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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Phantom: The World's Spankingist Superhero!

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"I want to teach a lesson in my own way!"-- The Phantom spanks a girl explorer (year unknown)
According to the amazing team at Chicago Spanking Review, Newspaper strip hero The Phantom (AKA The Ghost Who Walks) "may just have been the best of all superhero spankers. He not only knows how to give a quality spanking, he gives them in quantity!" In fact, CSR has tracked down nine spankings from the strips (plus an additional one we'll talk about when we get to it). Click the links beneath the pics to visit the CSR and view their full profile of each spanking.

The Phantom spanks Zagra (colorized) (July 2 1938)

The folks at CSR believe this to be the first superhero spanking; From the story Adventure In Algiers, this naughty young lady lured the Phantom into an ambush-- and pays the price with her backside, leaving poor Zagra a sore and chastised little girl.

Sala and Margo, leaders of the Sky Band, are spanked like two naughty little girls (November 30, 1941)
The Phantom at it again-- this strip includes some wonderfully evocative descriptions in the captions like "And the proud, haughty leaders of the sky band are spanked like naughty children..." and "Eyes filled with tears and anatomies smarting, they await orders." As CSR notes:

Most of Falk's spanking scenes follow this pattern, with the wrongfully-proud, the arrogant, and the haughty getting humbled by this most effective of methods...That's what makes these spankings so great - notice that they're far more erotic than the pure punishment spanking...where the women are actually evil.

                          "An old fashioned, double barreled spanking!" (colorized) (1948)

"...The sister driving asks the other where they should go. The sister in the passenger seat, who is standing up leaning on the door answers, 'anyplace, quickly, where we don't have to sit down!'

Another pair of naughty girls, another "double-barreled spanking" for the Ghost Who Walks. Here we see the wayward Marshall sisters getting their due for sicking their roughneck boyfriends on the Phantom for their own sick amusement. The hero gives the little brats the punishment they so richly deserve, then sends them scurrying away to nurse their tender bottoms and bruised egos.

The Phantom punishes a "rich brat" ( from Fantomen #17 1975)
Not a lot of info on this one-- the Phantom (in disguise, obviously) doles out a paddling to a woman described by the original poster as a "rich brat" in what appears to be a restaurant. Notice the waiter snickering in the background... perhaps the spankee is a obnoxious regular he's often thought could use a good spanking.

The Phantom reduces the haughty Queen Pera to a spanked little girl (February 10, 1946)
Which brings us to poor Queen Pera The Perfect, the Phantom's most famous spankee.The snooty, arrogant ruler of an undisclosed nation tries to have the Phantom kidnapped to vie for her hand against several other potential mates. The Phantom, already happily married, deals with her accordingly:

A closer look.

Instead of teaching her a lesson, however, the spanking seems to have awakened the submissive within the bratty queen.

Jorge spanks Queen Para (March 17, 1946)

 The Phantom's no-nonsense approach even rubbed off on Count Jorge, long suffering adviser the queen who has secretly been in love with her since they were children. The hero has shown exactly what his sweetie needs, and he gives it to her with gusto.
Another relationship kindled by a spanking.
Poor Para paddled on her prim posterior once more (From Fantomen #9, 2000)
But the story of the Phantom and Pera the Perfect doesn't end there-- in 2000, a Swedish publisher released this re-telling of the classic Queen Pera story with lush full color art by Romano Felmang and Germano Ferri-- complete with both spankings! The Queen struggles and squawks, but she's unable to stop him from warming her butt in front of the gawking rabble.

Jorge gets with the program (Fantomen #9, 2000)
The proud, pampered princess is spanked on her royal bottom once more-- the crown, still perched atop her head, a mocking reminder of her status and power... all for nothing right now! I love her expression in this one.

An original commission (Romano Felmang)
The punishments of Queen Pera The Perfect seem to have made a lasting impression on some people. One fan commissioned the original penciler Romano Felmang to create this piece-- where the proud and arrogant monarch gets the bare bottom spanking she so richly deserves.

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out the CSR, and especially their archive of comic book spankings in the spirit of our own media project.