to stop the flow and she burst into humiliated tears.
     Finally, it the mess slowed to a halt. Carefully, she straightened herself back up. She looked, and felt, even more like a little kid now, she realized, a little girl who had been having so much fun searching for eggs she'd ignored her need to go to the bathroom for just a little too long. She felt disgusting and dirty and wanted nothing more than to waddle, bow-legged, up to her room and get cleaned up. It just wasn't fair! Why had she gotten the worst egg?!
     She cringed when she heard his voice behind her. Slowly, trying desperately not to squish the mess in her panties, she turned to face the Game Master, who watched her, arms folded, a detached smirk on his face. “Is there something you want to tell me?”
      “I…” she sniffled, shuffling her feet, not wanting to admit to the awful truth, yet somehow finding the words spilling out of her anyway. “I had an accident…” she said in a quivering voice before bursting into tears.
     “Better get a move-on,” he chided, turning and walking from the room, “that’s two down and only one to go.”
     She watched him go, sniffling. Droopy, stinky panties or no, Destiny knew she should start searching again, that she needed to find the wish, and use it to get out of this place before she really messed up, and wound up with a consequence a lot more permanent than poopy pants. Yet the idea of being seen by the other women like this - especially Alice, and Brittany, whose poopy pants she'd refused, quite vehemently, to change earlier - was too much for her to bear. That egg had been easy to find, but it wasn't the real prize. Surely that one would be harder to find. Maybe she'd have time to sneak upstairs, get herself cleaned up, then come back down with a clear head and clean bottom and continue with the game.
     She wanted nothing more than to get that wish, though she wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. Maybe she could wish to have the world forget she was ever on this stupid show… then no one would remember that she'd shit her pants twice and gotten spanked... but if they forgot that, how can I get my comeback? She resolved that If she only had one wish, she'd have to figure out some way to word it to get everything she wanted, but that was going to be tough. Even tougher if she ran off to try to hide her shame now. It wasn't like they hadn't seen her poop herself the day before, and the ones who really mattered, the audience, had already seen this "accident", too. But, even so, the more she thought about it, the more she couldn't bear the thought of the other contestants knowing about this. There would be other games, she was sure, and eventually, she was going to win. She turned, started to make her way quickly and stealthily up to her room.
      “PHEW-WEE!” She heard behind her, “what’s that smell?”
     Slowly, stiffly, Destiny turned to look behind her. Alice stood in the doorway, somehow managing to look smug, even dressed like a two year old—and why not? She wasn’t the one whose panties were overflowing with poop, Destiny thought bitterly. Compared to Destiny, she looked practically grown-up.
     “Did you like the treat I left for you?” Alice said with lazy self satisfaction. “It looked quite delicious—but it seems to have disagreed with you, hasn’t it?” she chuckled. Destiny stood by seething, shifting from foot to foot in her poopy panties.
     “You—you BITCH!” she spat.
     “Surly you don’t blame me? You should have known your fate was sealed the moment you laid your hands on my bottom you peasant! And did you honestly think the prize would come in a BROWN wrapper? In this place?” She giggled to herself. “You’re going to be stuck doing diaper commercials for the rest of your life now!”
     Destiny stammered, trying to think of something to say in response, but nothing came. She knew Alice was right—who was going to want to work with her now? How could anyone see her as anything other than a joke now? Lips quivering, she started to bawl.
     “Where did you think you were going, anyway?” Alice asked, smirking. "Running away? The game isn't over yet. I'm going to find the real egg, and then I'm going to make you watch as I eat it. Now come on, poopy pants."
     Destiny whimpered and squirmed as Alice clamped one hand firmly on her wrist and started to drag her away from the stairs, away from her bedroom and the nice, cleansing shower inside, and closer to the other girls, giving the cameras even more time to give the viewers at home a good view of her full panties as she toddled helplessly beside the larger woman, not quite able to break free of her grip...

Tiring of the oppressive heat, Lucy and Brittany decided to search the guest house. Not only were the odds of finding the wish against them, neither of them really wanted to find one of the eggs and risk suffering through one of the masters “prizes” anyway. Just thinking about what the master might consider a prize scared Lucy… The man was a dangerous lunatic!
     They wandered through the guest house (which Lucy estimated to be about the size of an average home) each making a half-assed effort to find one of the eggs. They chatted, sharing details about their lives outside the games and what they would do if they won.
     Brittany was happy to be able to just chat like a normal young woman again. Lucy may have been sort of uptight, but she was truly good person, and Brittany was glad to have her on her side—at least she treated her like a normal person. Brittany actually began to forget her situation and enjoy the day. She didn’t even really care about the eggs—sure she might get the wish, but what if it wasn’t the wish? She was already in diapers… she didn’t need some other awful handicap heaped on top of that.
     In fact, Brittany was having such a good time she was almost able to put the diapers out of mind. It was impossible to forget what she was wearing of course—the bulk between her legs forced her to waddle awkwardly, and the diapers were quite hot and sweaty in the heat. What’s more, the seat was beginning to chafe her bottom a little—she realized with a shiver she was going to have to get some more powder or something back there or she was going to get a rash. Diaper rash, she thought bitterly, blushing at the indignity of it.
     The two young women searched the house thoroughly, but without urgency, and soon they were chatting and giggling together like old friends. In fact, Brittany laughed so hard, she felt herself give a good squirt of pee into her diaper, completely beyond her control. That quick reminder of her embarrassing condition had her blushing—she hadn’t even realized her bladder was full. She fell silent, nodding and giggling nervously at Lucy’s comments. She pressed her thighs together and tried desperately to maintain control, but little gushes of urine kept squirting into the thick crotch of her bulky diaper at irregular intervals, making a mockery of her control.
     Brittany had hoped that these little leaks would ease the pressure in her bladder, but if anything it just kept getting worse. Tiny spurts of pee were leaking out with every step, each one a little bigger. She knew she was at the limits of her control. She waited for Lucy to go to the other side of the room to check in a cabinet, then spread her legs, relaxed, and let go with a soft sigh.
    Lucy sat for a moment on the edge of the guest bed and watched Brittany look high and low. She softly asked “did you need help?” noticing a slight sag in Brittany's diaper as she bent over to look under an armoire.
     Brittany blushed “uh, no… I'm sure we'll find it.” The thought of anyone sharing her embarrassment was terrible, however she still felt gross doing it herself.
     “No, I meant would you like me to change you? It looks as though you've had an accident,” Lucy said, trying to be tactful and kind.
     Brittany pouted. Softly, she said “yeah, that would be nice; I think I'm starting to get a rash. Is it really that noticeable?” Lucy stumbled over her words trying to recover and say something comforting.
        At that moment Brittany reflected on her situation. She thought about how desperately she needed to find a way to reverse her predicament. All she could think about how she would never be able to find a guy who wouldn’t be just as disgusted as she was every time she would need a change.
                Lucy stood up and stretched. She walked back to the house to gather supplies while Brittany continued searching. She entered the bathroom. “At least I don't have to take a break to go,” she thought to herself she laughed for a moment before realizing she really didn’t find the situation funny.   
      “Ready for a bum change?” Lucy chimed sweetly, momentarily forgetting herself.
     “Uh yeah,” Brittany replied quickly. Lucy motioned her to the bed where she had laid out a change pad and all the necessary supplies. Brittany hoisted herself up.
     Lucy smiled and looked kindly at her. "This really isn't so different to when I was babysitting back home, except now I don't have to talk about the Teletubbies." Brittany too dumbfounded to talk just smiled back and made an awkwardly high pitched squeal of agreement.
        Lucy untapped Brittany’s very wet diaper she spoke about what she would wish for if she won the competition. "If I were to win, I know what I would wish for. I'd wish that the local park near where I live wasn't going to be destroyed for the sakes of some parking lot. It's stupid... sorry."  She pulled the old diaper off taking her time talking. Putting the new one in place and sprinkling powder. “Oh Brittany!” she chided. The cold rush of air stimulated her and she began to pee. Lucy dodged out of the way. Brittany burst out crying as Lucy finished taping her into her now much needed underwear. It's a little smaller than her usual ones and fits tightly. “Look” said Lucy, “This one is pretty tight; I'm sure if you wore the right clothing no one would ever notice.”
         She sat Brittany up and cuddled her, trying to comfort the girl. She rocked her gently in her arms and stroked her back gently—and that was when she spotted the egg, hiding under the bed in the previous room. I can’t believe we forgot to look there! She scolded herself for her obliviousness.
     “I see it!” she said excitedly. Brittany released her grip, and Lucy crawled across the floor and removed the egg, wrapped up in gold foil. “Golly,” she said breathlessly, holding the round lump of milk chocolate in her hands. It seemed to radiant a warming tingle through her hands and into her arms, and she somehow instinctively knew that this was the one they’d been searching for.
     “Well? What are you waiting for?” Startled, the girls turned toward the door and saw the master standing there, “down the hatch!”
     Lucy and Brittany stared at each other, uncertain. If it was the wish egg, it might be Brittany’s last hope to fix herself. On the other hand, what if it wasn’t? Images of all the terrible outcomes that were possible filled their brains. Lucy looked at Brittany. “You should take it—it might be your last chance to get back to normal!”
She passed it over to Brittany, who simply cradled it dumbly in her palm. She knew what she should do, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. “Lucy… I…” She looked over at her companion. “I don’t think I can!” she blurted, her eyes beginning to brim with tears.
     “What? Why not?”
     “I’m just…” she choked, tears beginning to run down her face. “I’m too scared—what if something happens?!” she began sobbing.
     Lucy watched her for a moment, sad for her friend. She took a deep breath. “In that case…” quickly, she took the egg from her and unwrapped it.
     “Lucy? No!” Brittany shouted, suddenly afraid for her friend. “What if something happens to you?! What if…”
     But it was too late… Without a moment’s hesitation, Lucy bravely popped the milk chocolate egg into her mouth, chewed quickly and swallowed before she lost her nerve.
     “What did you do?” Brittany whispered, horrified, feeling her bladder give an unintentional squirt of pee into her diaper.
     Lucy mustered up as much courage as she could and gave her friend a smile she didn’t really feel. “No matter what happens, we’re in this together,” she said, reaching out and giving the diapered girl’s hand a squeeze.
     “How very selfless,” the Master smirked, “but foolish. Darling Lucy… think of all the nasty things that could now befall you. What if you wind up in diapers forever? Crawling around on the floor, babbling mindlessly, and eagerly awaiting your next change from whoever’s unlucky enough to get stuck on diaper duty?”
     Lucy nervously shifted from foot to foot, awaiting her fate.
     “Lucky for you, that really was the wish egg,” he said casually, and the girls cheered, overjoyed. “So what’s your heart’s desire, little Lucy? A Jet Ski? A million dollars? A pet baboon?”
     Lucy looked over at her companion. “I want to give my wish to Brittany.”
     “What?!” Brittany was shocked. “But… you earned it?”
     “Hey, you think I want to get stuck changing diapers for the rest of the week?” Lucy said with a sweet smile.
     Brittany smiled back, then quickly frowned… her diaper was growing wet and heavy between her legs. She flushed when she realized she’d pissed her diaper unconsciously again. Fear and anger and frustration and embarrassment welled up inside her, converging into a tantrum.
     “I hate this!” She cried furiously. “It’s not fair! I don’t want to wet my diapers anymore!”
     “Your wish is my command,” The master smirked.
     And suddenly, as quickly as it had disappeared, it was back… Brittany was in control of her bladder again! “Oh thank God!” she cried happily.
     She looked at Lucy, elated. Lucy, however, was looking at her in horror. “What?” Brittany asked, her elation dying. “What’s wrong?”
     “Brittany,” Lucy swallowed, “what about…. You know… the other thing?”
     “What other…?” her slow dawning realization was accompanied by a loud fart. The Master, ever the gleeful prankster, was only too happy to demonstrate to Brittany, and the viewers, the mistake she had made.
     “No…” Brittany said, distant and disbelieving, trying and failing to clench her asshole in response to a sudden, gassy cramping in her bowels. She desperately strained to tighten muscles that were defiantly unresponsive, sweat trickling down her face.
     She gave a sharp grunt, a long, sustained cramp doubling her over. She made one last useless attempt to control herself before involuntarily loading her diaper with a ghastly bubbling/farting/squishing sound. “Oh no!” she gasped helplessly, her diapers growing heavy and lumpy behind her. “NO!”
     “Oh my,” Lucy said, stepping back daintily as Brittany filled her diaper to capacity with another prolonged rumbling splat, at though fearful it might explode at any moment. She cursed herself for not putting Brittany in thicker diapers.
      “Oooo! Ah!” Brittany gasped and grunted, a final, sustained contraction in her bowels pushing the last of her mess out past her useless sphincter and into the fully loaded seat of her diapers. They didn’t explode—the just overflowed at the leg bands, a nasty, mushy mess trailing down both thighs, contained by her pantyhose.
      Finally she was finished. The positively apocalyptic bowel-movement she’d just had in her diaper had left Brittany shocked and mortified. Not to mention stinky—a gagging odor had begun to emerge from her diaper.
     “Whoa mama!” The Master exclaimed, fanning his face theatrically. “Time for this Game Master to seek fresher air! Good luck with that messy diaper, ladies!”
     “What? You can’t just leave us like this!” Lucy said, pinching her nose shut. “Help us, you jerk!”
     “Even I’ve got my limits, dear,” he said, hustling out the back door. “Besides, you two are such good friends—I’d really hate to spoil the moment!”
     And like that, he was gone, Lucy turned to face Brittany, who was now bawling like a two year old in a saggy, poopy diaper. She looked at Lucy with gigantic wet eyes.
     “Lucy, you have to help me… It’s just so awful!!” she stamped her feet and began throwing a tantrum. Lucy sighed.
     “Can we at least do it outside? Because, seriously Brittany, one friend to another, I don’t think a normal person can make a smell like that!”
     “No, please, not out there! Everyone’s going to see me!” Brittany whined ridiculously.
     “Everyone in the world already saw the whole thing! We’re on TV, remember?”
      At that, Brittany burst into fresh tears. Lucy felt a stab of guilt. She summoned up all her resolve. She was going to need allies to make it through all this. She just wished she she’d gotten one who wasn’t pooping her pants every five minutes.
     Sighing, she took the changing mat from Brittany’s diaper bag and laid it on the floor. She felt a little sick as she watched Brittany sit with an audible squish; she could just picture the mess that was waiting for her.
     Quelling her nausea, she knelt down, first tugging down Brittany’s messy tights and discarding them. The thin, semi-translucent leggings had had it. Raising her shirt to cover her face she slowly untapped the diaper, gagging as the smell emanating from beneath escaped in a wave of putrid stench. Lucy closed her eyes, disgusted at what she was dealing with, before grabbing a pair of gloves from the supplies and started the arduous job of cleaning up. Wiping thoroughly, she lifted the diaper from underneath Brittany, rolling it up and tossing it into a plastic bag, gradually filling the bag with more and more wipes, before finally fishing a fresh diaper from the supplies and laying Brittany back down. Applying some lotion to her slightly rouged bottom, and with a hefty sprinkling of powder, Lucy raised the front of the diaper into place, taping it securely around the poor woman’s rear.
     Even in a new, clean diaper, Brittany was still a sobbing mess. Lucy reached down, took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. “C’mon,” she said, kindly but firmly. “We’re not beat yet!”

“All contestants gather in the main hall, please.”
     The woman’s soft, lilting voice was made metallic by the speakers in the intercom system. Alice grinned wickedly at Destiny. “Hear that? Sounds like they’re playing our song!” she cackled, tightening her grip on Destiny and pulling her along toward the main hall at a fair clip, in spite of her resistance.
     Destiny fought and struggled with all her might, but it was no use… the larger, stronger Alice was able to herd her through the house like an adult dragging along a reluctant child. The large, squishy pile of poop in her panties was going cold and hard, she could feel a nasty crust forming on the skin of her buttocks and between her cheeks. She dug in her heals and tried to pull her hand free from her tormentor. “Hey! Let go! I gotta go change!”
     “You’re fine the way you are,” Alice said, pulling her ahead roughly. “You thought you could make me a laughing stock, did you?” Alice chuckled to herself. “We’ll see who has the last laugh when everyone sees you in shitty underpants!”
     Destiny fought and squealed, but it was no use—Alice was older, taller, and stronger than she was—she was more than capable of herding Destiny into the main hall like a spoiled, reluctant child.
     By the time they arrived, everyone was already waiting for them, Lucy and Brittany sat together in one corner (Alice noted with glee that Brittany’s face was red and slightly puffy from crying—somebody didn’t have a very good afternoon, she thought smugly.) Margret had been strapped into a stroller wheeled by a pneumatic woman in a nurse’s uniform. The erstwhile  feminist was sweaty and docile and it looked to Alice like she was having trouble staying awake. Alice smiled… she recognized post-coital bliss when she saw it. Someone had a good time this afternoon, Alice thought smirking.
     Next to her, Destiny continued to blush and squirm in her loaded underpants, but Alice’s grip was unrelenting, her hand squeezing so tight it was starting to hurt. “Leggo!” Destiny hissed, struggling to pull away.
     “Stop squirming young lady, or I’ll paddle you on the seat of your messy panties right here in front of everyone,” she scolded, suppressing a smirk. She was beginning to enjoy playing the role of the stern mommy.
     The doors banged open. The Master entered wearing his trademark smirk, flanked by a pair of busty French maids. “Greeting everyone,” he said, taking his place at the front of the room. “The time has come for our first vote, where our audience decides who advances and who goes home. The player with the least votes is out. I want to remind all of you that any punishments and/or ‘prizes’ you are currently enjoying will continue on the outside if you are voted off tonight.”
     Brittany and Margret squirmed nervously at the prospect of being forced to continue life in their current states.
     “As for the rest of you, remember—I reserve the right to issue any, ahem, ‘consolation prize’ I deem appropriate if you’re voted off.
     “So now it’s up to the viewers to decide who advances and who goes home. Who will they send packing? Will It be full-time goody-goody and professional virgin Lucy Smith?”
     “Hey!” Lucy cried, “That—I—well—I’m not a virgin!”
     “Or will it be miss Amy Peale AKA Destiny Starr AKA The Source Of That Stench Everyone’s Too Polite To Mention.”
     Destiny just cringed; for once, she was praying the spotlight wouldn’t be on her for much longer.
     “Or will it be little Maggie Stern, who wants to write books when she grows up?”
     Margret shifted uncomfortably in her diapers. She knew she couldn’t go back looking like this… she’d be ruined!
     “Or will they send poor Brittany Philips home to begin her new life as a 23 year old woman who can’t control her bowels?”
     Brittany blushed nervously, vividly aware of the thick cotton between her legs and swaddling her rump. The seat was clean and fresh now… but how much longer could she keep it that way?
     “Which brings us to Alice Lipton: Alice, some of our viewers feel you’ve gotten off too lightly thus far… especially in regard to what has been described as your ‘persistent bratty behavior.’ Any response to those viewers?”
     “Nothing but a bunch of whiney little bitches, pissing and moaning ‘cause they know they could never cut it against someone like me! I say let them cry—I know the silent majority supports me because they know a winner when they see one. That’s why I’m not walking around in diapers—or poopy panties, eh, Destiny?” she sneered, making her younger victim blush and stare at the floor.
     “Hmmm… Wonderful speech, Alice—I’m sure it’ll win you lots of admirers.”
     For perhaps the first time, a small shadow of doubt crossed Alice’s face… maybe she’d gone too far.
     “Viewers: It’s time to decide. Who will advance to the final round… and who is going home in shameful defeat? Vote for your favorite contestant now:
“…And the results are in,” the Master said with his trademark devilish smile.
     “Our winner by a landslide, racking up an impressive 37% of the votes… Lucy Smith!”
     Lucy flushed with elation, but managed to remain stoic.
     “Coming in a distant second with 16% of the vote… Destiny Starr!”
     Though still seated firmly in a pair of panties packed with poop, Destiny grinned triumphantly—and he’d even remembered to use her stage-name! Though her smile slowly began to fade as she thought back to how much higher the percentage of votes Lucy had gotten was. She had been so sure that she would wipe the floor with everybody when it came to these votes, and yet this unknown little goody two-shoes had gotten over 20% more votes than her! And she only got more discouraged as she heard how close the rest of the race had been.
      “Miss Maggie Stern is next, trailing Destiny by just a single vote to garner 15% of the vote.”
     Maggie exhaled shakily, her stomach still wrapped up in knots. I’ve still got time to get back to normal, she reassured herself.
     “And coming in right behind Margret, in a statistical tie at 15%, our resident poop machine—Brittany Philips!”
      Brittany nearly cried with relief… She didn’t even mind that she’d just been referred to as a ‘poop machine’ on national TV.
     “And that jus leaves… our odd woman out,” he grinned, slowly turning toward Alice, who was uncharacteristically silent. The others followed his gaze, and Alice, a strange, tingling heat spreading up her back, across her neck and into her face, realized that everyone was looking at her. She knew, with a nauseating hollowness inside herself, that she’d lost… her fate was now in a pair of very unfriendly hands.
     “I—I demand a recount!” she demanded with all the force she could muster.
     “The results have already been triple checked per show policy,” said the master.
     “I want to speak to my lawyer!” she asserted, not quite able to hide the tremble in her voice.
     “Alice—you’ve lost and there’s nobody who can help you now.”
     Alice sputtered impotently; she couldn’t find the right words. There was another unfamiliar sensation, cold and hard in her stomach: fear.
     “Look—this is insane!” she finally managed. “OK, look, here’s what I propose—we take another vote.” She was tingling all over; adrenalin, I guess, she thought to herself before pressing. “Yes… we do the whole thing over again, this time with more oversights and regulations.” She was getting really hot now, and the sensation was very uncomfortable. “I mean, I’m not a sore loser or anything, I just want to make sure everything’s fair…”
     Damn it! What are these idiots staring at? She thought irritably, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. “So what do you guys think?” she said, surprising herself with a voice that sounded higher. What the hell was that? she thought, touching her throat. Had she just imagined it?
     “Goddamnit, what are you stupid fucking assholes staring at!” she peeped in her helium high voice. “What the hell?! Why do I sound like a chipmunk?!”
      Suddenly, Alice realized that she’d maintained her grip on Destiny’s hand the whole time, like an overbearing mommy. And that Destiny’s hand was crushing hers.
     “Owuch!” she said suddenly, trying to wrench her hand from Destiny’s grip. “What’s the matter with you, you jerk? Are you trying to…”
     She looked over into the seat next to her with a gasp. When they’d arrived, she’d had at least five inches on the shrimpy Destiny… but now Alice had to crane her head to look up. She was six inches shorter now!
     The pain in her hand went away, but the grip remained firm. Alice continued to struggle to free herself to no avail. “Leggo!” she cried in her cute little voice. She was shrinking even faster now, her clothes growing looser by the second, until they were starting to slip off her.
     “Do something! Help me, you idiots!” she squealed in her fear and rage. Her feet were dangling off the floor now, her shoes lying on the floor where they fell. Her clothes engulfed her, and for a moment she nearly disappeared inside the folds and ruffles of her little girl dress. “Get me outta here!” she cried furiously, kicking and struggling against the vast quilts her clothes had become.
     The other contestants just stared, dumbfounded at what they’d seen… all except Destiny, who had finally found something to smile about in spite of the rapidly cooling and hardening pile in her pants. Alice’s attempts to bully her had backfired in a big way—now the shoe was on the other foot, and Destiny had every intention of paying her back in kind.
     “What’s the matter, darling?” she asked mischievously, rising to her feet to loom over her former antagonist. Alice cringed and shrank back in her chair.
     “S-s-stay away!” she cried, horrified to find her tiny, pleading voice almost totally lacking its former authority. “Don’t come near me!”
     Destiny ignored her—with a mischievous, cat-who-swallowed-the-canary grin, she reached down and began undressing Alice, releasing her from the cavernous former clothing. At last Alice sat, blushing and naked, her tiny body as perfectly sculpted and proportioned as is had been before—only now, it was all contained in a package the size of a two year old. She shyly covered up—she could feel every eye in the room on her. She was dizzy, breathing heavy… part of her thought it had to be a dream.
     “Woah! Lookin’ good, Allie!” Destiny cackled, reaching down to tuck her hands under Alice’s underarms and lifting the shell-shocked woman from her seat.
     “Put me down!” she demanded. But Destiny wasn’t listening—she held the squirming, struggling, baby-sized woman at arm’s length, taking in her finely crafted, miniature nakedness with an amused smile. Alice kicked and squirmed in the air, her perfect little breasts and chubby little rump jiggling in time with her movements.
       “But you’re so cute now!” Destiny gushed. She brought Alice toward her face, dangling and cursing, as Destiny pressed her full, wet lips against her tiny bare tummy and blowing a loud raspberry. Alice squealed and kicked, giggling uncontrollably. “I just wanna eat you up!” She leaned in for another raspberry. Alice cringed and blushed and shrieked with laughter. “I'd better be careful," Destiny chuckled. "I wouldn't want you to get too excited and have an accident! But you know…” said Destiny, moving back toward her chair, “I’m still kind of mad at you…”
     She slowly settled into her chair with a small squish, wincing again at the sensation of the mess flattening beneath her, only making her more determined to get her revenge. Alice was pitched foreword and upended. Dazed, she came to the slow realization that she was laying across Destiny’s lap for the second time today. Wide eyed and stuttering, she looked over her shoulder at her tormentor, who regarded her with a nasty smile. Reaching out, Destiny patted the tiny bare tushy in front of her. “You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?” She said, relishing the role of the stern mommy.     “L-l-look, Destiny… let’s not do anything rash!” Alice squeaked, squirming uselessly across the younger woman’s lap, gasping and kicking as she patted and pinched the adorable little bare bottom before her.
     “What’s that? I can’t hear you down there!” Destiny crowed triumphantly, delivering a semi-had swat to Alice’s little bare bottom. Alice cried out in pain and outrage, kicking and struggling futilely across the large lap beneath her. Pinned and spanked as she squawked and fought futilely, Alice was forced to confront the fact that she felt just like a little girl barely out of diapers.
     Destiny was careful to adjust her blows to Alice’s new size, delighted just to have the opportunity to heap a little more humiliation on her nemesis before she was kicked out of the house. Alice kicked and fought, but her opponent was so much stronger it was like fighting an elephant. “OW! Stop! You bitch! Ow! Oh! This is—Yeow! You can’t do this to me!”
     “I can’t?” Destiny’s voice dripped with sarcasm. She delivered a stout whack to Alice’s squirming derriere. “That’s odd,” she said, delivering another stinging smack. “I don’t seem to be having any trouble on my end,” she said, emphasizing her point with another smack. “How about you, sweetie? How’re you doing down there?”
     “Lemme go you bitch! OOOWWWWW!”
     When Destiny was satisfied with the rosy hue she’d brought to her victim’s bottom, she released her grip on the shrunken woman. Instantly, Alice leapt from her lap and began performing an embarrassing war-dance, hopping from foot to foot, furiously rubbing her scalded behind, cursing and swearing. The other players, unable to contain their mirth at the sight of the miniature woman frantically trying to dance and rub the sting from her shrunken butt, burst out laughing at her misfortune. Furious, teeth clenched in anger, she turned to the audience to confront them.
     “You… ASSHOLES!!” she shouted angrily, still frantically trying to rub the sting from her hiney. “Laugh while you can, because you just made a big mistake, fuckers! You think this is going to stop me?! Turn me into a midget and spank me?! Just wait’ll I get out of here! I’ll ruin you—all of you!—even if it takes every penny that I have!”
     “But Alice,” said the master smugly, “it’s all gone.”
     “…What?” she asked quietly.
     “The money. The houses. The cars. The business. All your assets, including those Swiss accounts you thought nobody knew about. I’ve had it all liquidated and donated to the poor.”
     She felt faint. “Y… YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” she screamed.
     “Actually, if you’ll examine the contracts you signed when you first arrived, you’ll see that I can.”
     “But… that… I…” she looked up at him with wet eyes, all anger instantly deflated. “What’ll I…”
     “We’ll get that sorted out in a moment.”
     The two maids came over and swept her up, cradling her miniature body to their massive, perfumed bosoms. She squeaked in surprise, dizzy and disoriented as the carried her across the room. She clung to them nervously as they cooed sweet endearments to her.
     She was lowered gently, finding herself atop a padded surface, the two maids looming over her, grinning and softly tickling her. She realized with a start she was on the changing table. Pushed gently onto her back, she looked up at the two women above her and felt sick. Suddenly, it was all too clear what the master had in mind for her.
     “NO! No, please, you can’t do this to me!” she pleaded, overwhelmed by her helplessness.
     But the maids weren’t listening. One of them popped a pacifier into her mouth to extinguish her protests, the other reaching beneath the table to gather supplies.
      Moments later, she found herself in the midst of a sensual massage, the two giant women massaging her tiny body with oil, the strong, silky hands spreading it across every surface and into every nook and cranny. Alice couldn’t stifle a groan—in spite of everything that had happened, she felt so relaxed… and, she had to admit, quite horny. The maids flipped her onto her back and repeated the process. By the time they’d finished massaging her firm breasts until they were all slippery and oiled, she was desperately aroused, squirming and murmuring softly to herself.
     She squawked as the massage was suddenly cut short. She reluctantly opened her eyes and was greeted with the sight of two beautiful, smiling faces brandishing a big disposable diaper. Alice tightened and tried to wriggle away, but she was held in place by soft, well manicured hands. “No! Please! Not that! Anything but that!”
     “Don’t worry, Alice,” the Game Master said calmly, “I think you’re going to enjoy this.”
     She cried out in indignation as her ankles were grabbed by one set of hands while the other slid the diaper under her tushy. She screamed as, her soft oiled rump came into contact with the soft, fluffy seat of the diaper…
     … A bolt of erotic lightning surged through her body, starting at the point where her rump made contact with the seat of the diaper, a tingling sexual charge spreading into her loins and throughout her body. “Oh! Oh… God!” she cried, suddenly hornier than she’d ever been. Every other earthly concern dropped away, her entire being focused on the fire between her legs. She realized with a stab of horror that the Master must’ve given her some kind of pervy diaper fetish, but even that horrible revelation fell by the wayside as she felt baby powder raining down on her, filling the air with its sweet scent. The diaper was pulled firmly between her legs and folded up and fastened tightly around her waist.
     Alice couldn’t stifle a gurgling, orgasmic groan… instantly, her hand was down the front of her diaper, rubbing frantically. “Oh! Oh yes!” she cried, madly working her diapered clit like a woman possessed. The audience watched with equal parts amazement and amusement—how could such a tiny woman contain such sexual energy in her wee-little body?
     She exploded into orgasm with a shriek, her tiny body shuddering and convulsing on the changing table before collapsing into an exhausted heap. “Oh… my… God!” she spat, struggling to catch her breath. She rolled onto her side and looked at the Master, radiating exhaustion and hatred. “You… bastard! You… gave me… a diaper fetish?!”
     “If you’re not into that, I hate to see what you’re going to think about what happens when you finish masturbating now.”
     Alice went cold… how could it get worse? “What do you…?”
     A cramp squeezed her stomach, her bowels rumbling to life like a 747 inside her. Instantly, her colon filled. “No…”
     A fart exploded into her diaper, barely muffled by the thick seat. Alice tried to tighten her sphincter, found it totally unresponsive… she let out a startled grunt, a cramp noisily pushing an involuntary gush of mushy poop into the seat of her diaper. “Oh no!” she cried, the seat of her diaper expanding visibly as she loaded it with another volcanic eruption totally against her will. Her mouth gapped, all her attempts to regain control failing completely, and anus opening wide against her will as she added further installment with a noisy, gassy accompaniment.
     She tried to feel outraged at this transgression against her…
     … But as she felt the big, mushy load shifting in her diaper, she realized she was getting aroused again. She sat back with a shaky gasp, the big mushy dump in her pants squishing everywhere. “Oh… oh my…” she reached up and took her breasts into her hands, squeezing and fondling them as she squirmed her butt around in her dirty diaper.
     “Eeewww, she’s masturbating in that dirty, stinky diaper!” Destiny cried gleefully for the benefit of everyone watching.
     “No time for love, sweetie,” the Master said, lifting Alice off the table and setting her on the floor. Alice squealed, her thwarted libido almost making her cry. She was quickly dressed by the maids, plastic pants drawn up over her dirty diaper, adorable booties tied to her feet, and finally a cute pink nightie pulled over her head, so wispy you could clearly make out her nipples through the fabric.
     “Hey! Stop that! At least change my diaper first!” she demanded, blushing when she realized what she was saying.
     “Sorry honey,” said the Master, “but we’ve got to get a move on if we want you in place with your new parents in time!”
     “N-n-n-new family?” Alice whispered.
     “The Dovers from Utica; they just lept at the chance to adopt you when I showed them your picture!”
     The screen at the back of the room suddenly lit up, displaying a picture of Alice as a baby, no more than a few months old. “This is how people are going to see you when you leave the house, even though you won’t be sacrificing that Babalisious body. Everyone is going to see and treat you as the baby you appear to be to everyone but yourself… isn’t that great?”
     Overwhelmed, Alice screamed. “NO! Please! You can’t, you just can’t do this to me!”
      “It’s already done, darling Alice.” She smiled at her, putting his fingers in position to snap. “Here’s hoping you’re a little more successful with your new life than you were with your last one.”
     And with a snap of the Game Master’s fingers, she vanished into thin air.
     The other contestants looked at each other. There wasn't one of them who could say she was too concerned for Alice's well being.But each one was nauseous at the idea that it could have been any one of them-- and still could be very soon. "W-where did she go?" Lucy asked worriedly.
    "Let's just say she's being taken care of..."

The room was dark, but she could see mid-afternoon sunlight blazing in from around thick curtains. The air was sweet with the scent of powers, lotions and oils. She was on a thickly padded mattress, surrounded by pillows and blankets. On all sides, a set of large bars loomed above her… crib bars, she realized with a blush. It was a nursery.
     She sat back, the loaded diaper squishing under her. She tried to pout, but the massively bulging diaper beneath her, the warm, mushy load squishing against her buttocks and spurting up her butt crack just felt so good now… she was disgusted to find that she was getting aroused again. “Oh that bastard,” she whispered in the darkness, squishing her rump around in the sloppy mess inside her diaper, her pussy growing moist. Reclining onto a large fluffy pillow, she reached down to rub herself through the front of her diaper, the poopy mess in her diaper squishing and shifting under her. She wanted desperately to stop, but the awful, greasy sensation mushing around her rear end was just such a turn on. It wasn’t long before she was racing blindly toward orgasm once more. “You… utter… bastard!” she cried, cursing the Master as she came in her soiled diaper.
     For a moment she lay back, actually managing a satisfied smile. Disgusting or not, she had to admit it did feel pretty damn good—she found herself craving a cigarette.
     A noisy, burbling cramp inside her reminded her of what the Master had told her, confirming to her that her auto-erotic adventures now carried with them a heavy price. “Oh no!” she cried, tightening her anus against the sensation of her colon filling. “Not again!”
     She sat up ram-rod straight, her poopy diaper squelching beneath her, and placed her full weight on her rump, trying to use her body mass to help keep the impending mess from exploding into her already massively full diaper.
     But it was a futile gesture; with a liquidly, gurgling moan, Alice exploded into her already loaded diaper, grunting as she was lifted off the bed onto a cushion of poop. She couldn’t regain control even if she wanted to—which, she realized, her pussy beginning to moisten again, she didn’t.
     She grunted, uncontrollably loading her diaper even further. How much longer could it go on for? She couldn’t believe how much she’d shit in the last 20 minutes… When would it stop? How much could her body realistically hold anyway? With the Master, there could be no telling. Without warning, her bladder erupted, voiding helplessly into the diaper below. Alice emitted a cry of relief.
     Finally, she finished. The diaper was well and truly packed, and she was horrified to notice some had actually started to dribble out of the diaper and into the plastic pants… she hoped they would hold.
    Alice lay in the darkened nursery, trying not to think about her diapers, or the mess that was (barely) contained within them, but her mind just kept drifting back to it. Her pussy was moistening once again, and she was worried she was in for another cycle of masturbating and messing (which she knew her diaper would never contain) when the door swung open.
     “Well how’s my new little baby girl?” she heard a voice gush. The lights came on, flooding the room and blinding Alice. She forced her eyes open, blinking rapidly to get them to adjust to the light. Above her, a good looking young woman looked in over her bars at her, beaming proudly. “Jim,” she called, “Come quick!
     “What is it, Marcy?”
     “She’s awake!”
     “Oh my God,” thought Alice, shamefully burying her face in her pillow when the young man entered, “he’s a total babe!” He bent over the top of the railing and smiled in at her. Alice blushed and cringed; she couldn’t ever remember feeling so vulnerable to a man, the feeling deepening when she remembered that these people were seeing her as a real baby, not just a half-pint adult. Her loins were on fire once more—curse this diaper fetish of hers!
     “Whew-wee!” Jim said, crinkling his nose. “Smells like someone could use a fresh diaper.”
     Alice cringed, mortified. “Yeah, I think someone had a little accident—didn’t they babykins?” she cooed, tickling Alice’s stomach, making her convulse and chortle.
     “Careful,” said Jim, “that mess in her diaper is about to go everywhere! We better get her changed.”
     Alice let out a cry as she was lifted from her crib and cradled against Marcy’s hip, her super-messy diaper squishing against her anew. “Goodness! This certainly is a full diaper!” she chuckled, Lying Alice on the padded changing table, she popped open the plastic pants and peeled them down.
     “Oh man! I don’t even think I want to check in here!” she said, cautiously taping the diaper and pealing it open.
     Her assessment was right… Alice’s two gigantic bowel movements had totally filled the diaper, leaving her newly adopted parents with quite a mess to take care of. Not only that, the smell had increased to gagging proportions, and both her new caretakers were forced to cover their noses.
     “Ewww! I hope it’s not going to be like this every time!” Marcy giggled. “You get started with the wipes,” she instructed heading toward the bathroom, “I think we’re going to need some soapy water and a wash cloth for that disaster!”
     He grinned down at her, and Alice blushed back. Alice was so aroused, she was actually beginning to worry if her “accidents” occurred solely when she masturbated to orgasm or if she’d shit if she was brought to one by Jim or Marcy. She struggled to control herself, dreading the consequences of an accident without a diaper on.
     “Now you lay still for daddy while her changes your dirty diaper,” he chuckled, sending shudders of humiliation and arousal through her.
     “Now lift your legs for daddy,” he said, encircling both her ankles in one big, strong hand and lifting her out of the messy diaper, which he carefully pulled out from under her and discarded in the bin. He continued holding up her legs gently but firmly, exposing her messy bare butt to the entire room. She tried not to think about what her ass must’ve looked like after two huge messy accidents. “Oh what a messy tushy!” Jim said, and Alice couldn’t quite suppress a moan.
     The cold wipe encircled her little bottom, making her squirm and squeal. “You hold still, or daddy might have to spank you,” Jim said teasingly. Oh yes please, Alice thought emphatically, forcing herself to stay still when Jim made another pass at her bottom with a second cold wipe.
     “Oh, daddy,” she whispered, “daddy daddy daddy…”
     “How’s it going in here?” Marcy said. She carried the bowl and the cloths over to the table.
     “Got a pretty good start,” Jim said. “I think we’re ready for those cloths.”
     They finished the job together, Jim holding her legs up and open, Marcy first washing her clean, then oiling and powdering her miniaturized privates and derriere. “Oh thank God!’ she said when the diaper was finally pulled up over her throbbing loins.
     She was dressed in a little white t-shirt and found herself plopped in a playpen in front of a TV blaring cartoons. So this is how it ends, she thought bitterly. There would be no board meetings for her, no more hostile takeovers, capped off by a night of wild sex with a well-hung stud. Her life would now consist of cribs, and playpens, cartoons and toys, messy diapers and the shameful changes that followed, Marcy and… Jim.
     She looked over at her handsome new Daddy, her mind drifting back to her diaper change, how strong and sure his hand had been on her tiny body…
     Shamefully, she reached down the front of her diaper and began rubbing...

Destiny wrinkled her nose as she stepped out of her panties, tossing the ruined things into the garbage can before stepping into the shower, relieved to finally be able to clean herself up. That bitch Alice had gotten just what she'd deserved, and she was glad she'd been able to help dish it out, but she couldn't help but be a little worried about the votes. She wasn't great with math, but even she could tell that, in terms of percentages, Alice hadn't gotten that many fewer votes she had. Had things gone just a little differently, it could have been her shrunk down to the size of a toddler. 

      It was hard enough getting serious, adult roles now - how would she do it when she was no bigger than a two year old? Hell, what -could- she do then? Diaper commercials? She shuddered at the thought. She had to figure something out, some way to get more of the audience on her side, because she had no doubt that being eliminated early would mean she'd wind up with a fate just as bad, if not worse, than Alice's. So, really, she had no choice but to win. But how could she do that? She had been sure her fame would be all she needed, especially when she met the other contestants, yet apparently that wasn't going to do it. She'd need something else...
     Or maybe, she mused, stepping out of the shower and drying herself off, feeling almost normal again after that humiliating, grueling day, it wasn't her own votes she should worry about. Maybe she should be trying to figure out how to keep Lucy from getting as many. She smiled to herself, the wheels turning in her head. There was no way that girl was as sweet as she seemed... All she had to do was figure out how to reveal that to the audience.


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