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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Update On Our Naughty Reporters, Plus The Dangers Of Diet Drugs

(Is ABKingdom finished? When I tried to check them this morning, all I got was a message about there not being "enough fighters to continue the fight.")

First, a quick update on the naughty Finnish reporters who pooped their panties in public to write a story about it: one of the women recently appeared on a Finnish talk-show to discuss the experience. Unfortunately, it's in un-subtitled Finnish and there doesn't seem to be a translation available as of yet. As always, if one of our readers can provide one, I'll see that they're rewarded:

Download here (push "click here to start downloading from sendspace" to start your DL)

On that same note: Jared sent in this video review of the diet drug  Alli, a product whose commercials used to warn that it "may cause sudden bowel movements and the inability to control them." The clip details the potential side effects, even going as far as to suggest new users try diapers until their system can adapt to the drug (and we see a woman trying on a pull-up):

Even Alli's competitors are getting in on the act: Here, a the makers of a competing diet drug demonstrate Alli's tenancy to cause "anal leakage" in graphic detail (no diapers):

If you've seen anything you think our viewers would enjoy, post it in the comments or drop me a line and I'll get it up ASAP.

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  1. I noticed that about ABKingdom, too. It's different from their usual "site is down" message, but the url it redirects to is called "maintenance", so hopefully that's all it is?