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Monday, April 15, 2013

Messy Jessie Reborn!

Hey guys,

here's a fast one I threw together while we wait on the next chapter of the Humble Games-- a sequel to one of my most popular stories-- here's hoping it lives up to expectations! I have at least one additional installment in mind, but I'll only write it if I get a good reaction for this one. So if you like it and want to see it continued, be sure to let me know.

And now, without any further ado...

Messy Jessie Reborn


Taylor Swift as Amy
 January Jones as Jessica "Messy Jessie" Horne

It was almost Noon, and Jessica was thinking about going for lunch. Two years had passed since her ordeal at the hand of her step-sister Amy. It had taken almost six months of therapy to remove all of the hypnotic suggestions from her mind, but here she sat today, no longer “Messy Jessie” but Jessica Horne once again, back on the fast-track at the advertising firm where she worked. There had been a minor scandal surrounding Amy’s little “prank,” but thankfully the details had been kept under wraps. Amy was currently incarcerated in the psychiatric wing of a minimum security prison upstate for what she had done, and Jessica would never admit it, but she felt much safer knowing the little psycho was safely locked up.
     Rehabilitation hadn’t been easy, of course—the triggers had been buried deep in her subconscious, and getting them out had taken months. For a while, she thought they’d never be able to fix her. But, eventually, they’d managed to get her back to normal—or at the very least, to stop messing her pants on cue (not to mention the many other embarrassing suggestions Amy had programmed into her)—she wasn’t sure she would ever really recover from the trauma of being Amy’s perverted plaything.
      Jessica was trying to decide where to go for lunch. She usually liked the Italian place across the street, but her secretary had told her about a new Indian place just around the corner that sounded good. She sighed, smiling to herself—how she relished making small decisions now. For a moment she thought back to how utterly helpless she had been, just a short time ago—shivering, she pushed it out of her mind.
     The device on her desk buzzed—“Your lunch appointment has arrived, Ms. Horne,” her secretary said.
     Lunch appointment? Who could that be? Jessica was very good at keeping track of her appointments in her head, but she was positive she was eating alone today (the better to go over the Michaels account). Who could it be?
     The door swung open. Jessica looked up, curious.
     “Hey big sister!”
     Jessica’s jaw dropped; she saw it, but couldn’t process it—couldn’t bring herself to believe it. It was like a scene from a nightmare—Jessica prayed to wake up.
     “A-A-A-Amy!” she stammered. “W-w-w-what are you doing here?”
     “You mean ‘how come you’re not in the nut house anymore?’” She said archly.
     Jessica stammered, not sure what to say. She was furious with herself for being so intimidated by a girl who wasn’t even 20 yet, but looking at her brought back a flood of hazy and humiliating memories. The trial alone, where the blushing Jessica had been forced to recount, in excruciating detail, her entire ordeal—every messy diaper, every change, every time she’d been trotted out in public to be laughed at by Amy’s bitchy little friends.
     Amy laughed. “Relax, big sis! I served my time; I’m rehabilitated!”
     “W-w-what are you doing here?”
     She smiled. “Well, two reasons actually. First, I just wanted to say there’re no hard feelings about that whole turning-me-in-even-after-I-released-you thing.”
     “But you—“
      “No, seriously, I mean it. I AM your sister, sort of, and you did tattle on me, EVEN THOUGH I could have had you pissing and shitting in diapers for the rest of your life,” Amy said, bitterness seeping in toward the end. She smiled at her, and Jessica felt a stab of fear. “But never mind; it’s water under the bridge.”
     Jessica was outraged—how could she be such a narcissistic demon?But did she dare say anything? Jessica simply wanted Amy out of her office and out of her life. “I—thank you, Amy,” she said lamely.
     Amy smiled. There was a long, awkward pause. Jessica grew more and more frightened—it was like being in the same room with a wild animal. “Aren’t you going to ask me about the second thing?”
     Jessica had almost forgotten. “Oh—OK; what’s the second thing, Amy?” she asked carefully, not wanting to antagonize her.
     “Well, I lost a bunch of time at school because of the trial and all, so now I’ve got to go to summer school.”
      “Oh—that’s too bad,” Jessica said soothingly.
     “Well, anyway, I have this stupid science fair coming up… I was thinking maybe you could help me out?”
     “Oh… H-h-how?”
     “I thought we could dust off our old hypnosis act, silly!” Amy said, cheerfully. “You could come up on stage with me; I could put you in your diaper, maybe you could crawl around for a bit…”
     “What? Amy… this isn’t funny.”
      “I’m not joking! It’ll be great, everyone will love it!”
     “You’re crazy…”
     Amy fixed her with a serious look. “Jessie…” she said, seriously, making Jessica shiver, “don’t be a spoilsport. I mean, it’s the least you can do after turning me in…”
     “GET OUT!” Jessica demanded, unable to contain her fury. “You come in here after what you did to me and ask me to…” she couldn’t bring herself to finish.
     “I’m sensing some hostility,” Amy said smoothly, like she hadn’t even heard the outburst. “At least let me show you this…”
     She reached into her purse and removed a simple looking remote control device, with six buttons of various colors. “You like?”
     “What is it?” she whispered. She felt herself recoiling in her chair.
     “Let me answer your question with one of my own: Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when your friend Farah sent you that a link to that song you love?”
     “Yes… my favorite song. How did you…” She stared at her suddenly. Amy grinned.
     “I have a confession: I posted the link, then I hacked into Farah’s e-mail to send it to you.”
     “What did you do?” Jessica asked quietly. She frantically tried to remember how many times she’d played it, realizing it had been almost non-stop for nearly a week.
     “While I was… away… I had plenty of opportunity to refine my hypnosis technique… and my skills. You’d be amazed what you can do with subliminal messages these days. For instance—one of the commands I embedded in the audio was simple—listen to the track as much as you could day and night. Did you do it?”
      Jessica began to perspire when she realized how often she’d played the stupid thing in the background over the last couple of weeks—it had practically been on a continuous loop. “Amy,” she said slowly, her skin crawling, “what have you done?”
     “Each button on the remote produces a different ultrasonic tone— nearly undetectable to the naked ear.  Each tone has been linked to a subconscious command implanted by the subliminals I layered into the audio track you’ve been listening to.”
       “Amy, stop this… please,” Jessica begged, genuinely afraid now. What had the little monster done to her?
     “Stop? Don’t be such a downer Jessie—I haven’t even shown you what my little toy can do yet.” She pointed to the top button. “The pink one inhibits the speech centers of your brain, forcing you to speak in a charming, babyish prattle.”
     “Amy, if you don’t leave right now…”
     With an evil smile, Amy squeezed the pink button. A nearly inaudible squeal pierced the room.
     “… I’m gonna caw’ da powice!” Gasping, Jessica reached up and claps her palms to her mouth. This couldn’t be happening—not again!
     “May I continue my demonstration? Good. The blue button,” she said, indicating the next key down, “removes your voluntary muscle control—you won’t be able to walk or write once it’s activated.”
     Jessica wasn’t listening. In a panic, she bolted up for her desk and started toward the door. She had to get help! She heard a distant, tinny ring, so small it almost wasn’t even there. Jessica tripped over her own two feet and tumbled to the floor. She wound up sitting in the carpet with her legs straight out in front of her, dazed.
     “Oopsy daisy! Did someone have a little spill?”
     She tried to concentrate, to plead with Amy for mercy. “A-ma! ‘Top dis!” she squealed, almost indecipherable.
     “Stop it? But we’re just getting to the fun part. You remember what comes next don’t you?”
     Jessica squealed and kicked her legs, becoming upset. She hated being so powerless—and the thought of being at Amy’s mercy was truly disturbing.
     “That’s right,” Amy said, reaching into her purse. “We put you in your nice, big… diaper!”
      She pulled one out of her purse, a disposable as thick and crinkly as the kind a baby would wear. Jessica let out a shriek; all the nightmares she’d had since her first ordeal; the complete and utter helplessness, the sensation of being imprisoned within her own body—and left in Amy’s hands. With great difficulty, she turned over on her hands and knees and wondered if she could crawl to freedom before Amy did anything else to her.
     Taking a fuzzy blanket out of her bag, Amy spread it out and fixed Jessica with a serious look. “Let’s go… on your back right now Jessie,” she commanded firmly.
     “NNNAAAAAHH!” Jessica cried, defiantly, allowing her anger to get the better of her. She knew there was no way to escape in her present condition, but she still didn’t want to give in to Amy’s whims.
     “Come on; you know you’re going to do it—one way or the other,” she said menacingly, holding up the remote. “There’s still four more buttons, you know.”
     With a heavy, shaky sigh, she complied, crawling over toward the blanket. Although she hated to give in to the little nut, Jessica knew she had little choice. Like Amy said: she was going on the blanket, one way or the other. Jessica just prayed someone had heard the commotion. She begged every higher power she could name for someone to save her.
     She crawled past Amy, the girl giving her a hard swat on the backside as she passed. “Let’s go: double time!” she laughed, watching Jessie crawling across the office in her business suit, the tight skirt restricting her legs. She crawled onto the blanket and took a seat, pouting and glaring at her tormentor.
     Amy towered over her, a giant, smirking smugly at her from the sky. On the floor, Jessica could only look up at her nervously, her legs seeming impossibly long. Jessica could just make out the crotch of her step-sister’s panties under her skirt, but Amy either didn’t know or didn’t care. “I love your cute little suit, Jessie,” Amy said truthfully. “It makes you look so elegant and professional and… I don’t know… Grown Up. A nice piece of work-- but hardly suitable for our purposes, am I right?”
     Jessica worked up her most miserable scowl, but Amy just smiled and reached down to tickle her ribs through her blouse. Jessica convulsed and shrieked with laughter. She flopped onto her side, but Amy moved with her, kneeling beside her, keeping her incapacitated with one  hand tickling while the other one deftly stripped her of her jacket. Squirming and struggling, Jessica tried to fight her off, but Amy kept her subdued with one tickling hand while the other one pulled open her blouse and yanked it off, throwing it over her shoulder to the floor. The skirt was next, unzipped as Amy tickled her tummy and pulled it off along with her pantyhose.
     Now Jessica sat on the baby blanket in nothing by her underwear. Shivering, she tried vainly to cover herself from Amy’s leering looks. She fumed inwardly and glared at her looming step-sister, who for her part seemed to be enjoying herself.
     “C’mon honey—get ‘em off!” Amy commanded. Jessica gripped the waistband of her panties tightly, not ready to let them go without a fight. But she was caught off guard when Amy grabbed her by the ankles and lifted. Jessica squealed, unexpectedly rocking down onto her back with her pantied bottom in the air. She was dazed, and unable to put up an effective defense when Amy took the waistband of her panties and tugged the over her hips and down her legs.
     “What a cute little tushy,” Amy gushed giving Jessica’s tight, round bottom a couple of hard spanks, then undoing and removing her bra when she cried out in pain and embarrassment. Jessica now sat totally nude before her tormentor.
     “Jessie! You let you pubes grow back!” Amy tittered in faux indignation. Jessica blushed, remembering how Amy had shaved her pussy as bald as a baby’s bottom. “We’ll fix that later. Do you know what time it is?”
     Jessica groaned, knowing all too well.
     “That’s right… Diaper time!”Amy said excitedly, holding up the diaper.
     Naked and quivering, Jessica squealed in displeasure. “Oh hush!” Amy said, taking a big baby bottle from her purse and shoving it into her step-sister’s mouth. Jessica squealed and gurgled, but took the bottle with both hands and reluctantly sucked, tasting a Kahlua-like flavor. She sucked her baba and sighed, trying to relax. She prayed Amy would come to what little senses she possessed and cease this madness, or at very least someone would come in and stop her before it got any worse.
     She sucked the bottle slowly, feeling the fluid trickling down her throat. Amy took her by the ankles again. “Bottoms up!” she said enthusiastically, hoisting Jessica’s legs into the air and slipping the diaper beneath her pale rump. She took a container of powder from her bag and sprinkled it onto Jessica’s rounded derriere, patting it in with a giggle. “Make you smell nice and fresh… for a while anyway,” she smirked knowingly.
     Jessica squeezed her eyes closed and slurped her bottle. She tried to convince herself that she was dreaming… but when she opened her eyes again, she knew that it was all too real.  Amy lowered her legs, Jessica becoming sick when her tight little tushy came into contact with the diapers thickly padded surface.  She groaned, feeling Amy powder her front and pat it in, delighting in “innocently” rubbing Jessica’s clit and labia.  Jessica groaned, willing herself to not become aroused, but it was no use… she soon had her thighs spread wide open, displaying herself to Amy lewdly. The girl’s eyes sparkled as she rubbed and tickled the older woman’s privates, driving her deeper into a state of arousal. “Good girl; I knew you’d get back in the swing of things!”
     Jessica groaned, shame bubbling up in her as she remembered Amy’s delightful torments and the number of times she’d been forced to climax in the middle of a diaper change (and maybe forced wasn’t even the right word—Jessica could clearly remember times when she’d been more than happy to have a little adult fun in the middle of the afternoon.) Amy worked her fingers quicker, then slowed down, grinning mischievously when Jessica moaned and bucked her hips eagerly. “You naughty girl!” she chided, delivering a smack to her thigh and making her step-sister gasp. “We don’t have time for your lewd behavior, Jessie,” Amy declared, pulling the thick material of the diaper tightly between Jessica’s legs and sealing it closed.
     “There we go!” Amy said triumphantly. Poor Jessica could only look down at herself—nude but for an oversized pamper—and blush shamefully. Had it really been less than ten minutes since she sat at her desk, so confident, polished, and self assured? From her current vantage point-- squirming mostly naked on a baby blanket on the floor, her diaper crinkling nosily with every move-- it seemed like a lifetime ago.
     “Almost ready for your big debut,” Amy said, freezing Jessica’s blood. “We just need to get you in your pretty little outfit.”
     Jessica burst into tears all over again when she watched Amy reach into her bag and take out a little white t-shirt, and a frilly pink bonnet. “Oh, sweetie,” Amy cooed sweetly, “don’t be sad… you’re going to look so cute!”
     Jessica couldn’t stop bawling as the t-shirt was pulled over her head and down over her breasts. The shirt was tight and small, accentuating her breasts and riding up over her tummy, exposing her bare midriff between the top of her diaper and the bottom of her t-shirt. The bonnet was next, pulled snugly over her scalp and tied under her chin. Jessica continued bawling, knowing how silly she must look.
     “Oh, hush,” Amy scolded gently, pushing a pacifier into her mouth. “It’s not like this’ll be the first time anyone’s seen you in one of your pretty baby outfits—though I suppose it is the first time you’ve been in them at the office!’ she chuckled.  She went to the door. “OK—time to warm up the audience!”

     The office was quiet in the minutes before lunch as everyone scrambled to do a little more work before they went off to eat. Amy left Jessica’s office and went to the front of the room. “Can I have everyone’s attention, please?”
     She soon had every eye in the room on her, most happy for the distraction (the men especially welcoming of a distraction as attractive as Amy). She waited until she had everyone’s attention. “I’m Jessica Horne’s step-sister, Amy Reynolds. Jessie asked me to inform all of you that she’ll be taking a couple of weeks off to help me out with a project.
     “See, I’m not sure if Jessie ever told any of you but I’ve… well, I’ve had some problems lately. In fact I was recently released from a mental health facility following a bout of depression and suicidal thoughts.”
     Murmurs of sympathy rippled through the crowd. Amy had them eating out of the palm of her hand. She pressed on. “I’m currently trying to make up the time I lost at school while I was… away, and my wonderful, caring big sister has volunteered to take time out to help me, so let’s give her a big hand!” she said, leading them in an enthusiastic round of applause.
     Bewildered, the office drones followed suit, clapping slowly at first, then building to a steady crescendo. Amy turned toward Jessie’s open office and bent down, hands on knees. “C’mon, Jessie—you don’t want to keep your public waiting, do you?” she asked with a giggle.
     In the office, on her hands and knees, Jessica contemplated not going, but quickly nixed the idea, realizing it would only make things worse. All she could do now was pray someone would realized she’d been forced into this position against her will and decide to help her. Sucking in a deep breath, Jessica crawled out into the main office to greet her audience.
     She emerged, a hush fell over the room, followed by disbelieving whispers; what the hell was this, anyway? Jessica crawled across the floor, slowly but steadily, her hugely diapered butt swaying and crinkling in the air behind her. “Oh my God!” she heard someone exclaim. By now the people were openly laughing at her, and Jessica clenched her teeth around her pacifier and blushed as she arrived at Amy’s feet.
     Reaching down, Amy took Jessica by the arm and helped her stand. Jessica unfolded herself and rose unsteadily to her feet. Her legs wobbled beneath her, and Amy had to steady her with one arm. “As you may be able to tell, Jessie is practicing for our hypnosis act at my school science fair—hey, I don’t suppose you guys would like a preview, would you?”
     There was applause from the onlookers. Jessica’s stomach sank… so much for relying on help from outside. Amy held up the remote for everyone to see. “I’ve programmed a number of posthypnotic suggestions into Jessie’s subconscious mind. Each button on this remote produces a different effect. For example: if I was to push this yellow button…” she said, hitting the third key from the top. Suddenly, Jessica felt an urgent pressure on her bladder—manageable for the moment, but threatening to become an emergency at any second. “It induces an urgent need to urinate. While this brown button,” she began, smirking evilly as she gave it a squeeze.
     Jessica gasped, a strong urge to poop coming over her. “… Induces the urge to defecate,” Amy continued clinically. “These bodily urges grow stronger with each push of the button,” she said, spitefully giving both the yellow and brown buttons a couple of more presses.
     Jessica squealed, suddenly desperate. She stepped and pranced in place, pressing her hands up against her crotch and the seat of her diaper. She blushed, knowing how silly she must look—knowledge confirmed when she heard the audience chuckling nervously, watching her bounce in place in a desperate attempt to control herself.
     “Wow, that got her moving, huh folks?” Amy said delightedly, taking the soother from Jessica’s mouth. “How about it, sister dear—Care to tell the nice people how you’re feeling right now?”
     “Gotta go potty!” Jessica blurted, blushing furiously when the audience exploded into laughter.
     Amy laughed right along with them. “What poor Jessie doesn’t know is that her struggles are moot.” Grinning sadistically, she indicated the remote again. “One tap of the green button and she’ll have all the toilet training of a newborn!”
     Jessica squealed in protest, but it was too late… a tiny, tinny sound, so small it almost wasn’t there struck her ears.
     And just like that, all of Jessica’s toilet training was instantly forgotten. One minute she was struggling, squeezing her lower orifices closed in a desperate attempt to stay clean—then that infernal sound blew through her head and suddenly, Jessica couldn’t remember how to control herself anymore… The knowledge of what to do and how to act if she had to go had simply vanished without a trace.
     The results were immediate… Jessica could only stand by stiffly and blush as her bladder emptied into her thick pamper, the crotch growing noticeably heavy and yellow.  She heard herself fart noisily and squeaked, feeling her buttocks part and a large, mucky load emerge involuntarily. She gave a cry, struggling desperately to remember how to control herself as a huge, mushy BM oozed out of her loudly and settled into the seat of her diaper, which noticeably began to expand and droop, a dark stain spreading visibly.
     Amy stood by laughing and patting the growing load in Jessica’s diaper—delighting in every disgusting, rumbling fart and prolonged, mushy squish as Jessica’s diaper grew lumpier, heavier, and more distended by the second. “Phew!” she exclaimed, giving an exaggerated fan of the air. “I guess those buttons aren’t going to need any adjustments!” she said, drawing appreciative laughs from the crowd.
     Jessica just stood there on her unsteady legs and bawled inconsolably. Her diaper was filled to capacity, the pee and poop combining into an awful, mushy slurry. Her entire rear end was smeared, and the load in her seat hung so heavily that the top of her butt-crack was peeking out. The stench, nearly overpowering, had enveloped her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she thought of her ruined reputation—how could she ever look any of her co-workers in the eye again?
     “Aww, poor Jessie—are you a little embawwassed by your accident?” Amy cooed in sickeningly sweet baby talk, causing Jessica to glare in her direction.  “Luckily we have one more button,” she said, placing her finger in position over the final key on the remote. “When I push the black button, grown up Jessie goes away, leaving nothing but a sweet, innocent Adult Baby who doesn’t understand how embarrassed she should be.” She smirked at her stunned sister. “Until I hit it again, that is…”
     “Amy, pwese don’!” Jessica whined desperately.
     “Oh hush, you!” the younger girl commanded shoving the pacifier back into Jessica’s mouth. “Jessica go bye-bye!” She said sweetly, hitting the button.
     “NNNNOOOOOO!!!!” Jessica cried as the small sound hit her ears and worked its way into her brain, closing down her adult personality as it did. For a brief, horrifying moment, Jessica experienced a nightmarish vertigo, her adult memories and impulses rapidly dwindling down to nothing. By the time she’d finished her scream, she could no longer remember what had upset her so. She thought nothing of the past or the future, only of her present situation and current needs. She was surrounded by laughing people she didn’t know, which was a little scary, but she recognized Amy and was happy to see her big sister, content in the knowledge that she would watch out for her. And just like that, Jessica was gone.
     Jessie shifted from foot to foot, aware that she’d had an accident. She was vividly aware of the ooey gooey mess in her diaper, and she wriggled her bottom, enjoying the squishy sensations down below.  Slowly, her co-workers surrounded her (as close as they cared to get to the smell, anyway) chuckling and patting her on the bottom. Jessie didn’t mind—she was happy to be the center of attention.
     “Well,” she heard Amy say behind her, I guess it’s time for the stinker and me to hit the road.”
     Jessie turned and observed Amy approaching with an oversized stroller. “C’mon Jessie, let’s go, she said, leading the oversized Adult Toddler over to it. With Amy’s help, Jessie eased herself down into the seat, feeling the mess slowly compress beneath her weight, squishing and oozing into every nook and cranny. Jessie gave a contented sigh—the slippery, mushy load in her drawers was warm and actually kind of comfy. Jessie squirmed around on her bottom, giggling to herself.
     “Here we go—say bye-bye Jessie,” said Amy as she began wheeling her out of the building.
    In the stroller, Jessie yawned, suddenly sleepy. The warm dump in her pants was lulling her to sleep—somewhere, deep inside, the buried remnants of her adult mind she screamed, horrified by the thought of nodding off in a messy diaper. But she just couldn’t help it—after all, she’d just had a big day, and she needed her rest, didn’t she?
     Big sister Amy will take care of it, she thought with a yawn. Big sister takes care of everything.
     She squirmed her bottom once more, shifting the load into a comfortable position, and drifted sweetly to sleep.

Part 2


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      At one time I did have ideas for a couple of more installments of the Gift... maybe someday...

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    1. Glad you liked it.

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