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Monday, January 28, 2013

More Media Project Stuff

Supergirl by DDNIXX

First, a pair of contributions from Michael:

A poster from the previously mentioned 1956 film Baby Doll, where Actress Carroll Baker plays a 19 year old who sleeps in a crib and wears a short "baby doll" style nightie.

Michael also sent another vintage picture of a woman in a crib.

Also, as promised, more from Dick. First up, from Japan, performance artist Toast Girl and her cute, diapered background dancers (skip to 6:41). They seem to be going for a mommy and babies kind of thing:

(See it on Youtube).

Next, we have two clips of band Gelatine, who's lead singer, Seiko Urabe, frequently performs in a diaper. First up a clip TV series Channel Zero:
 (Youtube )

Next, a clip from an unproduced documentary about the band:

Dick also sent in this story form The Sun about a diaper initiation at Oxford University:

DOZENS of pretty female students were forced into a booze-fuelled initiation ceremony at Oxford University — dressed up as BABIES.

First year lacrosse team members were made to suck on dummies and neck alcohol from baby bottles during the degrading proceedings.
Shocking images of the Babies and Teenage Mums event — which appeared on Facebook — also showed the teenage girls rolling on a filthy floor while wearing NAPPIES.
OK, that's all for now everyone. As always, if you have any info for the list, please contact me or leave a message in the comments section.

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