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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years Odds 'N' Ends

I've got a stack of stuff to update after the break, so lets jump right in.

First up: Some vintage AB photos contributed by Michael. Anyone know what magazine these are from?

Next up, Alec Leamus from the Magic Box was kind enough to donate some more material for our Baby New Year list:

The last one is from 2BeeAdorable, a great blog with a bunch of fantastic art.

On the same front: The proprietor of the fantastic Silly Little Baby Tumblr wrote an excellent New Year story, which she was kind enough to dedicate to me! A nice, neat little tale of public regression on New Years eve. I think you'll all enjoy it as much as I did.

Ben sent in some new stuff for the Media Project: First, two different AB/Regression references from the Sabrina The Teenage Witch franchise-- one animated and one real.

First, from the animated episode Hex-Change Students (skip to 15:22.)

Next, from season six episode 12 of the live action series ("The Candidate"): Sabrina and her aunt turn themselves into baby dolls in order to spy. (Skip to 7:00)

Ben also provided the link to Channel 4's The 15 Stone Babies, a UK documentary about real Adult Babies. I had been under the impression that this had been about only one (male) AB, but as it turns out there is at least one AB girl featured. I haven't had time to look through it yet-- is anyone willing to share a review with us?

Finally, an anonymous reader below contributed these two clips: First from "Natalia Fabia's Hooker Pageant 2012--Miss Platinum Puss preforms an Adult Baby Strip Tease:

And lastly: A short preview of the BBC show Freak Like Me, featuring an attractive 18 year old girl who still sucks a pacifier:

I also just wanted to say thanks once again for everyone who posted comments and sent e-mails in the last couple of weeks.

If you have any more contributions, please send them to me or comment below.

 I've extended the Mega Pack Sale until the end of this week, so if you're interested, get in on it soon.


  1. 15 Stone Babies, as far as I can tell, focuses on 4 ABs, one of which is a female. Honestly, I just skipped around to her parts, so I can't speak about the rest of the movie. In general, it seemed like a pretty good depiction, very non-judgmental, just kind of presenting their lives, but again, that's just based on one quarter of it, so I don't know for sure. It did kind of annoy me that they felt the need to reintroduce her every time they showed her, but I imagine part of that is because I was watching the parts with her one after the other, instead of with other stuff in between.

    As for the girl, I think it was Kat from Diapered Kitten. I'm not positive about it, but her name is Kat, and the first thing I thought when I saw her was that was who it was, but her Daddy didn't look like anyone I'd seen in pictures with her, and I don't know if I've seen her with red hair, which she had in the movie, so I'm not 100% sure. She had a pretty great crib that looked like it was about the same size as the one in her pictures/videos, and some cute outfits. In an hour long movie, split between four-ish people, there wasn't a lot of opportunity for her to do much, but they did show her planning a party (I think the shopping trip was the best scene) and throwing it, and a few scenes of her and her Daddy, some at their house, some outside. Her Daddy seemed a little overly obsessed with getting her to play a toddler instead of the 6 year old she likes being, which kind of plays into the themes of this site a little.

    There's a slight chance I'll go back and watch the whole thing at some point, but from the parts I saw, anyway, it seems like the best, or at least fairest, somewhat mainstream depiction of ABs so far.

    1. Great review, Princess... Thanks! if you don't mind, I think I'm going to post it up on the front page.