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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The '40's: An ABDL Paradise Part One

Dick sent in another bundle of goodies for our viewing pleasure, so let's get to it:
Here are two photos of a "skit night" put on by the Alpha Delta Pi sorority of Auburn University in April 1946. I can't be sure, but they look like diapers to me (I think I see a safety pin on one of them). I wonder if they were inspired by the photo in Life magazine which appeared a few weeks earlier. These photos were posted on the school website in 2005; I don't know if the were published anywhere before then.

 Speaking of the picture in Life, I've found a couple of other photos of the same scene. One, which looks like it was taken by a different photographer, appeared several newspapers in May 1946.
      From here (page 8).
    The other one appears to be edited from the original Life photo in order to emphasize an amusing juxtaposition. From here.
 It turns out that one of the models, Florence "Candy" Tockstein, was a minor celebrity. Under a variety of names, including "Candy Toxton" and  "Susan Perry" she had a brief movie career in the 1940s. She later married singer Mel Torme.

 This is a picture that appeared in a number of newspapers in late April and early May 1942. They call it a "bathing suit" but the details - a white suit pinned at the sides, and the text distributed with the photo - tell us what kind of look they were aiming for.
       From here (page 6).
A few months back you posted some very interesting aircraft nose art from World War II. I recently learned that one of the images, "Little Butch," is actually a modern recreation of the wartime artwork by the original artist, Don Allen (the plane was shot down in 1944). I'm enclosing a copy of the original image, from here.     
    As far as I know, the modern painting hangs in the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Delaware. Is there any other diaper art in a museum?


Thanks again to Dick for another great haul. If you have anything you think our readers will enjoy, send it to me and I'll get it up ASAP.

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