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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Mostly Mixed Media Project Update


 I've gotten a few clips and pics with mixed (IE male and Female) content so I figured I'd just wrap it all up in this one post.

Let's Kick things off with some new discoveries from Michael, starting with this clip from the Australian TV series Round the Twist, featuring a entire family regressing into adult babies:

Michael also sent in this clip from the show Madame's Place featuring actress Judy Landers(starts at 8:00):

Our old pal Dick sent in this clip entitled Gangsta Baby:

The actress in the clip is Maja Mandzuka. Dick was Kind enough to include an isolated photo of her:
Score another for Dick: In issue #4 of the Marvel comic Heroes for Hire (2006 series) a pair of (in my opinion highly judgmental) superheroines visit an AB club with Male and Female patrons, heaping scorn all the way. Dick was nice enough once again to include an isolated photo of a pretty female participant:
You can download the full page here.

That's all for now, everyone. If you have anything you think our readers would enjoy, let us know and I'll get it up as soon as possible.



  1. is this a different round the twist clip from the media project post?

    1. Oh--- Heh heh heh-- yeah, it's the same one. Forgot I already had that clip up. Woops...