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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pampered Penny, Raptor Wedgie, The 15 Stone Babies, And A Whole Lot Of Laxatives

Hey everyone,

First up, everyone should head over to Pampered Penny's blog and check out this brief message. Penny's one of my favorite producers: I've already written reviews for two of her clips and I've been thinking about doing a couple more (maybe now would be the perfect time!) Penny has the best dialogue in the business-- she has a knack for saying exactly what an ABDL fetishist wants to hear in any given situation. Check her out on Clips4Sale now.

RaptorWedgie is up to his old tricks again and he's been kind enough to share the results with us again:

RW's also working on further entries into the Female Space Squad series, as well as hinting at the return of an old favorite... (view all our RW posts here.)
This pic is actually a remake of another pic I loved by Jeynai:

On a different note, The totally awesome Princess Pottypants was kind enough to write a review of the previously mentioned 15 Stone Babies documentary:

15 Stone Babies, as far as I can tell, focuses on 4 ABs, one of which is a female. Honestly, I just skipped around to her parts, so I can't speak about the rest of the movie. In general, it seemed like a pretty good depiction, very non-judgmental, just kind of presenting their lives, but again, that's just based on one quarter of it, so I don't know for sure. It did kind of annoy me that they felt the need to reintroduce her every time they showed her, but I imagine part of that is because I was watching the parts with her one after the other, instead of with other stuff in between.

As for the girl, I think it was Kat from Diapered Kitten. I'm not positive about it, but her name is Kat, and the first thing I thought when I saw her was that was who it was, but her Daddy didn't look like anyone I'd seen in pictures with her, and I don't know if I've seen her with red hair, which she had in the movie, so I'm not 100% sure. She had a pretty great crib that looked like it was about the same size as the one in her pictures/videos, and some cute outfits. In an hour long movie, split between four-ish people, there wasn't a lot of opportunity for her to do much, but they did show her planning a party (I think the shopping trip was the best scene) and throwing it, and a few scenes of her and her Daddy, some at their house, some outside. Her Daddy seemed a little overly obsessed with getting her to play a toddler instead of the 6 year old she likes being, which kind of plays into the themes of this site a little.

There's a slight chance I'll go back and watch the whole thing at some point, but from the parts I saw, anyway, it seems like the best, or at least fairest, somewhat mainstream depiction of ABs so far. 

Thanks for the review, princess! Sounds like it's worth checking out.

Finally, Melanie sent in a sighting from the young adult novel The Prom, The Date, And A Whole Lot Of Laxatives-- which focuses on the narrator's plot to humiliate her school's resident Queen Bee by slipping her (as you may have guessed) A Whole Lot Of Laxatives. Melanie reports:

Alex (the narrator) is competing with snotty popular girl Kitty Vickers because they want to go to Prom with the same guy. Kitty is a bitch who posts a humiliating video of Alex on Youtube... so in retaliation, she and her friends plot to slip Kitty a laxative and make her poop her pants in front of the entire school.

OK, first thing's first: yes they do manage to slip Kitty a laxative and yes, she does poop her pants in class-- in fact, the book actually begins Kitty messing herself (or as they put it, "cacked her pants in class,") and her exposure in front of the school during a fire drill. The novel then double back to six weeks earlier and tells the entire story (Including the entire messing and exposure scene again!) It's a good scene, focusing on poor Kitty's humiliation, but it's nothing fantastic-- no description of her desperation or the mess itself.

However, it continues, following Kitty Vickers (now nicknamed "Shitty Knickers") into the office to phone home, and the scene where her bitchy mother comes to pick her up. It further follows her torment at school: not only is she the subject of taunts and giggles from her classmates, a rumor spreads that she needs "nappies" (diapers), further exacerbated when she's spotted with one (probably planted by pranksters) hanging out of her bag. Later, another prankster sets off a stink bomb in the cafeteria-- and poor Kitty gets the blame!

In the end, Kitty is still named prom queen (but the stupid teacher accidentally announces her as "Shitty Knickers") and she rides away in a coach trailing toilet paper behind it.

In the end, everything works out for Kitty, though: the last we see of her, she's staring as a model overcoming diarrhea with the aid of a Pepto-like drug in a commercial!

It's a light and easy read, though of relatively limited appear for people like us. Worth checking out if it's on special (Kindle Prime members can actually "borrow" it for free.)

Thanks for the great review Melanie! Those interested can find the first few chapters (including the first pass at the messing scene) at the amazon link above.

I'd also like to take a quick moment to remind everyone to check out Day Two of the Humble games, going up now on the official blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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