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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Diaper Fairy

Couple things first:
Thanks to everyone who commented and e-mailed with advice after our last post. I'm still trying to figure all of this out-- it's likely we could wind up at our own domain name sometime in the not too distant future (an attempt to move to wordpress ended badly when they shut me down after about 48 hours for linking to Clips4Sale-- how they expect anyone to run an adult blog without occasionally linking to Clips4Sale is beyond me, but, anyway, that's the end of that experiment.) If this place goes down, keep an eye on my DA page and Daily Diapers for updates.

Until then, enjoy something short and goofy I put together.

(By the way, I got most of these pics at Then And Now, a kick ass Tumblr packed with cool stuff.)


Greetings, gentle readers! It is I: The Diaper Fairy, spreading love and diapers to all the good and bad Little Big Girls all across the world... whether they want them or not! Join me as I make my rounds, delivering pampered punishments and diapered bliss to those who truly need it.

Just look at poor Amanda here—hard at work on another foreclosure. In her office day in and day out, each hour bringing her further away from the sweet and innocent girl she used to be. Having long forgotten the wellspring of innocence that flows within her, She has become the epitome of a heartless, bitter business woman.
"Mommy, Daddy, Look!" Adorable Big Baby Mandy held her Etch-A-Sketch aloft excitedly. "Look what I did on my tablet!"
"Silly girl," her mother chuckled, "babies like you are much too young to play with Tablets!"
Mandy frowned. Her mommy was right, of course-- babies in diapers didn't get to use big girl computers. And yet, she could almost see herself, briefcase and business suit, battling it out for spremacy in the boardroom.
Her diaper grew wet beneath her. Shrugging, Mandy reclined in her playpen and closed her eyes. She knew she'd feel much better after a nap.

Meet self-styled Fashionista Claudia Caidy-- always on the lookout for the newest thing, her appearances in society columns have been known to make or break a designer. Claudia, in spite of  having a full closet on three continents, each filled to the rafters with all the latest designs, still claims she never has a thing to wear...

..... Claudia gave a shriek. "No-- it's not possible!" she squealed in fright, gazing in disbelieving horror at the short little baby-doll dress... now the sole garment that hung in a closet once lined with the finest clothes from all over the world. The day had gone from bad to worse: when she finished her evening shower, Claudia was shocked to discover her all her silky, lacy panties had been replaced by stacks of diapers! "Is this a joke?!" she demanded to the empty room, preparing to give the help holy hell for their insolence.
Instead, she merely stared. There was something so alien about them, and yet they were so familiar... With her hand shaking, she reached out and ran her palm over the smooth plastic surface, shivering at the crinkling that emerged. Though she didn't want to, she found herself taking one in both hands and opening it, bringing it close to her face to inhale it's scent.
Before she even realized it, she had it pulled up between her legs, her fingers trembling as she taped it tightly around her narrow waist. With her stomach doing nervous flips inside her, she padded barefoot toward the closed, her bulky diapered bottom crinkling behind here, and threw open the door with a gasp. "No-- it's not possible!" she cried when she laid eyes on the one remaining garment in her collection-- frilly, lacey, infantile... and above all, much too short to hide her diapered rump. In the distance, the heard the doorbell announce the arrival of her dinner guests. Gulping, she took the dress down and reluctantly slipped it over her head... it would be an evening to remember.

Or take Alexis Westerbrooke, the "social media rock-star" who broadcasts her immodesty across the internet for the whole world to see; utterly shameless in her never ending quest for Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
Naughty Diaper Girls
"Smile, honey!"
Alexis looked into the camera from over the bars of her crib and batted her eyes seductively. "Make sure you get my good side, mommy," she instructed seriously, rising to her hands and knees and waggling her thickly diapered bottom back and forth in the air behind her. There was a click and a flash. Alexis grinned and bounced up and down on her bottom excitedly.
"Oh, sweetie, you look so cute!" her mother gushed, showing her the picture on the camera's display. Alexis beamed proudly-- her butt looked so hot in a diaper!  "I can't wait to show everyone!"
Making her way over to the computer, she clicked the USB cable into the camera and began uploading her latest masterpiece. Alexis was pleased-- soon everyone in the world would be treated to another of her adorable pictures.

Poor Katie Sinclare here spends her days fantasizing about days gone by, yearning for a simpler time in her life when she didn't have to worry about studying for the SATs and finding a collage to attend in the fall.

Watch this, kiddo!
Nappy School
"Oh no," Katie whispered, her diaper growing hot and wet between her legs, her bladder releasing in a long, involuntary gush. Her fresh diaper, which hadn't even been wrapped around her little bottom for an hour, quickly grew saturated. She squeezed her legs together, blushing, the saturated diaper squishing between her thighs. She sucked in a deep breath and tried to steady her heartbeat, the words she'd just finished writing silently mocking her. She could only hope she wasn't discovered in another soggy diaper... teacher had promised her a bare bottom paddling in front of the whole class is she wet herself again.

But it isn't all about punishment. Beautiful Betty Bouvier broke up with her boyfriend last week. More than anything, what Betty dreams of is meeting a man who values her and treats her well... The kind of guy who's not afraid to pamper her.

"Ddddaaaaddddyyyyy!" Betty whined petulantly from her spot on the living room floor. Her handsome, muscular daddy looked up from his newspaper.
"What is it sweaty?" he asked indulgently.
 "I'm TIRED," she pouted, tossing her teddy bear to the floor and crossing her arms across her chest.
"Well, we certainly don't need a cranky baby today, do we?" he said with a chuckle. Rising from his chair, her crossed the room until her stood next to her. Shifting on her diapered backside, Betty looked up from the floor. The way he towered over her sent shutters of excitement through her little body. She lifted her arms and held them out expectantly.
"UP!" she demanded cheerfully, squealing with delight as Daddy reached down and swept her up in a big bear hug, lifting her off the floor and into his arms as though she weighed nothing. Pressing her close to him, he wrapped his free hand under her padded bottom. Gurgling excitedly, Betty wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.
Daddy patted her crinkly diapered bottom. "Are you dry, baby?" he asked, slipping a finger into the leg band of her plastic panties and feeling inside, making Betty twitch and giggle in response. "Dry as a bone," he announced, carrying her into the nursery. "What a good girl you are!"
He deposited her in the crib with a kiss on the forehead. "Sleep tight, darling," he said, flicking off the light as he left.
In the darkness of her nursery, surrounded by crib bars and the smell of infancy, Betty slipped her fingers down the front of her diapers and began working them with a soft sigh.

Phew! Another hard day's work for the Diaper Fairy! It's a lovely job and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I'm beat! I'm sure you'll all agree that I've earned a little time to relax by myself. Time for one last spell...
 See you next time!