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Saturday, March 9, 2013

DDNIXX Gets Famous

This is pretty cool...

I'm sure most of you know DDNIXX, an incredibly talented Photoshop artist we've featured here a few times in the past. Her pasties of well-known actresses and models are the best that I've ever seen, the diapers (and sometimes text) blending seamlessly into the original photos.

Now, DDNIXX has been recognized by not one but two of her celebrity subjects: models Ruby Rose and Faye Taylor both posted DDNIXX's pasties of them on their respective Twitter accounts:

I asked NIXX how it felt to be acknowledged by one of her subjects:

Great! Though, I'm not sure if it's truly acknowledgement. That is to say, I don't imagine she's gone on a search to find "DDNIXX", but hey, who knows? Maybe she's one of the new Watchers I got today!

Either way, I was pretty stoked about it!

Congratulations, DDNIXX! You're a talented artist and a great person. When you're out in Hollywood working as a Professional Diaper Consultant to the Stars, I hope you'll still have time for all the little people who knew you when...

(And for the record-- if any of you tweet any of the celebrity related posts on this blog to the people mentioned in them, I'll kill you.)

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