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Friday, July 5, 2013

Mother's Milk

(Note: Usually, I like to feature a variety of sources for this kind of thing. However, I had an unbelievably difficult time finding good breastfeeding pics and clips that weren't AdultBaby.xxx or Xtreme Diaper. So I guess if anyone can recommend some other good sites for breastfeeding, please leave them in the comments.)

Happy belated Independence Day to our American Readers!

Possibly the most intimate a moment Mommy and her Adult Baby can share, breastfeeding represents what is perhaps the ultimate intertwining of the innocence and eroticism at the heart of the ABDL fetish.

Plastic Nappy

Xtreme Diaper
Xtreme Diaper
AdutlBaby.xxx (?)

Mommy's Milk by babesindiapers

Video  Sources

Kayla And Michelle
Pennyroyal Nursery Part 3 (full clip)
Joanne and Debbie
Regression 1
Felicity and Kari
Melanie and Belle
Penny and Kari
Zoe and Linda


  1. Here's one that I love. Don't know where it's originally from though:



  2. When are you going to post more about adult breastfeeding?

  3. I where a thick diaper and so want to go out in public places and be breast fed and have my diaper changed