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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Sightings On Girls And Storage Wars, Plus A New Look At An Old Favorite

The HBO comedy series Girls is, depending on who you talk to, the greatest human achievement since the invention of the wheel or the worst thing since the Nazis. I've never seen it, so I don't have an opinion-- What I do know is that Jim was kind enough to send us in this clip from a recent episode (season 2 episode 2) featuring this strange scene where the main character in a childish Glow Worm sleeping bag. After delivering an affectionate pat on her butt, her gay roommate asks "are you wearing a diaper?"

(UPDATE: Fixed vid.)
According to Daily Diapers, the series has made "numerous references to infantalism and wetting." Has anyone seen anything else worthy of note on this series?

Jim was also kind enough to send in this nice tidbit from A&E's Storage Wars Texas:

At the very end of the episode, Jenny G. is shown opening a box and pulling out a package of generic looking protective underwear. She says this below.

"More boxes full of adult diapers." (Pulls package from box). "I wanna check out what these look like." (Is now holding one up stretching it out in her hands). "These actually look pretty comfortable." "I always have to miss stuff cause I have to stop and go pee." "I could just wear these all day and save so much time." (Puts one on over clothes). "I think it's suppose to go on like this." (Models them). "How hot do I look right now?" (Gets into yoga position). "Downward dog." "This didnt turn out to be such a bad locker after-all."

 The  full episode can be seen here (go to 20:47 to see it).

Finally, Jim also uncovered this hi def version of the classic Bad Ronald music video-- featuring a bevy of beautiful adult baby girls!

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