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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


AB Hunnies
Hot off the heels of our last milestone, here's another-- our 300th post! In honor of the occasion, enjoy some of our Greatest Hits.

The Babes In Diapers Media Project
Our main attraction here at BID: an ever growing, ever expanding list of female diaper, AB, DL, LG, Ageplay reference in movies, on TV, and anywhere else they might happen to appear in pop culture.

Messy Jessie
Probably my most popular story, actually co-written with another person (who seems to have vanished from the community). It was essentially just a touch up/embellishment of his idea... it proved so popular (with our readers and myself) that I actually began a sequel not too long ago.

Unhappily Ever After Diaper Scene
This is were the Media Project began... when I posted this clip from a little known '90's sit-com, I knew it was obscure-- but I still wasn't ready for the mountain of e-mails I got thanking me for posting it up, and requesting scenes from other movies/TV shows I'd never heard of before-- at that time, I thought Unhappily..., the Bad Ronald video, the Rugrats commercial, and the still elusive It's Alive scene were the only examples of female ABDL material in the mainstream media... who knew?

Bobbie's Drop Seats
Some Stuff From Devlin O'Neill
Devlin O'Neill isn't just a fantastic author and Master Spanker-- he's also a hell of a nice guy. When he saw I'd linked to his blog for a short blurb I wrote, Devlin was kind enough to send a link to Bobbie Tawse's Spanked and Diapered, a scorching fetish production which he starred in. And by "starred in," we mean "spanked a pair of delectable young women before slapping a diaper on one of the little brats."

Lucy Peters' Home Farm
I generally only post my own stories up here, but when I discovered this classic from the old Wetset boards hiding on an old hard drive, I knew I had to share it. A young woman and her two companions visit a very special resort in the country where they can indulge their messy Ageplay fantasies...

Xtreme Diaper
 Naughty Girls Beware!
Nothing fancy here-- just some diapered and soon-to-be-diapered Babes getting their bottoms spanked.

 Jerry Springer and Paris Hilton (AKA The Day We Hit Rock Bottom)
OK, possibly a controversial choice-- the Pledge This! clip still ranks as one of the worst wasted opportunities on our page-- but there's something about that Springer clip that gets me every time... right up until her boyfriend comes out that is...

Xtreme Diaper
Tempy Time!
Regular readers will know there's few things I enjoy more than seeing a beautiful Adult Baby girl getting her temperature taken the old fashioned way.

 Pampered on the Radio: The Girls of Playboy Radio's Night Calls Try Diapers
Of all of the "lost" material mentioned in the Media Project, this might be the one I'd most like to see/hear-- after all, how often do you get to see an actual Playmate in diapers?

Pink Diapers
All of our artist profiles
What can I say? I love ABDL art and I couldn't pick my favorite artist. I guess It's up to you lucky, lucky readers to decide which you like best...

Once again, thanks so much for reading and commenting and writing letters, everyone. I really appreciate it.  Here's to 300 more.


  1. Congratulations on your 300th post. Nice pictures and some good memories from the links.