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Friday, February 8, 2013

Two Naughty Finnish Journalists Poop Their Pants In Public-- Then Write About It! (Updated)

Update: Thanks to Mark for providing a better translation of the original article, which can be read here.

I've heard of lifestyle journalism, but this is ridiculous...

 "Vappu Kaarenoja and Aurora Rämö of Ylioppilaslehti, Finland’s largest student newspaper, planned the act of public defecation for the newspaper’s 100th anniversary issue. They detailed the the pooping process, riding the bus with poop in their pants, how their pants felt and smelled and I can only imagine what else," according to this English account of a Google translation of this story from a Finnish newspaper. The original article can be found here.

"The long-haul Finnish equivalent of the old Greyhound buses is stocked half full of people traveling through counties, whose belongings the driver has courteously stacked in the cargo hold. We don't have luggage, we have pants which are rounded off with a loose waistband. For minimizing pressure," they write of their preparations.

"Imagine being a baby. Or a senior citizen. People's noses get used to it quickly," says Kaarenoja in a statement that could have been culled from the Wetset Message Boards.

They even describe how it felt when they stood up: "The bus drives through Halikko and we unanimously decide to poop some more. Little by little the sludge starts pasting itself onto the skin. Feels like there's some gel-like substance in the crack of the ass. When raised off the seat, the poop does not fall off of the rump. The swaying of the buses secures it even further. "

The bus company is obviously unhappy about their little stunt, calling it a “tasteless trick and really tasteless writing.” “This is extra work for us. And this is certainly [bad] for bus passenger comfort, the idea that someone has shit her pants on the bench.” They're talking about seeking compensation for the cleaning and an apology from the naughty, poopy pants reporters.

But I'm not sure that's enough punishment for two such naughty, immature girls who should know better. We here at Babes In Diapers know exactly how to handle two little brats like these:

The Editor calls them into his office sternly-- they waddle in, still in their messy pants, and stand blushing and shamefaced, as he reads them the riot act.

"Shameful! Utterly shameful that you would even think of such a silly stunt in the first place, and even worse that you would involve this newspaper! Turn around and get those messy pants down! It's time to clean you two for punishment!"

Blushing ruefully, the two pretty reporters turn and drop their pants, exposing their messy panties. "Utterly disgraceful!" the editor says to himself as they carefully drop their heavy, lumpy drawers, the wet brown stains on the seats matching the thick smears on their well rounded buttocks.

They bend at the waists, blushing furiously as the editor wipes their butts for them, cleaning off the mucky smears from their butt-cheeks with toilet paper and baby wipes before starting on the cracks. The girls stand by silently, utterly humiliated as they have their bottoms wiped like toddlers who had an accident, then watch the other endure the same treatment.

Finally clean, their ordeal is finally over. They watch in nervous silence, their pants long discarded in the trash, shyly covering their privates while their bare butts gleam freshly behind them, as their editor pulls a chair into the center of the room. Taking a seat, he fixes them with a stern gaze and points to his lap. "Both of you. Quickly!"

Blushing crimson, the two naughty reporters, naked from the waist down, crowd into his lap, pressing together tightly so they don't fall off. He begins the spanking without preamble, quickly turning their butts bright pink. They how and squeal and kick and squirm to no avail, the spanks raining down on the four wiggling, jiggling cheeks in a steady rhythm. The embarrassed girl reporters can only squeak and squirm as their naked rumps quickly turn an angry red-- why did they ever come up with such a silly assignment?!

Their spanking finished, they rise from their editor's lap and quickly launch into synchronized war-dances, hopping ridiculously from foot to foot while frantically trying and failing to rub the heat from their scorched posteriors.

But their punishment isn't over yet: leading them over to his desk, their editor has them lie on top side-by-side. They watch nervously as he retrieves something from the closet-- they let out a collective howl of embarrassment when they realized he's produced a pair of massive, oversize cloth diapers. They plead for mercy, but the editor has none as he lifts their legs, powders their blushing butts, and deftly diapers the pair of them.

Rising slowly from the desk, the two diapered reporters look at each other, then down at themselves-- the diapers are thick and bulky, forcing them to waddle. Even if they did have anything to wear over them, they wouldn't fit. Grinning broadly, the editor slips a pacifier in their mouthes compleating the look.

"There!" he says proudly, the two disgraced reporters scowling at him over the pacifiers. "Now, I booked you two tickets on the next bus to Turku-- It leaves in an hour, so don't be late!"

Looking each other over once more, their well-spanked butts roasting under their huge, fluffy diapers, the pampered journalists can only burst into tears-- just when they thought it couldn't get any worse! How long would their public humiliation last?

...And after.


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