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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Fistfull Of Media Project Updates

Marcia Lynn in Toxic Avenger 4 (contributed by Dick.)
I've received a flood of stuff for the list in the past couple of days that I'll  be posting in installments over the next few days, so let's get to it:

First, some clarification on our last post, where we mentioned UK clip show OutTHERE. In a bizarre,  Ripley's Believe it Or Not type coincidence, at the same time Paul wrote me an e-mail explaining that the original clip came from the film Video Vixens, regular contributor Dick was sending me the clip:
It's a nice clip: the actress ( Linda York) is really cute and the diaper looks great (though it's not very thick.) The premise of the clip is a little icky and you only get a couple of good, clear looks at the diaper (they are good looks, though) but overall I like it a lot.

Paul was also able to track down the aforementioned Adult Baby Source segment from Sexcetera, including interviews with owner/operator Wendy and models Amy and Rose. Even the correspondent Kira Reed gets into the act a bit, sucking her thumb and lounging on the bed:
 A fantastic (though brief) clip: a very positive portrayal of the fetish featuring two cute models in diapers, who even get to talk about what they like about playing baby. The full episode is on youtube (the ABS segment starts at about 4:30.)

On the same topic, another reader, George, reminded me of another Sexcetera segment where correspondent Sam Phillips (who also did the Baby Tim segment, which ended with her trying on some Adult Baby clothes) attends a fetish ball and tries on some babyish rumba panties and even a pair of plastic pants:

Let's close out with another quick one from Dick: from Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents a quick flash of two girls out partying in diapers and pacifiers with their hair up in pigtails. Like our What Happens In Kavos  clip, this footage also takes place in Greece.
So what's the deal, Greek readers-- are your cities just crawling with cute girls in diapers or what?

If you enjoyed these clips or you have anything to contribute, let us know in the comments or via e-mail.

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