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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Check Please!

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Uh oh! Someone's looking a little soggy between the legs... a tad saggy down below... a little lumpy in the seat of her diapers. Come over here and hike up that dress, little one-- time to see if you need a fresh diaper, missy. Can't have you going around in smelly pants, can we?

>Sniff Sniff< Oh my! I think someone made Mommy a present!

Honestly, young lady-- I'm not your mother and you're too old to have your dydees checked like this!
Someone's looking a little lumpy back there...
She groaned as nanny pressed her palm against the sodden material, squishing the thick cotton, heavy and soaked with pee, against her throbbing slit...
She stood by and watch her adult niece grunt, shocked as she saw the bulge growing in the seat of her diapers. "Young lady!" she chided, reaching out to pat the lump, "I think you're going to be in diapers for a good, long time!"
"Silly Girl! How long have you been sitting in soaked diapers?"

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