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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Media Project Update And Other Various Goodies...

No jokes, or I just might have to use this thing... (the gun, I mean, not the diaper...)
Catwoman By DDNIXX

(The Humble Games Day Two Act Two is now online.)
I got a ton of stuff from super contributor Dick-- so much, I think I'm actually going to break it up into two posts. Expect part two in the next couple of days.
First, we have this clip from the Let's Make A Deal. There have been several women appear dressed as Adult Babies over the years-- Dick says this is one of the better ones.

View the original on Youtube here:


Although the quality on these next clips leaves something to be desired, they're probably my favorite of the bunch: in 1992, the cast of Another World put on a luncheon for members of their fan club. The event included skits performed by the cast-- including this little number performed by cast members Carmen Duncan, Alla Korot, Jennifer Lien, and Sandra Robinson:
At the same event, Alice Barrett also performed in anther Adult Baby themed sketch:
Carmen Duncan
Alla Korot
Jennifer Lien
Sandra Robinson
Alice Barrett
 Next, Dick sent us a quick clip from Better Living Through Circuitry, a 1999 documentary about rave culture.

From The Human digest-- a full length tale of Diaper Love:

View the full thing at Care4Baby.

And finally: From the Life Imitating Art department: A while ago we posted this story about Nikki Cox and her unusual potty training methods. Of course, by that time, Nikki was already a favorite around here from her AB sorority initiation on Unhappily Ever After.
 Now, from the June 2010 issue of Parenting magazine, Dick brings us this great illustration:
OK, that all for today folks. As always, feedback is appreciated (and might make that second part come a little sooner...)

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  1. Thanks for all of these. Lots of good stuff.