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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Couple Of Clips (UPDATED)

Update: Well, the Kathy Griffin clip turned out to be a bit of a bust, but our pal Dick sent us in this pic this morning to cheer us up:

Last year Kathy visited the hospital for some procedure and tweeted this picture of herself wearing what she described as "leaky lady pants." I don't know whether they're hospital issue or she brought them with her for the photo op.
Thanks Dick!

Sorry about the lack of activity recently everyone, I've been trying to get day two of the Humble Games wrapped up, I'm hoping to have the concluding part done within the next week. I'm still very busy in my personal life, but I hope to find more time for the blogs in the coming weeks.

For now, I'm still working through a fairly large backlog of material sent in by readers. To that end, enjoy a few videos from various people that have bee sitting in my inbox for far too long.

First up from Michael, a cute age-play themed comedy sketch featuring some nice little girl clothes and a spanking:

Next we have a strange one from Dan featuring a woman and a man in diapers-- looks like a scene from a play. Anyone know if they're saying anything interesting?

Michael was nice enough to send us in this clip of comedian Kathy Griffin in a diaper, but it's unavailable outside the US... if someone could make us a capture to put up on the blog it would be much appreciated.

Finally, thanks a bunch to Katie for sending us the previously mentioned I Love Lucy clip where Lucy wears a baby bonnet, now available to everyone outside the US (starts at about 22 minutes):


  1. Kathy's not wearing a diaper, it's like a trash bag/grocery bag that gets slipped up over her legs. There's no pad, and it's see through white all around. It's just bunched up at her waist, but it's certainly not a diaper, and not worth the capture.

  2. Oddly the intended-as-non-sexual parts of the Daddy skit were more interesting to my fetishtic mind. ;)

  3. Enjoyed the comedy sketch, was fairly amusing.

  4. Great blog! Especialy the Roger Benson artwork - love that guy's stuff. Just added you to my blog's blog list