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Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Media Project Updates

Still no sign of the Gena Lee Nolin clip from The Big Breakfast, but Dan was able to find another interesting pic, this time featuring Gena's Baywatch cast mate Pamela Anderson sucking on a large pacifier with then husband Tommy Lee.
Dan says there are more Pamela/pacifier pics out there, so keep your eyes open.

Another reader, David, was nice enough to send us in his own short list of media sightings:

*An episode of the Discovery Health series "Mystery Diagnosis" featured diapers.  It centered on Habba Syndrome, which causes fecal incontinence.  A woman in her early forties was having this problem and didn't know why.  It caused her to be almost chained to her toilet.  She said that at one point she bought a pack of adult diapers, and a dramatization shows her picking up a pull-up (of course it's not a diaper, but whatever), putting her foot through it and I believe pulling it up, all from below the waist.  She says something to the effect that "When you put on your first adult diaper, you get a visual of yourself in the mirror, and you say to yourself, 'I better do something about this or I'm going to be wearing one of these for the rest of my life.'"  That's pretty much the only diaper reference for the rest of the segment.
*A UK show called "Space Cadets" featured a crew of male and female twentysomethings who are pranked into believing that they're going on a real space mission (similar to "The Joe Schmo Show").  They train for the mission and put on diapers like real astronauts wear.  I have not watched this show, but only read about it.
*I believe you only have the foreign editions of "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" listed, but the U.S. edition, I believe both seasons, featured diaper wearing as well.  In the first season, the cute blonde girl was featured in promos saying unenthusiastically "I'm wearing a bib and a diaper.  Awesome."

As always, if you know of something you don't see listed here, drop me a line and I'll get it up as quick as I can.

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  1. Mystery Diagnosis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ79_D3Hq7A