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Friday, June 21, 2013

The '40's: An ABDL Paradise Part Two

Here's the second part of Dick's Mid 20th Century ABDL cornucopia:

Is this picture (from the September 1942 issue of See magazine) connected to this image from our previous post? According to Dick:

I've found what I believe is a connection between the magazine article and the earlier newspaper article featuring model Ingrid Vallo.
1. A caption for one of the magazine photos refers to someone named "Ingrid."
2. An umbrella seen in one of the magazine photos matches one in the newspaper shot.
3. The two publications appeared at most a few months apart.
I'm convinced the magazine and newspaper pictures were all taken at the same photo shoot. I still want to know what all this is supposed to be; what they're wearing just seems too loose to be any kind of swimsuit.

I'm inclined to agree with Dick: Those "bathing suits" seem a little loose and diapery-- In my opinion, they're better suited for a playpen than the beach!

Speaking of diaper suits, this is getting ridiculous:
This is perhaps the ultimate "diaper bathing suit." It's made from diapers!

 Dick also uncovered this clearer scan of the previously mentioned Diapered sorority girls from Sensation Comics, along with an accompanying image (where for some reason the baby's diaper is now drawn as some kind of skirt).

I'm sending you a better quality version of the panel from Sensation Comics along with the second panel in the sequence (it would have been better if the artist knew what a diaper looked like). As it happens, this comic book story has its roots in real events studied by William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman. In the 1920s, a "baby party" was held among female students at Jackson College, as described by Marston in his book "Emotions of Normal People," seen here (starts at page 299).

The Marston article is an interesting read, well worth a look (and possibly even it's own post at some point.)

I'd also like to take a moment to thank Cloudy Diaper for linking to our first entry of this series on her own blog, which I enjoy and I think you will too. Head over and take a look.

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  1. And Etta Candy will also appear as a "comic side-kick" to Wonder Woman in later comics. Alas, if only Princess Diana was diapered...