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Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Messy Girls

(I've added some more clips to my account at diaperpin.me. Are you guys using this or should I stop? Any requests?)

Shane thought fans of my story Messy Jessie would like these clips-- here we see a group of people hypnotized to believe they've had an accident:

Some really great, funny reactions there. Here's another clip of the same act with four women:

Finally, thanks to the reader who sent in this next tidbit; amateur footage of a pretty young lady desperate for the bathroom after three days of hard drinking, and eventually doesn't make it! In the course of the video, she even makes mention that if she messes her pants "it'll be the third time this year!"

Hmmm... sounds like someone could use some extra protection...

Many of you have written and asked why I have so many messy clips and pics and almost no wetting ones. The answer is simple: I get a lot of messy stuff sent to me and almost no wetting clips. Those of you who want to see more wetting clips: my advice is share what you have and maybe you'll inspire others to follow suit.

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