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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Even More Laxatives: The Strange World Of Weather Report Girl

(Update: Thanks to Z for providing a better version of the comic pages.)

(Thanks to Wyatt for the heads up on this.)

Beginning first as a manga series, Weather Report Girl (AKA Weather Woman) tells the story of Keiko Nakadai "who in the beginning is an Office Lady working at the perpetually last-place ATV television network. However, she is chosen to fill in for weather reporter Michiko Kawai for one night, and Keiko takes full advantage of her opportunity by blatantly flashing her panties while on live television. The incident causes the evening news ratings to jump, and because of ATV's desperation to escape the ratings cellar, Keiko is subsequently promoted to full-time weather reporter, displacing Michiko in the process. The rest of the series focuses on her rivalries with co-workers jealous of and insulted by the nature of her success."

The series has spawned an animated adaptation, two live action films, and a live action TV series. The various incarnations of the story differ in small ways, but there's one thing they all have in common: the use of laxatives as a weapon of public humiliation.

First let's begin with the original scene from the comics. In this scene, Michiko, in an attempt to win her old job back, has attempted to slip Keiko laxatives; but her deception is discovered. After taking the night off by playing sick, Keiko gives Michiko a taste of her own medicine-- with disastrous on air results:

This scene is adapted almost directly for the animated series, and although the results are less "graphic," the distress and humiliation of the protagonist is almost palatable:

Which brings us to Weatherwoman Returns, a sequel to the original live action movie. As Wyatt explains:
"The live action movies probably differ most from the original manga series: although they cover roughly the same material, there's no laxative scene in the first film. There IS a laxative scene in the second movie (which is vastly different from any other entry into the series, to the extent that it often seems to be taking place in a parallel universe), but it's in a different context than the others. In this movie, series anti-heroine Keiko compeats in a  contest against Megumi, a rival Weather Woman from another station. During the final portion of the contest, Megumi's coffee is spiked not by Keiko (!) but by her own right hand man."

It's a fantastic desperation scene, and the actress really sells it with realistic wriggling and clenching. We then hear (but don't see) her ensuing accident and the crowd's reaction to it (see it on Youtube):

There's also, according to Wyatt, a similar scene in the live TV adaptation of the series, but he can't find it online. Again, anyone who hooks me up with that scene will be rewarded. (Update: Check out another laxative desperation scene from the manga here.)


  1. Well this was interesting. I like the anime adaptation the most, since the idea of a woman playing with herself in sheer ectasy of your public humiliation is pretty hot.

    While a bit more...volitile...the live action one just makes me laugh, with the image of this guy slowly putting on glasses and lighting up.

    hes like "yeah, I made a woman soil herself in front of a bunch of people...I'm rad."


    1. They all have elements I like. I love how graphic the manga is and how it depicts her internal monologue. I like the anime's inclusion of the scene where Keiko masturbates as she watches her victim squirm around on live TV. And I love how the actress sells her desperation in the movie (although I could live without sunglasses man.) I really hope someone comes through with that live TV version.