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Monday, January 28, 2013

More Media Project Stuff

Supergirl by DDNIXX

First, a pair of contributions from Michael:

A poster from the previously mentioned 1956 film Baby Doll, where Actress Carroll Baker plays a 19 year old who sleeps in a crib and wears a short "baby doll" style nightie.

Michael also sent another vintage picture of a woman in a crib.

Also, as promised, more from Dick. First up, from Japan, performance artist Toast Girl and her cute, diapered background dancers (skip to 6:41). They seem to be going for a mommy and babies kind of thing:

(See it on Youtube).

Next, we have two clips of band Gelatine, who's lead singer, Seiko Urabe, frequently performs in a diaper. First up a clip TV series Channel Zero:
 (Youtube )

Next, a clip from an unproduced documentary about the band:

Dick also sent in this story form The Sun about a diaper initiation at Oxford University:

DOZENS of pretty female students were forced into a booze-fuelled initiation ceremony at Oxford University — dressed up as BABIES.

First year lacrosse team members were made to suck on dummies and neck alcohol from baby bottles during the degrading proceedings.
Shocking images of the Babies and Teenage Mums event — which appeared on Facebook — also showed the teenage girls rolling on a filthy floor while wearing NAPPIES.
OK, that's all for now everyone. As always, if you have any info for the list, please contact me or leave a message in the comments section.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Sexy Reality TV Spanking...

... From Chross' excellent spanking blog:

(Click here to watch it on Youtube.)

The clip is from Portuguese Big Brother rip off Casa dos Segredos 3 and is, as Chross rightly points out, probably the best spanking in the history of reality TV... over 50 swats, mostly OTK, and she doesn't seem to be struggling too much... in fact, if you watch to the end, she even comes back for more!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Media Project Update And Other Various Goodies...

No jokes, or I just might have to use this thing... (the gun, I mean, not the diaper...)
Catwoman By DDNIXX

(The Humble Games Day Two Act Two is now online.)
I got a ton of stuff from super contributor Dick-- so much, I think I'm actually going to break it up into two posts. Expect part two in the next couple of days.
First, we have this clip from the Let's Make A Deal. There have been several women appear dressed as Adult Babies over the years-- Dick says this is one of the better ones.

View the original on Youtube here:


Although the quality on these next clips leaves something to be desired, they're probably my favorite of the bunch: in 1992, the cast of Another World put on a luncheon for members of their fan club. The event included skits performed by the cast-- including this little number performed by cast members Carmen Duncan, Alla Korot, Jennifer Lien, and Sandra Robinson:
At the same event, Alice Barrett also performed in anther Adult Baby themed sketch:
Carmen Duncan
Alla Korot
Jennifer Lien
Sandra Robinson
Alice Barrett
 Next, Dick sent us a quick clip from Better Living Through Circuitry, a 1999 documentary about rave culture.

From The Human digest-- a full length tale of Diaper Love:

View the full thing at Care4Baby.

And finally: From the Life Imitating Art department: A while ago we posted this story about Nikki Cox and her unusual potty training methods. Of course, by that time, Nikki was already a favorite around here from her AB sorority initiation on Unhappily Ever After.
 Now, from the June 2010 issue of Parenting magazine, Dick brings us this great illustration:
OK, that all for today folks. As always, feedback is appreciated (and might make that second part come a little sooner...)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Messy Pants Month Continues With Another Great Contribution

(A quick follow-up to our Weather Report Girl post: According to a poster over on Wetset, there's a further laxative/desperation scene in volume eight of the manga... as always, anyone who hooks me with this scene will be rewarded.)

I'm preparing another big post full of stuff from our old friend Dick, but in the meantime, continuing what seems to be our unofficial "messy pants month," here's another great contribution from Raptorwedgie, featuring a fitness instructor caught in an extremely embarrassing position.

RW gave me permission to come up with a little back story, so here we go with a quick diddy I like to call:

Free Sample

     “Free sample, miss?”

     Kim peered over the top of her sunglasses dismissively. The man was short, fat, and balding, and he didn’t look like he had much money. Whatever potential interest Kim may have had in him or his product died before it even began, and she crinkled her nose haughtily. “Not now,” she said curtly, trying to breeze past him. “I’ve got a class to teach.”

     “Then this is exactly what you need,” he said, and Kim was dismayed when he started walking beside her through the lobby of the gym. “This sports drink was designed in concert with some of the most prominent doctors and nutritionists to replenish electrolytes 3% faster than the other leading brand!”
     “I only use all natural products,” she said smugly, trying to brush him off. “Now please…”
     “But that’s the best part!” he enthused, his stubby legs now struggling  to keep up with her as she quickly paced toward the change room, waving the bottle in front of her.  “It’s all natural, low calorie, with no sugar or fats!”
     “Arrrgh!” she fumed, snatching the bottle from his hands. “I’ll take the stupid sample!” She snatched the bottle from his chubby fingers and tore it open, squirting a mouthful between her lips and swallowing. “Happy?” she snapped, pushing into the change room and gratefully leaving him behind.
     Although she was running late and she knew the class would be waiting, Kim refused to rush herself as she undressed. She had, as usual, taken the most conspicuous spot in the change room before she began stripping, slowly and almost teasingly. And why not? She’d worked hard for this body, sweated and pushed herself until she’d built  the most perfect body money could buy. As far as she was concerned she’d earned the stared it got her be it jealous (from the women) or lusty (from the men-- and a few of the women). Wasn’t she just motivating these fat pigs to push themselves that little bit harder? Sure she was! Of course, none of them could ever hope to achieve her level of physical perfection (after all, she thought smugly, some of the credit has to go to genetics) but she could still inspire them to push themselves.
     So she really took her time, stripping down slowly, then simply sitting nude for a couple of minutes while she prepared to slip into her unitard, it’s skin tight  material clinging snugly to her generous curves. Thousands of squats and thrusts had made her butt impossibly round and in the leotard it stuck out behind her outrageously, which was probably why they gave her the 11:00 “Bionic Brazilian Booty Booster" class in the first place.  The whole time she sipped the energy drink, noting how delicious it tasted. She checked its stats and idly looked herself over in the mirror, admiring her perfection.  She almost hated to admit it, but the little troll was right—this stuff was pretty good. Could it really be as healthy as he claimed? I guess we’ll see, she thought to herself, taking another swig as she walked toward her class, working her hips and ass in her tights and reveling in the dirty looks it was earning her from the other women.

     “OK, piggies,” she said, strutting into class nearly 10 minutes late.  “Let’s shake the butter off those buns! Carving curl, twenty reps.” Kim dropped to her mat on her  trim stomach and lead the class, first twenty curls with the right leg, then twenty with the left.
     “Swinging bridge,” she commanded, turning over on her back and thrusting her pelvis into the air. “Raise, swing and squeeze,” she barked, clenching her butt tightly. She let out a shaky breath… nausea was rising in her stomach. “Must be those new supplements,” she thought ruefully, touching her stomach gently. She took another mouthful from her free sample before moving on.
     She shifted onto her hands and knees. “C’mon girls; donkey kick,” she instructed, a little less confidently this time. Her tummy was really starting to flip flop now, her belly gurgling and squishing. She was beginning to worry that she’d overdone it on the fiber-bars this morning. By the time she’d shifted to the left leg, she realized she was getting gassy. With a slight blush, she tightened her backside and forced herself to finish the workout. No big deal, she thought—won’t be the first time I’ve head to hold it in through class.
     “OK, time for some squats,” she said with no small amount of dread. Her stomach was really bubbling now, and she surprised herself by ripping a medium loud fart as she was standing. The music was loud, and she was pretty sure nobody heard it—but some of the girls in the front row were crinkling their noses suspiciously.
     “Let's get a move on,” she said uncertainly after taking another drink (she realized she’d nearly polished off the entire thing). Kim shifted her feet to shoulder length apart. Bending at the waist, she bent slowly at the knees, thrusting her butt out behind her and slowly crouching toward the floor. She clenched her buns and tightened her ring, but the movement was making it difficult to keep herself sealed up. Worse, her belly was doing back flips inside her, occasionally emitting loud gurgles and grumbles like a broken fish tank. She was starting to think she may have under-estimated her gas problem.
     She made it through the first five, but the pressure simply wasn’t abating—if anything, it was just getting worse! Her normally tight and flat little tummy was beginning to pooch out a little. Worse, her guts were gargling and burbling—her insides were stuffed to capacity, and now cramps were starting to settle in. She redoubled her efforts, stiffly tried to keep up with her squats—but on the very next squat, she pushed herself just a little too low, putting just a little too much pressure on her belly. Slowly, she stuck her rump out behind her… and then, just when it was at its furthest, the rotund cheeks of her finely sculpted booty straining against the fabric of her unitard, the spandex molding itself so firmly that anyone behind her could make out each cheek and the crack beneath as clearly as if she were naked…
     BLART! “OOoo!” a short, loud blast came ripping from her rump, this time clearly audible. Kim gave a breathy squeal, her cheeks coloring red. Some of her students were smirking at each other. Kim was mortified, the stench enveloping her—but she pressed on.
     “Let’s step it up, girls,” she said with a slight quiver in her voice. Now that she’d cracked one off, Kim was certain that her discomfort would subside. However, as she started into her second squat, she realized she’d made a grace miscalculation—not only had the crampy, gassy feeling inside not subsided, it had actually gotten worse. As she forced herself into the next squat, she realized, panicked, that she was in for an embarrassing repeat. She was sweating now in a way that had nothing to do with the intensity of the workout…
     BBRRRAAAPPPP! “Oh my!” she said, reddening, positively mortified. To let one rip once in class was normal, even inevitable—to fart twice on two successive squats was just embarrassing! There was no question as to what had happened—this wasn’t just a cute little toot or fluff—it was a full bodied, loud, rich, stinky capital F Fart, loud, obnoxious, and just a little wet. And even worse than the sound was the smell—like a truck full of garbage rotting in the hot sun.
     “Whew! Ms. Thang better watch herself—she’s gonna blow a hole in those tights!” someone remarked out loud. The class roared with laughter, but Kim wasn’t laughing—on top of just ripping ass in front of 20 people, she understand now that these weren’t just gas pains she was having—she turned pale, realizing that she now had to take a major dump—urgently!
     “Class is over!” Kim  barked, turning off the music. “Go home! Get out of here!” her stomach was audibly gurgling now. Clenching her world-class ass, she started baby stepping over to the ladies room, much to the amusement of her students. Most of them had now caught on, and they weren’t willing to disperse until they’d seen this through.
     Kim desperately hurried to the ladies room as fast as her clenched buns would allow. Ordinarily she’d never use a public bathroom for pooping, especially one as heavily trafficked as the gym where she worked. But Kim felt her bowels contracting sharply inside her, the cramped, rolling sensation inside her adding to the heavy weight in her colon, and knew she had no other option. Cursing herself once more for her heavy, fibrous breakfast, she stepped up the pace, beginning to pass gas uncontrollably, ripping out a noisy toot with each step.
     The students parted for her as she ran toward, letting out noisy POOTs and BLARTs with each dainty baby step. Kim smiled: She was actually going to make it!
     She was suddenly attacked by the worst cramp ever, forcing her to double over. Kim gasped, trying to compensate—but she was too late—she felt her back passage open, a warm, mushy mess surging uncontrollably into her tight spandex with a wet, sticky burbling. She could feel it now—the hot, mucky mess, all warm and gooey, plastering her rear end, mushing up her crack and down her thighs.
     The class reacted at once, a collective “Eww!” meeting the sight and sound, then a course of retches and gagging as the stench descended. But Kim wasn’t really paying attention—she clenched and cheeks, trying desperately to keep from further humiliating herself. But another cramp seized her like a fist around her bowels, squeezing an explosion of farts and poop out of her bottom and into her tights with a disgusting cacophony. The seat of her leotard grew more lumpy and distended with every passing moment.
     With the class now openly laughing, Kim began sobbing, vividly aware of the disgusting, mushy pile behind her. “Whew!” she heard some smart ass comment, “somebody’s ass DEFINITELY got a work out today!”
     There was a knock on the far window. Kim looked over; through her tears she spied the little troll from before, smiling devilishly. He held up a big white thing shaped like an hourglass. Kim reddened when she realized it was a diaper.
     He was saying something through the glass. She soon realized it was a huge diaper. “Can I interest you in another free sample?”

Visit RaptorWedgie on Deviantart.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Even More Laxatives: The Strange World Of Weather Report Girl

(Update: Thanks to Z for providing a better version of the comic pages.)

(Thanks to Wyatt for the heads up on this.)

Beginning first as a manga series, Weather Report Girl (AKA Weather Woman) tells the story of Keiko Nakadai "who in the beginning is an Office Lady working at the perpetually last-place ATV television network. However, she is chosen to fill in for weather reporter Michiko Kawai for one night, and Keiko takes full advantage of her opportunity by blatantly flashing her panties while on live television. The incident causes the evening news ratings to jump, and because of ATV's desperation to escape the ratings cellar, Keiko is subsequently promoted to full-time weather reporter, displacing Michiko in the process. The rest of the series focuses on her rivalries with co-workers jealous of and insulted by the nature of her success."

The series has spawned an animated adaptation, two live action films, and a live action TV series. The various incarnations of the story differ in small ways, but there's one thing they all have in common: the use of laxatives as a weapon of public humiliation.

First let's begin with the original scene from the comics. In this scene, Michiko, in an attempt to win her old job back, has attempted to slip Keiko laxatives; but her deception is discovered. After taking the night off by playing sick, Keiko gives Michiko a taste of her own medicine-- with disastrous on air results:

This scene is adapted almost directly for the animated series, and although the results are less "graphic," the distress and humiliation of the protagonist is almost palatable:

Which brings us to Weatherwoman Returns, a sequel to the original live action movie. As Wyatt explains:
"The live action movies probably differ most from the original manga series: although they cover roughly the same material, there's no laxative scene in the first film. There IS a laxative scene in the second movie (which is vastly different from any other entry into the series, to the extent that it often seems to be taking place in a parallel universe), but it's in a different context than the others. In this movie, series anti-heroine Keiko compeats in a  contest against Megumi, a rival Weather Woman from another station. During the final portion of the contest, Megumi's coffee is spiked not by Keiko (!) but by her own right hand man."

It's a fantastic desperation scene, and the actress really sells it with realistic wriggling and clenching. We then hear (but don't see) her ensuing accident and the crowd's reaction to it (see it on Youtube):

There's also, according to Wyatt, a similar scene in the live TV adaptation of the series, but he can't find it online. Again, anyone who hooks me up with that scene will be rewarded. (Update: Check out another laxative desperation scene from the manga here.)

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Very Naughty Spanking Scene!

Chross scores again with this strange spanking scene from Molina´s Ferozz (2010), a very adult retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. In a flashback, Red recalls a time when she was discovered by her grandmother in bed "playing" with her puppy and was spanked for it-- and both Granny and Red seem to be enjoying it a bit too much... Chross was kind enough to present the scene minus the puppy:

(See the original post here.)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pampered Penny, Raptor Wedgie, The 15 Stone Babies, And A Whole Lot Of Laxatives

Hey everyone,

First up, everyone should head over to Pampered Penny's blog and check out this brief message. Penny's one of my favorite producers: I've already written reviews for two of her clips and I've been thinking about doing a couple more (maybe now would be the perfect time!) Penny has the best dialogue in the business-- she has a knack for saying exactly what an ABDL fetishist wants to hear in any given situation. Check her out on Clips4Sale now.

RaptorWedgie is up to his old tricks again and he's been kind enough to share the results with us again:

RW's also working on further entries into the Female Space Squad series, as well as hinting at the return of an old favorite... (view all our RW posts here.)
This pic is actually a remake of another pic I loved by Jeynai:

On a different note, The totally awesome Princess Pottypants was kind enough to write a review of the previously mentioned 15 Stone Babies documentary:

15 Stone Babies, as far as I can tell, focuses on 4 ABs, one of which is a female. Honestly, I just skipped around to her parts, so I can't speak about the rest of the movie. In general, it seemed like a pretty good depiction, very non-judgmental, just kind of presenting their lives, but again, that's just based on one quarter of it, so I don't know for sure. It did kind of annoy me that they felt the need to reintroduce her every time they showed her, but I imagine part of that is because I was watching the parts with her one after the other, instead of with other stuff in between.

As for the girl, I think it was Kat from Diapered Kitten. I'm not positive about it, but her name is Kat, and the first thing I thought when I saw her was that was who it was, but her Daddy didn't look like anyone I'd seen in pictures with her, and I don't know if I've seen her with red hair, which she had in the movie, so I'm not 100% sure. She had a pretty great crib that looked like it was about the same size as the one in her pictures/videos, and some cute outfits. In an hour long movie, split between four-ish people, there wasn't a lot of opportunity for her to do much, but they did show her planning a party (I think the shopping trip was the best scene) and throwing it, and a few scenes of her and her Daddy, some at their house, some outside. Her Daddy seemed a little overly obsessed with getting her to play a toddler instead of the 6 year old she likes being, which kind of plays into the themes of this site a little.

There's a slight chance I'll go back and watch the whole thing at some point, but from the parts I saw, anyway, it seems like the best, or at least fairest, somewhat mainstream depiction of ABs so far. 

Thanks for the review, princess! Sounds like it's worth checking out.

Finally, Melanie sent in a sighting from the young adult novel The Prom, The Date, And A Whole Lot Of Laxatives-- which focuses on the narrator's plot to humiliate her school's resident Queen Bee by slipping her (as you may have guessed) A Whole Lot Of Laxatives. Melanie reports:

Alex (the narrator) is competing with snotty popular girl Kitty Vickers because they want to go to Prom with the same guy. Kitty is a bitch who posts a humiliating video of Alex on Youtube... so in retaliation, she and her friends plot to slip Kitty a laxative and make her poop her pants in front of the entire school.

OK, first thing's first: yes they do manage to slip Kitty a laxative and yes, she does poop her pants in class-- in fact, the book actually begins Kitty messing herself (or as they put it, "cacked her pants in class,") and her exposure in front of the school during a fire drill. The novel then double back to six weeks earlier and tells the entire story (Including the entire messing and exposure scene again!) It's a good scene, focusing on poor Kitty's humiliation, but it's nothing fantastic-- no description of her desperation or the mess itself.

However, it continues, following Kitty Vickers (now nicknamed "Shitty Knickers") into the office to phone home, and the scene where her bitchy mother comes to pick her up. It further follows her torment at school: not only is she the subject of taunts and giggles from her classmates, a rumor spreads that she needs "nappies" (diapers), further exacerbated when she's spotted with one (probably planted by pranksters) hanging out of her bag. Later, another prankster sets off a stink bomb in the cafeteria-- and poor Kitty gets the blame!

In the end, Kitty is still named prom queen (but the stupid teacher accidentally announces her as "Shitty Knickers") and she rides away in a coach trailing toilet paper behind it.

In the end, everything works out for Kitty, though: the last we see of her, she's staring as a model overcoming diarrhea with the aid of a Pepto-like drug in a commercial!

It's a light and easy read, though of relatively limited appear for people like us. Worth checking out if it's on special (Kindle Prime members can actually "borrow" it for free.)

Thanks for the great review Melanie! Those interested can find the first few chapters (including the first pass at the messing scene) at the amazon link above.

I'd also like to take a quick moment to remind everyone to check out Day Two of the Humble games, going up now on the official blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


(The first part of Day Two of The Humble Games is online now!)

An adorable, elven beauty, Tori has been a favorite of mine since I first saw her on ABhunnies some time ago. Since then, she's done work for ABhunnies' sister site, Nappy School, as well as a couple of sets for Baby-Doll.com. Her gorgeous, Nordic features and petite body make her ideally suited for diaper modeling, creating a perfect Adult Baby fantasy-- a lovely, mature woman demoted to the status of a helpless little girl in a great big diaper...



Nappy School


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years Odds 'N' Ends

I've got a stack of stuff to update after the break, so lets jump right in.

First up: Some vintage AB photos contributed by Michael. Anyone know what magazine these are from?

Next up, Alec Leamus from the Magic Box was kind enough to donate some more material for our Baby New Year list:

The last one is from 2BeeAdorable, a great blog with a bunch of fantastic art.

On the same front: The proprietor of the fantastic Silly Little Baby Tumblr wrote an excellent New Year story, which she was kind enough to dedicate to me! A nice, neat little tale of public regression on New Years eve. I think you'll all enjoy it as much as I did.

Ben sent in some new stuff for the Media Project: First, two different AB/Regression references from the Sabrina The Teenage Witch franchise-- one animated and one real.

First, from the animated episode Hex-Change Students (skip to 15:22.)

Next, from season six episode 12 of the live action series ("The Candidate"): Sabrina and her aunt turn themselves into baby dolls in order to spy. (Skip to 7:00)

Ben also provided the link to Channel 4's The 15 Stone Babies, a UK documentary about real Adult Babies. I had been under the impression that this had been about only one (male) AB, but as it turns out there is at least one AB girl featured. I haven't had time to look through it yet-- is anyone willing to share a review with us?

Finally, an anonymous reader below contributed these two clips: First from "Natalia Fabia's Hooker Pageant 2012--Miss Platinum Puss preforms an Adult Baby Strip Tease:

And lastly: A short preview of the BBC show Freak Like Me, featuring an attractive 18 year old girl who still sucks a pacifier:

I also just wanted to say thanks once again for everyone who posted comments and sent e-mails in the last couple of weeks.

If you have any more contributions, please send them to me or comment below.

 I've extended the Mega Pack Sale until the end of this week, so if you're interested, get in on it soon.