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Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Media Project Contributions

Cover of Playful, Dirty, And Free by Peter Birch
Thanks to Bill for sending in this tip: actress Amanda Seyfried posted the following picture of a "pretty woman in a diaper" on her Twitter feed:
The folks on Daily Diapers are particularly interested, some wondering if it may be a pic of Seyfried herself:

 (Note: For the record, I'm pretty sure it's not Seyfried in that pic.)

Dick recently sent in some more stuff for our viewing pleasure so let's get to it.

Here we see another possible Diaper Queen from the Diaper Service Institute of America Convention. According to Dick:
I recently came across an intriguing image from the 1940s. Unfortunately, it's marred by a rather nasty watermark. I've included a trimmed version, as well as a low-quality thumbnail. I really have no idea what we're looking at, and the associated text isn't much help: "circa 1945: An infant boy crawls with his mother behind him, each wearing paper crowns marked Queen and King. She wears a two-piece bathing suit and the infant wears a diaper." Well, that's definitely not a bathing suit. Could it be another of those diaper service conventions, or is it something else entirley? The mother has a piece of paper stuck to her backside, suggestive of involvement in some kind of competition. What kind, I don't know.
 Here is the original unedited pic plus the thumbnail:

Another one from Dick: "This can't really be called "mainstream" as it appears to be a private photo, but I had to send it in. Your guess is as good as mine."

 Finally, thanks to Dave for sending in this quick Youtube find-- Short and funny (starts at 2:44)

If you have something you think our readers will enjoy, let me know and I'll get it up ASAP.


  1. Is the new Humble Games coming up any time soon?

    1. bearing in mind that "soon" can be a pretty flexible word... sure...

  2. I heard about an episode of Law and Order with a short scene with an AB girl. Not sure which episode or series though.

    1. I've heard that too... It's been on the list for a while, but if it's there' nobody's found it yet (probably not surprising since Law and Order's been running in one for or another for decades now...)

  3. Thanks for putting up the cover to Playful, Dirty and Free. I shot that pic myself as one of a towelling nappy set, but it's more or less chance that it ended up on the cover and it isn't all that relevant to the content. On the other hand, if you'd like good, written nappy scenes, you might like to look at my novels the Training of Tabitha, which includes a girl cycling in Paris in a loaded nappy, and The Brat and the Master, which has two very detailed adult baby scenes.

    Peter Birch (Aishling Morgan)