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Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Media Project Stuff And New Years Babes

(The latest installment of The Humble Games is now online.)
Screen-cap from the American Version of I Survived A Japanese Game Show (contributed by Dick)
Dan thinks he may have found a Big Breakfast episode that may have a Buddies in the Nuddy, but neither he or I can view it... Maybe someone will have some luck and share their findings with us.

We also got another quick note from John about the Sexcetra-esque show Sin Cities:

The show "sin cities" did two segments on adult babies I'm pretty sure you are aware of the first one but the second one I've never been able to track down.
It's called "going down under" it features another interview with Wendy from adult baby source. I've been trying to track it down and ill let you know if any luck comes of it. Here is a link to a description.

Big thanks to Dan for tracking down this clip from Space Cadets (skip to 3:45):

Lets close out this installment with some more contributions from Dick: "from a series of calendars produced in the 1950s and 1960s called 'Bill Randall's Date Book.' So far I've got images from January 1953, June 1956, and January 1959."

I've got to tell you-- I really love these pics. The poems that come with them are great, as are the sketches in the margins. (Check out some more new years babes here.)

We haven't been getting a ton of comments on the page recently... Please let me and the contributors know if you enjoy this stuff guys-- it's a lot of work combing through,  finding these things, and posting them up and if you don't let us know what you like, the updates may dry up completely.


  1. I definitely enjoy and look forward to your updates. This blog is a goldmine resource and exhibits an undercurrent of curiosity (and predilection) for diapers, regressive desire, and transgressive taboo in popular culture. Also, it's a bunch of fun. I don't usually comment on posts about/participate in the "community" of diaper lovers, but I wanted to give my words as support. Please continue!



    1. Thanks, pal! Always great to hear from the "silent majority."

  2. I apologize that I do not express my gratitude very often. I love the work you do! It is amazing how you find this stuff when I have spent a great deal of my time trying but not succeeding. Every week I get on eager to see what is next and you always deliver with amazing additions. Please keep up the amazing work! You rock!

    1. It's OK; I get that people are busy (also that some people are more "out" than others). I just like to remind the contributors that we care every now and then.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Your site is among my morning routine of email / Facebook/favorites checks, I get very excited every time theres something new.

  4. the video space cadets is very funny! The girls were really embarrassed in costume.

    1. Yeah, some really great expressions there.

      Thanks for stopping by-- hope we get some more diaper art from you in the not-too-distant-future!