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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Raptor Wedgie Strikes Again!

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Our fiendish friend Raptor Wedgie has returned with more Devilish Delights to amuse and entertain our fine readership (not to mention terminally embarrass a few unfortunate young ladies).

First, the continuation of RW's Space patrol comics. You can see the preceding pages here and here.

Next, we have what appears to be a continuation of this piece here.

Could this become another continuing series? We can only hope.

Finally, we've got something totally new. RW even wrote a cute back story for this image (which I'll include below).

Ok Krista prepared for the photos of her new video?

Krista: Yes

Producer: - Well, remove their platform boots, clothes and her underwear.

Krista: - Wow I have to get completely naked?

Producer: Oh just stay in socks and gloves I'll bring something to you.

Krista: Okay ..

Producer: Ready Now please remove your underwear you will wear diapers now

Krista: What? Diapers? You're crazy?

Producer: No, but you will be the Baby Rock take her panties and pass it into her ass want to throw the baby powder in her ass.

Krista: Baby powder? O God! That is ridiculous

Krista goes powder and then wears a diaper

Krista: Oh this is very embarrassing hopefully win big money

Producer: Okay sweetie can now put the baby powder inside her diaper and hold this package of diapers

Krista: You are crazy

Producer: I put a laxative in his drink earlier today the effect should start now

Krista: ouchh my ass, I hate you.

Krista fills her diaper

Producer: Perfect now we go to the pictures.

Krista: Please do not put this photo in Show!

Producer: Sorry but her friends ordered this photographic essay

Krista: My friends? motherfuckers!

Producer: Okay now baby.... smile!

Krista: Fuck you!!

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