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Saturday, May 11, 2013

We Love Our Mommies: Pampered Penny

 (Happy Mothers Day Everyone! Enjoy this latest installment of our series celebrating our favorite fetish mommies!)

Penny and Kendra James in Trust Fund Baby
"Pampered" Penny Barber first came to our attention as the star of an excellent series of AB/DL/regression clips. Adorable and enthusiastic, it was obvious she was someone who genuinely enjoyed her work and wasn't just enduring it for a paycheck.
Penny and Mina Blue in Diaper Domination
But for my money, I think she really came into her own when she started playing the mommy role. I've already mentioned Penny's flare for dialogue in two separate reviews, and it's not my intention to bore everyone by going over it again, but it's got to be said: Penny has the best dialogue in the business. As an ageplayer herself, Penny has an uncanny ability to say exactly the right thing in any situation. A mistress of improvisation, Penny is especially skilled at countering any bratty backtalk her charges might throw at her in the heat of the moment.
Penny and Maxine Holloway in Maxine's Treatment
Penny's clip store has a little something for everyone: AB, DL, F/F, M/F, F/M, sweet and cute, mean and nasty, POV... practically anything anyone visiting this page could want. I'd say she probably has one of the widest variety of content out there.
Penny and Mina Blue in Halloween Clubbing
Penny also runs a fantastic blog offering advice and commentary to ageplayers-- well worth going through if you play in real life (and even if you don't.)
Penny, Pampered

Enjoy this quick sampling of some of Penny's best, starring Kendra James, Cherry, And Samantha Grace.

We Love Our Mommies:  Pampered Penny by babesindiapers

Bestest Friends

Regression Therapy

The Mix Up

Penny's Blog


  1. I love that second picture. Mina still looks defiant, even though clearly she's already lost. I've always been a fan of the rocking horse bondage photo set, too. Great stuff!

  2. I wish Ik where to find bestest friends, that is my favorite video