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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

For A Few Media Project Updates More

(The latest installment of The Humble Games is online now.)

From web-comic The Joy Of Tech: "Here, management has sought to improve productivity with a new
    policy: in order to cut down on bathroom breaks, everybody must wear diapers!" I love the Professional Business Woman up-top/Giant Baby Diaper downstairs look (contributed by Dick.)

Let's kick this installment off with another great contribution from Dick-- the aforementioned clip from the Dr. Dean show featuring a brief look into a morning in the life of a real AB girl, including waking up in a crib, playing in a playpen, and being spoon fed.

Another submission from Dick: "This is not, strictly speaking, a diaper scene. It's from the 1994 film The Road to Wellville, about a 19th century health spa. In the movie, male guests exercise wearing diaper-like garments. In one scene, Lara Flynn Boyle's character puts one on in order to seduce one of the men."

Thanks to the anonymous commentator who sent  in this clip from the previously mentioned Mystery Diagnosis, featuring a woman whose chronic diarrhea is so severe she's forced into diapers at one point (Skip to 7:45 for the diaper scene.)

 Let's close with some more sightings from Dan:

- There was a show called Eurotrash used to be on Channel 4, basically a british version of Sexetra with Antoine De Cannes hosting it. One of the early series featured a segement on a male AB, and his female AB friend ame round to play. This made it to the vhs which was released a while back 10-15 yrs ago, can't see it online

- In a british celebrity gossip magazine (Not sure which one) there was a couple of pics of Ashton Kucher & Demi Moore out in matching baby grows. blue and pink, probably 3-5 years ago. I have had a quick look on the net but to no avail.

- I m still searching for the Big Breakfast material but the game "Buddies in the nuddy" barely gets a menton there is a website somewhere which mentions all of the big breakfast games and theres about 100 of them. Looking at it, from the pics Anon found it was around Feb 1996 hosted by Zoe Ball, and thinking back, the game would have only lasted about 1 month.


  1. Ah yeah I've seen those pics of Demi and Ashton, they looked hilariously pissed in their huge bonnets b/c the paparazzi caught them like that on their way to some costume party in a hurry. That said, I think it was actually a French mag and not British, I had seen them from a scanned article in French on ABKingdom.