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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Legs Up Or Bottoms Up?


I've noticed that a lot of folks in the ABDL community are pretty militant about how they like to see diaper-changes depicted; specifically, they like the "legs up" method of wiping and powdering over the "bottoms up" face down method.


Now don't get me wrong-- I like the legs up position too: It emphasizes the strength and power of the caregiver over their hapless charge and every aspect of their life.


But I think people are too quick to dismiss the the bottoms up method, which imparts to the diaperee a sense of delicious helplessness.


It's a sign of complete vulnerability and total submission, where the baby is laid bare for whatever infantile treatment may lie ahead, from a spanking to a temperature taking-- even an enema.


I think ideally, we'd see an equal amount of both positions. I took a little heat from some people when the first Crybaby Match came out for having a face down powdering, but I never regretted it-- It gave Sinn a prefect opportunity to dominate and embarrass Kym even further after her spanking. I thought is was sexy then and I still do.
On the other hand, I never regretted going legs-up when Kym got revenge on Sinn in the follow-up:

The debate rages on-- but at least we can all appreciate the results:
Enjoy this collection of changing clips I threw together:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Media Project Stuff And New Years Babes

(The latest installment of The Humble Games is now online.)
Screen-cap from the American Version of I Survived A Japanese Game Show (contributed by Dick)
Dan thinks he may have found a Big Breakfast episode that may have a Buddies in the Nuddy, but neither he or I can view it... Maybe someone will have some luck and share their findings with us.

We also got another quick note from John about the Sexcetra-esque show Sin Cities:

The show "sin cities" did two segments on adult babies I'm pretty sure you are aware of the first one but the second one I've never been able to track down.
It's called "going down under" it features another interview with Wendy from adult baby source. I've been trying to track it down and ill let you know if any luck comes of it. Here is a link to a description.

Big thanks to Dan for tracking down this clip from Space Cadets (skip to 3:45):

Lets close out this installment with some more contributions from Dick: "from a series of calendars produced in the 1950s and 1960s called 'Bill Randall's Date Book.' So far I've got images from January 1953, June 1956, and January 1959."

I've got to tell you-- I really love these pics. The poems that come with them are great, as are the sketches in the margins. (Check out some more new years babes here.)

We haven't been getting a ton of comments on the page recently... Please let me and the contributors know if you enjoy this stuff guys-- it's a lot of work combing through,  finding these things, and posting them up and if you don't let us know what you like, the updates may dry up completely.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Messy Girls

(I've added some more clips to my account at diaperpin.me. Are you guys using this or should I stop? Any requests?)

Shane thought fans of my story Messy Jessie would like these clips-- here we see a group of people hypnotized to believe they've had an accident:

Some really great, funny reactions there. Here's another clip of the same act with four women:

Finally, thanks to the reader who sent in this next tidbit; amateur footage of a pretty young lady desperate for the bathroom after three days of hard drinking, and eventually doesn't make it! In the course of the video, she even makes mention that if she messes her pants "it'll be the third time this year!"

Hmmm... sounds like someone could use some extra protection...

Many of you have written and asked why I have so many messy clips and pics and almost no wetting ones. The answer is simple: I get a lot of messy stuff sent to me and almost no wetting clips. Those of you who want to see more wetting clips: my advice is share what you have and maybe you'll inspire others to follow suit.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Babes In Diapers TV!

Well, not TV exactly...

I've started uploading clips (via youtube) on Diaperpin.me. You can view my stuff here (there's just a couple of the more recent clips at the moment, along with the Crybaby Match previews.) I'm not sure if you need an account to view them or not, but signing up is free and easy, so there shouldn't be any problems there.

Let me know if this works and I'll start uploading more stuff when I get the chance.

(Update: OK, half an hour later and I've already got a content warning-- this does not bode well for our hero...)

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress:


Friday, March 15, 2013

High Fashion ABDL Style

(Anyone here any good with Youtube? I know some people are having trouble viewing clips on the blog and I want to start a Youtube channel, but I'm worried I'll just get booted immediately for copyright infringement. Is there any way I can make my videos private and still allow you guys to view my channel? Failing that, can anyone recommend an alternative?)
Here's another great pic and the accompanying clip from Dick:

For several years I've had  a page from a fashion magazine called Clothes Show, from 1995.
    It described some rather babyish outfits shown by a company called Red or Dead. Recently I discovered some video of the show in question. There was definitely something strange
    going on in the fashion industry in the 1990s...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Babes With Dirty Mouths...

Naughty girls beware-- we don't approve of dirty mouths around here: if you continue the potty talk, you're going to get your mouth washed out!

Spanked, sore, and soapy
The folly of bratting during bath-time
Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer!
Starting to regret lipping off...
Spanked and soaped for sassing mom
Taught a lesson by her mom and baby sister
Firm Hand Spanking
Bad Tushy
Girl Spanks Girl
Naughty Diaper Girls

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Media Project Update

(The Humble Games Blog Has Been Updated)

Dick continues to impress and amaze with his ability to track down even the most obscure diaper references-- Like the above pics of TV presenter Sonya Kraus (from the previously mentioned German chat show Talk Talk Talk). The actual clip remains elusive-- maybe these pics will be the inspiration we need to track it down.

Dick also sent in this footage from a play called Birthday Sex. The Actress is Erin Markey:

Score another one for Dick: Here's Ms. Markey once again as a diapered stripper:

I think this is the last of the backlog of clips that Dick sent in-- a cute little clip from Top Of The Pops in the UK:

That's all for now. Please let us know what you think of this latest batch of clips. If you have any info to pass on, leave it in the comments or drop me a line.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

DDNIXX Gets Famous

This is pretty cool...

I'm sure most of you know DDNIXX, an incredibly talented Photoshop artist we've featured here a few times in the past. Her pasties of well-known actresses and models are the best that I've ever seen, the diapers (and sometimes text) blending seamlessly into the original photos.

Now, DDNIXX has been recognized by not one but two of her celebrity subjects: models Ruby Rose and Faye Taylor both posted DDNIXX's pasties of them on their respective Twitter accounts:

I asked NIXX how it felt to be acknowledged by one of her subjects:

Great! Though, I'm not sure if it's truly acknowledgement. That is to say, I don't imagine she's gone on a search to find "DDNIXX", but hey, who knows? Maybe she's one of the new Watchers I got today!

Either way, I was pretty stoked about it!

Congratulations, DDNIXX! You're a talented artist and a great person. When you're out in Hollywood working as a Professional Diaper Consultant to the Stars, I hope you'll still have time for all the little people who knew you when...

(And for the record-- if any of you tweet any of the celebrity related posts on this blog to the people mentioned in them, I'll kill you.)

The Originals

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

For A Few Media Project Updates More

(The latest installment of The Humble Games is online now.)

From web-comic The Joy Of Tech: "Here, management has sought to improve productivity with a new
    policy: in order to cut down on bathroom breaks, everybody must wear diapers!" I love the Professional Business Woman up-top/Giant Baby Diaper downstairs look (contributed by Dick.)

Let's kick this installment off with another great contribution from Dick-- the aforementioned clip from the Dr. Dean show featuring a brief look into a morning in the life of a real AB girl, including waking up in a crib, playing in a playpen, and being spoon fed.

Another submission from Dick: "This is not, strictly speaking, a diaper scene. It's from the 1994 film The Road to Wellville, about a 19th century health spa. In the movie, male guests exercise wearing diaper-like garments. In one scene, Lara Flynn Boyle's character puts one on in order to seduce one of the men."

Thanks to the anonymous commentator who sent  in this clip from the previously mentioned Mystery Diagnosis, featuring a woman whose chronic diarrhea is so severe she's forced into diapers at one point (Skip to 7:45 for the diaper scene.)

 Let's close with some more sightings from Dan:

- There was a show called Eurotrash used to be on Channel 4, basically a british version of Sexetra with Antoine De Cannes hosting it. One of the early series featured a segement on a male AB, and his female AB friend ame round to play. This made it to the vhs which was released a while back 10-15 yrs ago, can't see it online

- In a british celebrity gossip magazine (Not sure which one) there was a couple of pics of Ashton Kucher & Demi Moore out in matching baby grows. blue and pink, probably 3-5 years ago. I have had a quick look on the net but to no avail.

- I m still searching for the Big Breakfast material but the game "Buddies in the nuddy" barely gets a menton there is a website somewhere which mentions all of the big breakfast games and theres about 100 of them. Looking at it, from the pics Anon found it was around Feb 1996 hosted by Zoe Ball, and thinking back, the game would have only lasted about 1 month.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Fistfull Of Media Project Updates

Marcia Lynn in Toxic Avenger 4 (contributed by Dick.)
I've received a flood of stuff for the list in the past couple of days that I'll  be posting in installments over the next few days, so let's get to it:

First, some clarification on our last post, where we mentioned UK clip show OutTHERE. In a bizarre,  Ripley's Believe it Or Not type coincidence, at the same time Paul wrote me an e-mail explaining that the original clip came from the film Video Vixens, regular contributor Dick was sending me the clip:
It's a nice clip: the actress ( Linda York) is really cute and the diaper looks great (though it's not very thick.) The premise of the clip is a little icky and you only get a couple of good, clear looks at the diaper (they are good looks, though) but overall I like it a lot.

Paul was also able to track down the aforementioned Adult Baby Source segment from Sexcetera, including interviews with owner/operator Wendy and models Amy and Rose. Even the correspondent Kira Reed gets into the act a bit, sucking her thumb and lounging on the bed:
 A fantastic (though brief) clip: a very positive portrayal of the fetish featuring two cute models in diapers, who even get to talk about what they like about playing baby. The full episode is on youtube (the ABS segment starts at about 4:30.)

On the same topic, another reader, George, reminded me of another Sexcetera segment where correspondent Sam Phillips (who also did the Baby Tim segment, which ended with her trying on some Adult Baby clothes) attends a fetish ball and tries on some babyish rumba panties and even a pair of plastic pants:

Let's close out with another quick one from Dick: from Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents a quick flash of two girls out partying in diapers and pacifiers with their hair up in pigtails. Like our What Happens In Kavos  clip, this footage also takes place in Greece.
So what's the deal, Greek readers-- are your cities just crawling with cute girls in diapers or what?

If you enjoyed these clips or you have anything to contribute, let us know in the comments or via e-mail.

Friday, March 1, 2013

More Adult Babies On Sexcetra And Lil Mama Gets In Touch With Her Inner Adult Baby

 First and foremost, don't forget to vote for your favorite post for February:

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New Sightings On Girls And Storage Wars, Plus A New Look At An Old Favorite
Baywatch Babe Gena Lee Nolin Diapered on UK TV (Plus A Baby Bouncer For Adults)
More Media Project Updates 

Dan mentioned in one of his e-mails that he thought he'd seen an episode of Sexcetra featuring interviews with some of the models from Adult Baby Source/AdultBaby.xxx. Some research on my part turned up this thread from Daily Diapers containing some very interesting information:

There have to my knowledge been 6 Sexcetera episodes that mention/reference/focus on infantillism.

I have them somewhere, I'll look about.

Sam Phillips featured in AB clothes in most of them, methinks she likes us. 

The  same poster confirms that ABS was in fact featured on the show and at one point even posted footage on Youtube (which has since been removed). As always, anyone who helps us track down this clip will be rewarded.

Dan also sent us in this find from MTV.com: Rapper Lil Mama appears at the 2007 Video Music Awards dressed like a giant baby, complete with bonnet and pacifier:
The fashion police on MTV were most unkind about her ensemble:

Yes, that's Lil Mama, and no, sadly, this photo wasn't taken at Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party. Lil Mama actually arrived at the 2007 VMAs dressed like she'd just crawled out of the womb. And as if purple satin and puffy babydoll sleeves weren't criminal enough, Lil Mams had the gall to top it off with a matching bonnet and bejeweled passy. Classy! We get it, we get it. You're the voice of the young people. And the voice of the sippy cup set too, apparently. Except we can't really understand what the hell you're saying because you've got a DAMNED PACIFIER IN YOUR MOUTH, which makes us wonder if you were wearing a diaper under there too.

Finally, a reader spotted this thread over at Daily Diapers about a UK show called OutTHERE :

...around 10 years ago there was a clips show on Channel 5 in the UK called "OutTHERE". The 3rd series was presented by Emily Booth and one of the episodes (out of 6 I believe) had a clip of a fake commercial. The commercial had a women wearing a cloth nappy which was being strokes by men's arms. A voice over intoned that 9 out of 10 men couldn't tell the difference between the soft feeling of a nappy or product X (I can't remember what the fake product was). I believe that the advert came from Troma studios as they used to produce them to distribute with there movies.

I've no other details and cannot track down 'OutTHERE' series 3 and do not know which film it would've come with. It was a pretty short clip but the model was fairly hot.

Anybody got any more info on this?