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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Poops Her Pants On Veep, Plus Some Media Odds 'N' Ends And A Correction

From the cover of Ten Years and Still in Diapers, a compilation of the comic strip Baby Blues. The cover shows the entire family diapered. (Contributed by Dick)
 Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of America's best comedic actresses, which probably explains why she's alone amongst her Seinfeld co-stars in finding success after staring in the defining sit-com of the '90's. She currently plays hapless US Vice President Selina Meyer on the HBO series Veep. Thanks to Jim for sending in this clip from the episode Frozen Yogurt (Season 1 episode 2), where Selina contracts a nasty illness that's going around, leading up to a disastrous photo-op at a Frozen Yogurt shop that turns messy at the end.

Not very graphic, but some great acting from Ms. Louis-Dreyfus. Thanks Jim!

Speaking of HBO, a slight correction: apparently something went haywire with the sound when I uploaded the clip from Girls. I've now fixed it, and I'll post the corrected version here:

Next, Dick was able to track down another Diaper Queen from the annual Diaper Service Institute of America Convention.

The copy sent out with the photo says:
"The initials at the top are for the title of Doris "Twink" Alexander, TV star of Miami Beach, who was crowned "Queen of the Annual Convention of the Diaper Service Institute of America" during the three day session at the Seville Hotel in the Florida resort. We can't understand why they just didn't name her "pinup of pinups" for brevity."
This raises a few questions. We know this all started in 1946 and continued until at least 1956. When did they finally stop? Are there more photos out there waiting to be discovered? Who is Doris Alexander? I couldn't find any info her; she may have been a local tv personality.
Finally, Dick also provided us with a new mystery:

This photo is a complete mystery. My online source says only "1950s vintage." Was it taken to promote an orgaization (doesn't really look like the DSIA's style)? Was it for a movie? Is she somebody famous? Anybody have any info at all?

I'd love to find out what the story is behind this one as the woman is quite enchanting (especially in her diaper!)

If you've seen anything you think our readers may enjoy, let me know in the comments or via e-mail and I'll get it up ASAP.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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