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Friday, June 7, 2013

Mandy Makes A Messy Diaper

I'll let J.T. explain this one:

This is a video I got from one of Cory Chase's clip stores a while back. In it, sexy model Mandy Taylor farts multiple times before "messing" her diaper (pretty sure it's fake). It's a great clip and I really enjoy it-- but when I recently stopped by Cory's store to see if she had any similar clips, I found that not only did she not have anything like it, the original clip wasn't for sale anymore (same with the the other pants pooping clips she had up at one time.) Since it's a fave of mine and since it's now impossible to buy (as near as I can tell), I thought you might like to put it up on BID.

Thanks for the contribution J.T.-- I really enjoyed it as well. Those who are interested in seeing more diaper clips with Mandy should check out Cory Chase's Diaper Clips Store.

As with the other clip J.T. sent in, I've cut the portions of the clip where you see the mess. Download the full, uncut clip here. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Hey please post the uncut clip again! Please!

  2. nah it's real, thanks so much mandy! You rock!