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Thursday, April 18, 2013

UPDATED: Unsolved No More

First a note on our March poll: I'm really sorry it turned into such a shit-show, guys. I'd always kind of had a feeling blogger had a habit of "losing" votes, but this was the first confirmation I had (during the first poll, nearly half the votes disappeared in one night.) The new poll didn't fare much better (I know for a fact we lost at least a couple votes). From  now on I'll be conducting all votes via Mister Poll.

Update: A huge outpouring of info from readers on this post has cleared up almost all of our mysteries. Read on for further info. Thanks so much for everyone who contributed!

 Let's start with an intriguing mystery uncovered by our old friend Dick. We have here what appears to be a still taken from an unknown Japanese game show. The three "contestants" are very cute in their diapers and bibs, sucking on their pacifiers. Any information provided will be rewarded.

Update: Thanks to Ashley and Katie who both sent this link that clears things up (kind of). It's from a show called Sex Game of Life which aired October 7 2010. The Google translation is pretty rough-- can anyone hook us up with any more info (and maybe even a clip?)

 I also received this single comic panel from an anonymous reader--  it appears to be a bratty older girl undergoing regression punishment from her mother while her delighted younger brother looks on. Anyone know the origin of this? Looks a little fetishy to be mainstream.

Update: Boy was I way off on this one! Not only is the from the very mainstream comic Love and Rockets (the story Perla La Loca), according to both Ziggurat and Raiyuki the woman is a slightly deviate lady from the community who pays young women to dress  like little girls for her to take care of. Not only that, her "brother" is actually another girl from the neighborhood. I have no idea which issue number/graphic novel this story is contained in-- anyone want to help us out?

Next up, two fashion related pics from Kristin:

The first appears to be a model in a runway show dressed up as a baby (including plastic pants and possibly a thin diaper.) In the second, a luscious woman in an extremely infantile outfit (that looks inspired by the Disney version of Alice In Wonderland to me)... am I crazy, or does her crotch look a little "bulky?"

Update:  The first pic remains a mystery, but the second has been confirmed by Dick and an anonymous commenter below as none other than Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. Dick sent in a link explaining the pic here.

I'll let Dick introduce and explain our last contributions:

Female celebrities in diapers are a rare thing, and famous gals who diaper up more than once are rarer still. Here are a couple of pictures of Bette Midler once again portraying Baby New Year. I don't know the publication history of the photos, but they were taken during a performance on New Year's Eve 1982. I have evidence that Midler played BNY on several other occasions, but I haven't been able to verify any additional diaper-wearing.

 In 1983 Bette Midler published a children's book called The Saga of Baby Divine. Photos were taken with Midler dressed as the book's infant protagonist. The picture with the dark blue background is from the book jacket; I don't know about the other one.

What do you think, guys? Is she secretly one of us?
That's all for now-- expect more updates soon. Hope everyone's having a great week!
Peek-a-boo! (Naughty Diaper Girls)


  1. The comic panel comes from a book called "Perla La Loca", with the older woman having a fetish for that sort of thing, and the younger girl doing it for work, hence her bored expression.

  2. Also the "brother" is a girl.

  3. The fourth picture is Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. That outfit is very ADBL-ish but probably not intentional.