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Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Media Project Updates

Still no sign of the Gena Lee Nolin clip from The Big Breakfast, but Dan was able to find another interesting pic, this time featuring Gena's Baywatch cast mate Pamela Anderson sucking on a large pacifier with then husband Tommy Lee.
Dan says there are more Pamela/pacifier pics out there, so keep your eyes open.

Another reader, David, was nice enough to send us in his own short list of media sightings:

*An episode of the Discovery Health series "Mystery Diagnosis" featured diapers.  It centered on Habba Syndrome, which causes fecal incontinence.  A woman in her early forties was having this problem and didn't know why.  It caused her to be almost chained to her toilet.  She said that at one point she bought a pack of adult diapers, and a dramatization shows her picking up a pull-up (of course it's not a diaper, but whatever), putting her foot through it and I believe pulling it up, all from below the waist.  She says something to the effect that "When you put on your first adult diaper, you get a visual of yourself in the mirror, and you say to yourself, 'I better do something about this or I'm going to be wearing one of these for the rest of my life.'"  That's pretty much the only diaper reference for the rest of the segment.
*A UK show called "Space Cadets" featured a crew of male and female twentysomethings who are pranked into believing that they're going on a real space mission (similar to "The Joe Schmo Show").  They train for the mission and put on diapers like real astronauts wear.  I have not watched this show, but only read about it.
*I believe you only have the foreign editions of "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" listed, but the U.S. edition, I believe both seasons, featured diaper wearing as well.  In the first season, the cute blonde girl was featured in promos saying unenthusiastically "I'm wearing a bib and a diaper.  Awesome."

As always, if you know of something you don't see listed here, drop me a line and I'll get it up as quick as I can.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Update On Our Naughty Reporters, Plus The Dangers Of Diet Drugs

(Is ABKingdom finished? When I tried to check them this morning, all I got was a message about there not being "enough fighters to continue the fight.")

First, a quick update on the naughty Finnish reporters who pooped their panties in public to write a story about it: one of the women recently appeared on a Finnish talk-show to discuss the experience. Unfortunately, it's in un-subtitled Finnish and there doesn't seem to be a translation available as of yet. As always, if one of our readers can provide one, I'll see that they're rewarded:

Download here (push "click here to start downloading from sendspace" to start your DL)

On that same note: Jared sent in this video review of the diet drug  Alli, a product whose commercials used to warn that it "may cause sudden bowel movements and the inability to control them." The clip details the potential side effects, even going as far as to suggest new users try diapers until their system can adapt to the drug (and we see a woman trying on a pull-up):

Even Alli's competitors are getting in on the act: Here, a the makers of a competing diet drug demonstrate Alli's tenancy to cause "anal leakage" in graphic detail (no diapers):

If you've seen anything you think our viewers would enjoy, post it in the comments or drop me a line and I'll get it up ASAP.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

UPDATED: Baywatch Babe Gena Lee Nolin Diapered on UK TV (Plus A Baby Bouncer For Adults)

(The latest installment of The Humble Games is online now.)
(Thanks to both Dan and the Anonymous reader in the comments for uncovering a couple of pics of Gena diapered on the Big Breakfast:

Unfortunately, there was also some dude in the pics-- I edited him out of this one, but I can't really do that with the others. You can see the originals here: 1, 2, 3
Still no sign of a clip (or any other Big Breakfast clips), so keep your eyes open and let us know if you find anything.)
Former Baywatch beauty Gena Lee Nolin has always been a favorite of mine-- blonde, buxom, and fantastically sexy, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's dreamed of wrapping my hand around her ankles, lifting her long, sleek legs up high in the air, and exposing her smooth, round bottom so I could slip a diaper under it...

Well, today that dream is closer than ever-- Dan reports:

...in England we used to have a programme called the big breakfast a very popular morning show on channel 4 with many hosts. Just before it finished, around 1998 they used to have a slot about 5 mins long of a game called "Buddies in the nuddy" where 5 adults would be dressed in nappies/diapers and the contestant/caller would have to guess whos the baby pic was.
I remember one show had Gena Lee Nolin from Baywatch dressed in a giant nappy as one of the adults.
Dan says he used to have video of this incident, but is having some trouble running it down, so I thought I'd turn it over to you guys: Has anyone else seen the clip in question? Anyone know where we can get a clip? I'd dearly love to see this, so anyone who helps out will be rewarded (also, does anyone have more info about  "Buddies in the nuddy" on Big breakfast-- any other cute girls anyone can remember etc.?)

Dan was also kind enough to send us this article from the Daily Mail-- should be of great interest to all you age-players out there:

Ever watched your baby snuggled up in bouncer and felt a pang of jealousy?
Exhausted parents are being given the chance to see the world through their infant's eyes by trying out an adult-sized bouncer.
Measuring almost three metres long and two metres high, the comfy cot comes complete with a hanging stuffed toys for entertainment and a vibrating function to send mothers and fathers off into a peaceful slumber.
Sounds perfect for the adult baby girl who has everything (I'd think the vibrate function would be of particular interest to all the naughty girls out there). You can read more info and see more pics at the full article.

That's all for now-- as always, if you have something to share with us, post it in the comments section or drop me a line and I'll get it up ASAP.

Have a great week, everyone!
*Pout* I'M not having a very good week so far!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Sightings On Girls And Storage Wars, Plus A New Look At An Old Favorite

The HBO comedy series Girls is, depending on who you talk to, the greatest human achievement since the invention of the wheel or the worst thing since the Nazis. I've never seen it, so I don't have an opinion-- What I do know is that Jim was kind enough to send us in this clip from a recent episode (season 2 episode 2) featuring this strange scene where the main character in a childish Glow Worm sleeping bag. After delivering an affectionate pat on her butt, her gay roommate asks "are you wearing a diaper?"

(UPDATE: Fixed vid.)
According to Daily Diapers, the series has made "numerous references to infantalism and wetting." Has anyone seen anything else worthy of note on this series?

Jim was also kind enough to send in this nice tidbit from A&E's Storage Wars Texas:

At the very end of the episode, Jenny G. is shown opening a box and pulling out a package of generic looking protective underwear. She says this below.

"More boxes full of adult diapers." (Pulls package from box). "I wanna check out what these look like." (Is now holding one up stretching it out in her hands). "These actually look pretty comfortable." "I always have to miss stuff cause I have to stop and go pee." "I could just wear these all day and save so much time." (Puts one on over clothes). "I think it's suppose to go on like this." (Models them). "How hot do I look right now?" (Gets into yoga position). "Downward dog." "This didnt turn out to be such a bad locker after-all."

 The  full episode can be seen here (go to 20:47 to see it).

Finally, Jim also uncovered this hi def version of the classic Bad Ronald music video-- featuring a bevy of beautiful adult baby girls!

As always, if you have info for the media project, post it in the comments below or send it via e-mail and I'll get it up asap!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New From Omuchan.com: Super Smash Sisters!

The gang from Omuchan.com (including our old friend Living Infinite) has produced a lovely book of pin-ups featuring your favorite Nintendo characters. From the description:

Something has gone horribly wrong with our Omuchan Gamesphere, with a rare costume glitch outfitting our favorite heroines in... diapers!? 

The booklet contains art from some of the best ABDL artists around, including:


The book contains a wide variety of ABDL material, ranging from simple pin-up to wet and messy pants and diapers, potty pics, even some furry and sissy material. 

You can buy the full book here. For a better idea of what you might see inside, check out Omuchan.com.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Babes!

(Sorry I haven't been around this last week or so, but Real Life has been crazy. Expect regular service to return shortly.)

Happy Valentines day to regular and casual readers alike! I hope each and every one of you are spending the day with the Adult Baby/Daddy/Mommy of your dreams... and to those of you who haven't connected with that special someone, I hope today is the day you meet your sweet princess or prince.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Two Naughty Finnish Journalists Poop Their Pants In Public-- Then Write About It! (Updated)

Update: Thanks to Mark for providing a better translation of the original article, which can be read here.

I've heard of lifestyle journalism, but this is ridiculous...

 "Vappu Kaarenoja and Aurora Rämö of Ylioppilaslehti, Finland’s largest student newspaper, planned the act of public defecation for the newspaper’s 100th anniversary issue. They detailed the the pooping process, riding the bus with poop in their pants, how their pants felt and smelled and I can only imagine what else," according to this English account of a Google translation of this story from a Finnish newspaper. The original article can be found here.

"The long-haul Finnish equivalent of the old Greyhound buses is stocked half full of people traveling through counties, whose belongings the driver has courteously stacked in the cargo hold. We don't have luggage, we have pants which are rounded off with a loose waistband. For minimizing pressure," they write of their preparations.

"Imagine being a baby. Or a senior citizen. People's noses get used to it quickly," says Kaarenoja in a statement that could have been culled from the Wetset Message Boards.

They even describe how it felt when they stood up: "The bus drives through Halikko and we unanimously decide to poop some more. Little by little the sludge starts pasting itself onto the skin. Feels like there's some gel-like substance in the crack of the ass. When raised off the seat, the poop does not fall off of the rump. The swaying of the buses secures it even further. "

The bus company is obviously unhappy about their little stunt, calling it a “tasteless trick and really tasteless writing.” “This is extra work for us. And this is certainly [bad] for bus passenger comfort, the idea that someone has shit her pants on the bench.” They're talking about seeking compensation for the cleaning and an apology from the naughty, poopy pants reporters.

But I'm not sure that's enough punishment for two such naughty, immature girls who should know better. We here at Babes In Diapers know exactly how to handle two little brats like these:

The Editor calls them into his office sternly-- they waddle in, still in their messy pants, and stand blushing and shamefaced, as he reads them the riot act.

"Shameful! Utterly shameful that you would even think of such a silly stunt in the first place, and even worse that you would involve this newspaper! Turn around and get those messy pants down! It's time to clean you two for punishment!"

Blushing ruefully, the two pretty reporters turn and drop their pants, exposing their messy panties. "Utterly disgraceful!" the editor says to himself as they carefully drop their heavy, lumpy drawers, the wet brown stains on the seats matching the thick smears on their well rounded buttocks.

They bend at the waists, blushing furiously as the editor wipes their butts for them, cleaning off the mucky smears from their butt-cheeks with toilet paper and baby wipes before starting on the cracks. The girls stand by silently, utterly humiliated as they have their bottoms wiped like toddlers who had an accident, then watch the other endure the same treatment.

Finally clean, their ordeal is finally over. They watch in nervous silence, their pants long discarded in the trash, shyly covering their privates while their bare butts gleam freshly behind them, as their editor pulls a chair into the center of the room. Taking a seat, he fixes them with a stern gaze and points to his lap. "Both of you. Quickly!"

Blushing crimson, the two naughty reporters, naked from the waist down, crowd into his lap, pressing together tightly so they don't fall off. He begins the spanking without preamble, quickly turning their butts bright pink. They how and squeal and kick and squirm to no avail, the spanks raining down on the four wiggling, jiggling cheeks in a steady rhythm. The embarrassed girl reporters can only squeak and squirm as their naked rumps quickly turn an angry red-- why did they ever come up with such a silly assignment?!

Their spanking finished, they rise from their editor's lap and quickly launch into synchronized war-dances, hopping ridiculously from foot to foot while frantically trying and failing to rub the heat from their scorched posteriors.

But their punishment isn't over yet: leading them over to his desk, their editor has them lie on top side-by-side. They watch nervously as he retrieves something from the closet-- they let out a collective howl of embarrassment when they realized he's produced a pair of massive, oversize cloth diapers. They plead for mercy, but the editor has none as he lifts their legs, powders their blushing butts, and deftly diapers the pair of them.

Rising slowly from the desk, the two diapered reporters look at each other, then down at themselves-- the diapers are thick and bulky, forcing them to waddle. Even if they did have anything to wear over them, they wouldn't fit. Grinning broadly, the editor slips a pacifier in their mouthes compleating the look.

"There!" he says proudly, the two disgraced reporters scowling at him over the pacifiers. "Now, I booked you two tickets on the next bus to Turku-- It leaves in an hour, so don't be late!"

Looking each other over once more, their well-spanked butts roasting under their huge, fluffy diapers, the pampered journalists can only burst into tears-- just when they thought it couldn't get any worse! How long would their public humiliation last?

...And after.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Diapered Birthday Girl (Plus A Sexy "Reality Spanking")

Hey everyone,

First and foremost, if you've sent me any goodies via e-mail and I haven't put it up yet-- sorry, I just haven't had a ton of time spare time recently. I'll try to get it on the blogASAP.

Thanks to the ever awesome Michael for sending in this bit from the reality show "What Happens In Kavos." Here we see a girl go out clubbing in diapers, a bib, and a t-shirt to celebrate her 21 birthday (skip to 34 minutes).

Old Fashion Girl is one of the best spanking lifestyle blogs out there; It's writer, the lovely and talented Vanessa, is not only generous and open about her own sexy spanking experiences (providing not only smouldering commentary, but also amazing photographic documentation), she's also a connoisseur of other peoples spankings. Recently, she was kind enough to share this discovery from a Raven Hill "reality" production (I think it's this one). The spankee was picked at random from the beach and told she'd be paid-- provided they could film her getting a good spanking on her bare bottom!

(See it on Youtube)


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fine Arts: Raptor Wedgie, Natalie Portman, And More

Babes In Diapers is proud to present a sampling of some of the lovely and stimulating art from around the ABDL community.

First up, the continuation of Raptor Wedgie's Space Babes Saga, in which things get even more uncomfortable/embarrassing for our hapless heroines:

Fans of Maggie from our Humble Games series will probably enjoy our next entry from Blake at the excellent ABDL blog 2BeeAdorable. Inspired by V for Vendetta, this piece takes Natalie Portman's Little Girl role play to it's illogical extreme (this is pretty much how I imagine Maggie looking after her transformation, for the record):

In our next pic, The Joker and his main squeeze Harley play house... and the unfortunate Batgirl finds herself in the role of baby! According to this thread dedicated to the artist and his spanking pics, the person who commissioned this piece originally asked for Harley to be holding an enema bag... something the artist was unfortunately uncomfortable with.

DDNixx has been on fire recently, so let's close with her latest pastie, in which Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Velma (Linda Cardellini) are looking for a change...