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Friday, March 1, 2013

More Adult Babies On Sexcetra And Lil Mama Gets In Touch With Her Inner Adult Baby

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Dan mentioned in one of his e-mails that he thought he'd seen an episode of Sexcetra featuring interviews with some of the models from Adult Baby Source/AdultBaby.xxx. Some research on my part turned up this thread from Daily Diapers containing some very interesting information:

There have to my knowledge been 6 Sexcetera episodes that mention/reference/focus on infantillism.

I have them somewhere, I'll look about.

Sam Phillips featured in AB clothes in most of them, methinks she likes us. 

The  same poster confirms that ABS was in fact featured on the show and at one point even posted footage on Youtube (which has since been removed). As always, anyone who helps us track down this clip will be rewarded.

Dan also sent us in this find from MTV.com: Rapper Lil Mama appears at the 2007 Video Music Awards dressed like a giant baby, complete with bonnet and pacifier:
The fashion police on MTV were most unkind about her ensemble:

Yes, that's Lil Mama, and no, sadly, this photo wasn't taken at Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party. Lil Mama actually arrived at the 2007 VMAs dressed like she'd just crawled out of the womb. And as if purple satin and puffy babydoll sleeves weren't criminal enough, Lil Mams had the gall to top it off with a matching bonnet and bejeweled passy. Classy! We get it, we get it. You're the voice of the young people. And the voice of the sippy cup set too, apparently. Except we can't really understand what the hell you're saying because you've got a DAMNED PACIFIER IN YOUR MOUTH, which makes us wonder if you were wearing a diaper under there too.

Finally, a reader spotted this thread over at Daily Diapers about a UK show called OutTHERE :

...around 10 years ago there was a clips show on Channel 5 in the UK called "OutTHERE". The 3rd series was presented by Emily Booth and one of the episodes (out of 6 I believe) had a clip of a fake commercial. The commercial had a women wearing a cloth nappy which was being strokes by men's arms. A voice over intoned that 9 out of 10 men couldn't tell the difference between the soft feeling of a nappy or product X (I can't remember what the fake product was). I believe that the advert came from Troma studios as they used to produce them to distribute with there movies.

I've no other details and cannot track down 'OutTHERE' series 3 and do not know which film it would've come with. It was a pretty short clip but the model was fairly hot.

Anybody got any more info on this?

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